Chapter Five

Liam could not believe his ears.

Was he dreaming? Of course not. It’s real. His fiancée was pregnant... with his child.

Liam could not contain his happiness. His dream was finally coming true. To be a dad. He loved kids and had always wanted one.

Lucy had no idea how this news made Liam happy. He felt as if he was on top of the world, the happiest man on earth, and the most amazing soon to be a dad.

Liam got up from where he was sitting and pulled Lucy in a hug and kissed her. He poured all his happiness into that kiss.

“When did you find out?” He asked her after pulling away from their kiss.

“This morning,” she answered with a grin.

“Any idea how far you are?” Liam asked. Excitement evident in his voice, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Three weeks.

He rested his forehead against Lucy’s forehead. He closed his eyes and said “thank you so much, Lucy. I’m so happy about this. Thank you, my love.” He kissed her forehead.

Liam’s right hand found its way to Lucy’s still flat belly. He looked into her eyes and said.

“We will take care of him or her together. Shower him or her with so much love and make sure he or she doesn’t lack anything. I promise to protect you and the baby.” Liam said and he sealed his promise with a kiss.

Liam and Lucy were congratulated by their friends. Liam’s joy knew no bound. He did not even wait to get to see his parents and sister in person before giving them the news. “why not do it now?” He said to himself. He fished out his phone from his pocket and called his parents to give them the news.

Rubi and Robert went gaga. Their dream of becoming grandparents was finally coming true. Anna was also in her dreamland. Dreaming of how she will be a good aunt to her brother’s child.


“Thanks, Gabby. I will be home soon”. Abigail said after which she ended the call with her babies' nanny.

She glanced at her wristwatch and saw that it was just 3:30 pm. She will be off duty by 5. She had called Gabby to ask about her twins. if she had picked them up from school and if her twins were cooperating with her. Gabby said everything was fine and that the twins were good to her. Abigail was so relieved that everything seems to be going on well on the first day of work.

Abigail remembered she had to take some documents for Damon to sign. She stood up, straightened her pencil skirt, took the documents from her table, and headed off to Damon’s office which was not far from hers.

“Come in,” Damon said after Abigail knocked on his door, and she entered.

“Yes, dear do you need anything?” Damon asked looking Very happy than usual.

Abigail wondered what made her boss this happy. She actually thinks he is over happy. Yes, over happy, if there is anything like that. The way he has been acting since morning and all. He even told all the staff to take an early day off. So by 3 p.m., most of the staff of Damon Inc had gone home. Of course she and Angela, his personal assistant had to stay behind because they had lots of work to do for Damon.

“Nothing much. Just brought these documents for you to sign them, so Angela will be able to distribute them to our clients.” Abigail said as she walked towards Damon and handed him the documents.

“Can I ask you something”. She whispered enough for Damon to hear.

“Sure”. he replied, focusing on the papers he was signing.

“You seem very happy today. Is there anything you will like to share?” Abigail asked as she took a seat across Damon.

“Is it that obvious?” he asked with a grin.

“Of course, I can tell when one is so happy,” she replied.

“Okay then, I just discovered yesterday that I’m going to be an uncle,” Damon said. Smiles were all over his face.

“Oh...” Abigail exclaimed.

“Well, that’s a good news. Congratulations.” She said.

“But I thought you were the only child.” Abigail added with a frown.

“Yeah, I am. My best friend’s fiancee is expecting a baby. I’m in love with my best friend’s sister so that automatically makes me a soon to be an uncle.” Damon said.

“OHHH!” Abigail exclaimed, trying to digest what Damon had just told her.

“Anyway, I’m so happy for you. A child is a precious blessing.“Abigail said while smiling.

“Yeah, I know,” Damon replied.

“The whole family is going crazy already, most especially the father, my best friend. We can’t wait for the baby to arrive. I just hope it’s a boy so I can spoil him more.” Damon grinned.

Abigail smiled and nodded. “I can imagine.

She could sense how Damon’s Best friend’s baby will be so loved. She was really happy for them.

“Here, take this”. Damon gave her back the documents after signing them. Abigail collected them and went back to her office.

5 p.m. came by so quickly. Abigail shut down her computer, picked up her phones, and dropped them in her bag. She grabbed her coat and walked out of her office.

Before taking the elevator, she peeped into Damon’s office and told him she was going home already.

Damon returned her goodbye greetings and sent his regards to her kids.

She also said goodbye to Angela before walking into the elevator. She was so thankful that her first day of work went better than she expected.

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