Soul mates: Fs (2nd shot)

Second shot

Before Swara could say anything he again spoke... "And yes if my girlfriend gets to know I came here to meet some girl then first she'll kill me, and then you too... it'll be better if you disappear from here as fast you can..."

Completing all this, he folded chit and turned to go but soon his feet frozen listening her voice...

"Ohh really..." She spoke turning towards him.

He closed his eyes, and slowly turned towards her mumbling something.

"You were cheating on me, isn't? You just wait I'll not leave you today, and what you said your girlfriend will kill me... call her let me see who's she? Who'll be alive she or me? And yes I swear after killing her I'll kill you too..." She said glaring him...

Seeing her like that, Sanskar gulped in fear and looked at her cursing his fate.

"Swara you.." He tried to say something, but not able to start even...

"Thats why you never picked my phone on time because you were busy with my sautan." Swara said, and started to search something.

"Arre Princess it's nothing like that..." Sanskar tried to say, but Swara splashed water at him.

"Go to hell with your princess." She angrily said

"But princess... you're one, and only my princess so tell me when we have to go hell... you know I'll love..." He teasingly said wiping his face.

"I am not, huhh you go to your 7 months old pregnant girlfriend... she might be waiting for you... I am calling off this relationship..." Unknowingly she blurted it, and changed his mood... he angrily pulled her..

"Dare to think anything like that, you're mine Swara... and even you don't have permission to separate yourself from me... Fit this in your pea size brain..." He dangerously whispered... She trembled listening this, and tried to say something but he stopped her...

"And moreover I didn't know that you're that girl whom Mrs Maheshwari selected, and all things was just lie for making you say no as I can't think anyone else than you as my life partner, but you tell why you came here." Sanskar furiously asked

"I can't able to deny your parents, so I thought I'll tell you I mean their son that I love someone else, and he'll deny them." Swara said turning towards him and softly pecked his lip making him smile. (Public hai😂😂😂)

"So smart, but think if that boy not listen you and adamant to marry with you then as some fool will only let you go?" He said sensually moving his hand on her face...

"Then nothing I beat him with broom, how dare I let anyone marry with me... if I'll marry someone then only you or else I'll be single forever." She said with all love..

"But you doubted my love so you deserve punishment." Sanskar said pulling her closer and smiled naughtily.

"But if I say I acted?" Swara said and encircled her arms around his neck.

"Is that so? But how I should trust you? Might be you acting for escaping from punishment?" Sanskar said.

"You think, I'll lie to you?" She whispered.

"Umm I think you can't, so it means you should get reward. So..." He said leaning closer to her.

"We are in public." Swara whispered, and about to push him, but he locked both arms at back.

"So you want us to move in private? I not mind, I have my car and hotel is near only actually even hotel not needed car is large enough." He huskily whispered making her blushed

"Just shut up, and drop me at home Shaurya must be waiting for me and I think now you should meet him." Swara snapped faking anger at him..

He freed her hand, and bow down his head.

"As your wish madam." Sanskar said making Swara smile.

(Swasan met 6 years back, they were in same college. After completing studies they started to do job in Mumbai only, sanskar used to work in some office as he doesn't want to join his dad business due to some issues... and Swara used to teach in some school for standing on her feet also wants to make her di proud on her.)


In car,

"But how you got to know I am there." Sanskar

"By your voice." Swara said

"I should have change my voice." Sanskar said

"Better luck next time." Swara said

"I don't think next time I need luck." Sanskar muttered.

"So next what?" Swara tried to ask about his answer

"Nothing after dropping you, I'll go home and spend time with my angel." Sanskar casually said not getting what exactly she is asking

"Ohh tell muskaan next time write better lines for you." Swara said controlling her tears thinking he doesn't want to marry her whenever she used to start this topic he always used to change topic.

"I'll, but how do you know her as far I remember I never told you about my angel." Sanskar asked stopping car at her stoppage.

