Chapter Three

Soon Enough, Abigail found herself sitting in front of Damon. The CEO of DAMON Inc for her interview. She had made sure she arrived on time and had worn something simple and presentable.

Damon excused himself as he picked up his cell phone that was ringing. He stood up and turned towards the window that was behind his chair and answered the call.

Abigail used that moment to admire his office.

His office was big. Painted in grey. All the furniture looked expensive. They were clean and shiny.

On his big brown office table was his mac laptop with some files he was currently going through.

Behind his desk was his chair and behind his chair was a transparent sliding door that leads to a balcony. It also served as a window.

To her left was a Shelf, with papers and books neatly arranged, and on top of it stood several awards in different shapes and sizes.

To her right was a fridge and next to it was an adjoining door. she had no idea where it’s leading to.

Behind her was a different area itself. It’s like a chilling corner, where there were three different couches and a sofa. A small table in between which had a vase on top. There was also a TV hung on the wall.

That was not all but she was cut off by a voice.

“Have we seen each other before? You look familiar”. Damon asked Abigail, as he took his seat behind his desk, giving her that familiar look.

“No Sir, I don’t think so”. Abigail chuckled.

There was no way she could have come across Damon himself. It was totally impossible. It’s not as if she had met him at any charity events as she has never been to one. They are two different people from two different worlds.

“That’s strange”. Damon mumbled, still not convinced. He was damn sure he had seen her somewhere but cannot remember where exactly.

“Alright then Miss Delaney. Let’s get to work.” Damon said in a business tone.

“Please call me Abigail.“ She replied with a smile.

“Okay, Abigail. I have gone through your resume and I’m impressed with your result even though you have no experience yet.” Damon said while looking at her and at the same time looking at her document on the table.

“Also it states here that you are 25 and a single mother of two. Why do you think you deserve a spot in my company, Abigail?” Damon asked after which he sat back comfortably on his chair and folded his arms listening to what she had to say.

“I have no experience, Mr. Black. But I promise you, I’m a hard worker and I’m ready to learn. I will make sure I do my best and ensure that things are done in the right way and at the right time.

“I know I’m a single mother of two. I love my children so much and I promise you that they will not be an excuse for not performing my job effectively,” she completed.

“To be honest, Abigail, I’m really impressed and I think you will be the best person for this job. Congratulations and welcome to Damon Inc. You are hired.” Damon said and stretched out his hand to give Abigail a shake.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Black. Thank you. I’m so grateful.” Abigail replied with a wide smile. She was so happy she got the job. With this job, she had hope that she could provide her children with a better future.

“You are welcome, Abigail and please call me Damon. Mr. Black makes me feel old.” Damon said.

“Noted”. Abigail replied.

“So Abigail, We also make sure our staff are comfortable while working here. So we are going to give you an apartment along with an official car and a percentage of your Children’s tuition will be sponsored by the company.

“Wow, thank you,” she said as she tried not to get emotional.

“It’s fine Abigail. So since today is Thursday, You have the day off tomorrow and you can use the weekend to settle into the new Apartment. Will that okay be you?” Damon asked her.

“Yes, it is. I guess I will have to leave for my home town very early tomorrow morning to go get the twins.

“I think I should be able to help with that. You can use the company’s jet. I will tell my assistant to go with you. If you don’t mind.” Damon offered and Abigail agreed.

Damon and Abigail spent the rest of the day talking about the business, signing contracts, and explaining her duties to her. She was later taken to the apartment which is meant for her. She was in awe when she saw the place. It was even more than comfortable for her and the twins and to top it all, it was already furnished.

Abigail spent the rest of the day organizing the apartment and buying stuff she and the twins will be needing. She also checked out of her hotel and moved into the apartment.

Abigail later called her mom that night and filled her in with all that had happened earlier today. Sarah was so happy for her daughter and she couldn’t be more proud of Abigail.

Of course, Abigail offered her mother to come stay with them in the city, but she refused. saying she’s happy in her hometown and besides, she has a store she needs to look after but she promised to visit from time to time.

After the call with her mother, Abigail took the iPad which was given to her by Damon, claiming she will need it for work. And she started searching for Pre-school which was close to the house and also agencies where she could get a reliable nanny for the twins.

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