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Lance is a handsome bestfriend of Odense. Lance was very loyal and he didn't left her best friend alone, even if Odense has a lot of men and women in life. Odense is a bisexual while Lance falling inlove with her. Lance plan a lot of things for her, but Odense didn't notice it, because she was very busy in her lovelife. But everytime she was broken hearted, she choose to be with him and sex with him. It was her past time to forget all of the exes and more. When the time Lance, sleep walk and do something, Odense get jealous. But she didn't notice it. Because she was focused on what happened and what her partner did. Odense was addicted in sex. She really love tasting her best friend. She really love with him on bed. But Odense, afraid? She didn't even try to asked Lance to his boyfriend. She didn't even asked Lance, if Lance love her or not. She's afraid to lose her guy best friend. So she choose to Friends with Benefits. She don't like to waste the friendship and memories she keep for almost 8 years,
[GirlXGirl]- English True or False? Can you prove the ugly rumors wrong if it's actually true? Arisa Gail Valentine made it a mission to keep the evidence of her sexual affairs away from Quinn Blackburn, the new transfer student, and the target of her lust for her senior year. But what if playing with her is not something she used to expect compared to those she had played with? As lies brought them together as well as it can set them apart, will they able to hide the true deception in their hearts? Or let each other erase what was written in their painful past? ... »This is an LGBT-themed story. «
Futanari/GL/Polygamous Avalynn Grimaldi and Nicole Bonavich didn’t realise that they were about to be married off because of their parents’ promise to each other. Since neither family had a male heir, their first borns were forced to marry each other by their parents. How can two people who hate each other to the core be joined in a holy matrimony? Will they do something to break free from the contract they were tricked to sign? Read to find out.
Anne and Tristan are married but all of that gets complicated when his ex Natalie comes town and Anne mishears part of a conversation between them. Now Anne is left deciding if she wants to stay with her husband or pursue the single life especially when she meets an art teacher at the local college.
What if you have a housemate? A gay to be exact... But he's just so hot, looking so delicious you find yourself wanting to devour him under you, under your mercy.. And you were just so frustrated because every time you stare at him, all you feel is that sexual tension going crazy inside you... The problem is, you are actually engaged... Yep, to someone you don't have any idea who.
A story about revenge, lust and fear. - • - "Show me your world," I said before closing my eyes and parting my lips open for him. Instead of feeling his luscious lips on mine, I felt a cold metal pressed against my forehead. A gun. "This is my world," - • - On a bright morning, Hanna woke up with only scattered memories of her kidnapping. She was back in her bedroom with no shackles tied to her legs. Everything was back to normal. Her parents believed it was another one of Hanna's nightmare and that she was being delusional about her kidnapping but at the end of the day, that wasn't the truth. Hanna set out a mission to find her kidnappers and learn the reason behind being kidnapped at such a young age. Things take a twist when she comes across James, a mob boss, a murderer, a millionaire and a drug dealer.
Clarissa Green has been a successful publicist. when she got an offer to be a personal publicist for the most famous and influential person in London, She accepted it without having second thoughts. Her life drastically changed when she met Apollo Villin, The youngest son of Mr.Villin and also his personal criminal lawyer. *** Clarissa Green, a sweet, beautiful, hot-headed and stubborn woman who hates it when someone disrespects or speak low of her. She has faced many obstacles in life which made her a strong and amazing woman. Apollo Villin, He's calm and collective, smart, manipulative, cold, notorious multi-billionaire who's famous for his looks and his mysterious personality. *** Secrets will be revealed, hearts will get broken and relationships get destroyed. Copyrights 2020©
"Alexis, you're wearing my patience thinner than usual," he sounded disappointed as he spoke those words. Had he expected me to be honest with him right away? Yeah, like I am capable of such things. I wanted this, him. And yet, I selfishly wanted the man that hunted my dreams as well. The man in front of me is real, and I could have it now. I opened my eyes, staring deep into his dark brown eyes that almost looked black. I spoke the words he wanted to hear, and I wanted to say, "I'm yours." He lowered his head until I felt his breath against my ear. His chuckled low and dark before he spoke in an equally dark whisper that made me clench, "You delicious little girl. You don't even know what that truly entails. You don't even know what I am". I leaned back enough for him to see my face. I arched an eyebrow as I spoke in a definite challenge, "So tell me, right now. What are you?"
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This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. (GL, TeacherxStudent) What will you do when your new replacement teacher looks more like a thug than an educator?
a love story about two female assassins who meet at a gathering between two different families and decide to live together in a house. First, they had begun to loathe each other, but they began to tolerate each other a bit more soon after. But what if the fact that they love each other is covered up by their intense hatred for each other? What would happen if she started keeping everything to herself, given that she started going through situations that no regular person would?