"That's problem you know all things about me, and I just know your name and that you love your angel and hate parents even I don't know why. Such a good lover I am." Swara said opening car's door.

Before Sanskar could react she ran from there making him confused.

"What happened to her suddenly?" He thought, but not getting anything he went from there.

All night he tried to call her, but she kept cutting it and at last she switched off.


Next day,

"So Sanskar chachu you going to give me Chachi and when you'll make her meet me." Muskaan asked

"Soon, but first let me tell her my answer and also have to ask she's ready for marriage or not." Sanskar told Muskaan.

"Don't worry if she'll say no then I'll make you marry my maths mam, but for it I also have to tolerate him. No problem I love her so much I'll tolerate him too." Muskaan dreamingly said

"Stop dreaming only my princess will be your aunt no one else." Sanskar said

"Only if, I pass your princess." Muskaan said showing him tongue.

"No one can dislike my princess, and your stupid maths teacher even not match her..." sanskar

"Dare to say anything about my mam, or else I'll not approve your princess..." Muskaan irritatingly said

"We will who's better my princess or your stupid..." Sanskar tried to say

"Your princess is stupid not my teacher." Muskaan said

In whole way, both were fighting who's best or who's stupid.


Both reached school, Sanskar about to go back after dropping her, but muskaan dragged him for meeting her maths teacher and best friend + enemy Shaurya.

Both entered in class, Sanskar who was least in all this looking here there, but soon his gaze shifted on someone.

"Meet my Swara mam and mam he's my chachu." Muskaan said introducing him to Swara who was not at all interested looking at him.

"Ohh, so from here Mrs Maheshwari get my Swara." Sanskar thought.

"Miss Swara I heard lot about you from my angel." Sanskar said caressing her hand, she immediately took her hand and glared him.

"Muskaan you go to your place, I have to talk with your maths teacher about your progress." Sanskar winked at Swara

"But I ..." Swara tried to say, but before it Sanskar took her with himself.

"What's this Swara? Why you're ignoring my calls? And why your eyes are red? Is he came from jail.." Sanskar asked cupping her face but next moment itself she started to crying in his arms.

"Sanskar I am feeling insecure now, I know you love me lot but Sanskar till when we will be like this? Daily my friends asking me am I dating someone? And here you're still not ready for marriage why Sanskar? Don't you want to give our relationship name? Or you don't trust me enough that I'll not give your angel same love as much you give her. I know Sanskar your first preference is Muskaan even my first preference is Shaurya but Sanskar we already decided we will give same love to them then why..." Swara tried to say more, but her voice started to choke

"That's why you're ignoring me? Don't you trust your love enough Swara? Yesterday I was calling to tell I am going to say yes for marriage but you didn't pick and about angel, if even I have slight doubt on you then far before I suppressed my feelings for you, but you... today only I'll say Mrs Maheshwari that I am ready for marrying you first I thought let I know your answer you're ready or not, and even I wanted to meet Shaurya but okay..." Sanskar said and left from there making Swara feel guilty.

She wiped her tears, and went in class for teaching.

In afternoon,

"Muskaan, wait I need to give you something." Swara said stopping her

"What mam?" Muskaan asked

"Just this paper give it to your chachu and tell him someone special gave him." Swara said giving her chit.

Muskaan took it and left from there, Shaurya stood before Swara and kept his hand on either side of waist.

"What's going on?" Shaurya asked

"Nothing much just be ready for surprise." Swara winked and held his hand.

"Masi I am seeing from some days you're giving special attention to her... listen I am your baby not she... so you should love me only not anyone..." Shaurya possessively said... (For him Swara is his everything, so little possessivenes is necessary 😅😅😅)

"I know baby, you're most important person in my life... and I'll always love you now happy... I was just giving her some work... well you leave it I have to tell you something but not here... we will talk on home..." Swara said ruffling his hair...

Shaurya happily nodded in yes...


