The Heartbeat of a Gang Leader -2

Author's Note

Author's Note

The people who do comments on stories without thinking or reading anything kindly read this note, because your comments against this note on my story's episodes will be deleted or ignored.

Before starting the story, I want to clear a few things from start only. The concept of this story is totally my own imagination. All the characters and their names are totally fictional they are not having any relation with anyone's personal life, so don't get offended if ever there will be any scene of any character comes which you don't like.

If you find any scene which you have read or seen anywhere else then I don't need any comment i.e., that it was there in that story or movie or drama. Because I never copied from any story or drama, any dialogue can be the same so I don't want such childish comments, because the one who is reading my stories knows that thing very well that I don't do plagiarism. (Winks)

Secondly, this time I'm not going to post any note in or after the episodes as I seriously don't like those things anymore that's why in many of my previous stories you will not find any such notes (because I deleted almost all of them).

Therefore, to escape from such situations I'm telling you all here only that this story will only proceed further when each previous episode reaches the target line which I will set. I don't want any comments before the completion of the "set target" that please post soon or please don't do this with your loyal readers. Because I've written 50 plus concepts in these 3 years of my writing career, (in which I unpublished many due to editing purpose), so now I will set my demands, and you will get the story on fulfilling those demands only. (Angry pout)

The target for each episode except the notes will be 250 plus votes minimum, one less vote you will not get the episode sooner whether you like it or not.

It's better to clear things in start only, so that you and me both will not get confused regarding anything.

(Important thing many of you will feel that the story is going on a slow pace, but don't worry as many things are needed to disclose before the original story will start that's why it will proceed like that but don't worry it will not take much episodes. (Which you all know that i never drag anything))

One more important thing and that is this story will not contain any mature scenes as usual so before you start reading this story keep this thing in your mind.

Thank You

The next chapter is the first glimpse of season 2; I hope you all will enjoy reading that. :) 

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