"What is this Swara? Why you called me here? And what was that special?" Sanskar angrily shouted

"Calm down Mr angry bird. I called you here for telling something important." Swara said blinking eyes, but it not at all effected him.

"Tell me fast or else I am going..." Sanskar tried to say, but before he could complete Swara kept her lip at his lip and started to kiss him but he was not at all responding her kiss. This increase her anger, she angrily bites his lip, and entered her tongue inside his mouth but still he not started responding. She about to break kiss, but he pulled her again and started sucking her lower lips.

He left her when he became out of breath, and cupped her face which was shinning in red colour...

"Never distrust on me Swara I'll not able to take that." He spoke joining their forehead.

"I am sorry, but just I became insecure." Swara said looking down

"It's okay, I understand. If you don't have problem can before telling our answers, we both meet Muskaan and Shaurya." Sanskar said cupping her chin...

"Hmm, but will Muskaan accept me?" Swara nervously asked, listening this he started to laugh.

"She was fighting with me, from the day you joined school daily she tells me leave princess, and marry her maths teacher." Sanskar said

"You're lying." Swara asked not able to believe this much easily her destiny is giving all happiness...

"See now only you said you'll trust me, but again..." He about to complete his, but stopped when she started to hit his chest.

"Just shut up, sanskar I am also worried about Shaurya... It'll not easy to make him agreed." She said closing her eyes...

"Hmm I know, but still we will try..." He whispered

"And Sanskar I think we should tell your parents about our relationship otherwise they might take us wrong..." Swara tried to say but he angrily left from that place.

"Why always he reacts like this? Huhh will tomorrow ask." Swara thought and went from there.


Next day, evening. Swara's house

Muskaan and Sanskar were sitting in hall while Swara was trying to talk with Shaurya.

"Angel you sit here I'll see what's happening." Sanskar said and moved towards room...

"No means no you'll not marry anyone, I can't lose you like mom if mom not married with him then today my mom must be with us. We trio must be enjoying, you even not need to do job and we must be living in our home..." Shaurya crying said...

"But all are not like this..." She tried to say

"No all are like him only, before marriage he used to behave good with mom, and me. You know he promised us that he'll always give us happiness, but what happened he killed my mom... He also wanted to kill me, but you saved me... please don't marry anyone he'll too kill you, and this time no one able to save me as well... we both will die..." Shaurya said fearing that he'll lose his Masi as well like he lost his mother.

Still those memories fresh in his small eyes...

How his step father promised him, and his mother giving a good life but how after marriage he started torturing his mother over small mistakes, how in nights whole house used to echo with his mother painful voice, how when his dad's friends used to come his mom used to get scared, how she used to hide him, how whenever he used to do mistake his father used to beat him with belt, how his mother used to warp her body around him like shield and take whole punishment, how one day his father killed his mother as she asked money for his books... How after killing his mother he tried to kill him too, but luckily his Masi who was unknown from all these miseries in his life came like Angel, and saved him but unfortunately his mother left world telling them take care of each other...

Maybe two years passed of those awful days, but still somewhere those were suppressed inside him which now became fresh listening about marriage...

"Can I come in?" Sanskar asked seeing swara, and Shaurya both were crying hugging each other.

"No you'll not come, go from here we don't need you... we are happy with each other, and I'll take care of Masi too... go away I'll not again become fool..." Shaurya shouted throwing his toys at him...

"At least one chance..." Swara said seeing towards Sanskar...

"No, I'll not listen him... if you want go to him then go, but I'll not..." Shaurya said running from there...

"I am sorry sanskar till he will not agree, I can't marry you..." Swara said crying... He became shock listening it till today she used to fight he's not ready to marry her, but now she herself denying...

"Swara we both will make him understand, I know it's not easy but trust me he'll understand..." He tried to say, but she turned her face...

"No Sanskar he will not..." She tried to say...

"You trust me or not?" He asked pulling her close to him...

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