soul mate: Fs [3rd shot]

3rd shot

"Answer me Swara, do you trust me or not?" He asked looking in her eye as eye are mirror of soul.

She blinked her eyes several times then nodded in yes. He smiled genuinely, and took her hand in his palm for saying something but interpret by her..

"If I have even slight doubt on you or your love then I didn't wait for you these years..." She said remembering how 2 years back he proposed her...

(They know each other from six years, but confessed their feelings 2 years back just before her sister death.)

"I made you wait for so long, but Swara before marriage I wanted to stand on my feet so I able to take three of your responsibility..." He said gently pressing his lips against her hands.

"I know you have lots of questions, why I hate Mr Maheswari, and Mrs Maheswari... how Muskaan parents died... why I want to separate Muskaan from them... I'll give you all answer but just wait for some more time..." He quickly said seeing her confused eyes which were asking so many questions...

"Hmm I'll wait for that moment." She said lowering her eyebrows

"I promise as soon as I win Shaurya's heart, I'll tell you everything." He said

"Sanskar my Shaurya..." She said sniffing

"Hmm let's go, we will talk to him..." He said


Shaurya came, and saw Muskaan standing in hall, her eyes were wet knowing about him. (Muskaan is 11 year old, so I think she can understand things well moreover nowadays kids are really fast...)

He glared her, and ran in other room and hide himself in cupboard...

Muskaan ran behind him, and started knock on cupboard...

"Shaurya open it..." She pleaded...

"No I'll not, no one love me... Masi will also leave me alone... And I am telling her not to do mistake, but she's not listening me... I hate her... She's so bad..." He shouted

"He is my chachu, trust me he's not bad." She said.

"I don't trust you either." He said snivelling

Muskaan stopped knocking, and saw a photo which was kept on table in that pic Shaurya was smiling, and holding his mother's hand and Swara's hand.

She took that photo, and sat on bed...

"Your mom was so beautiful, you must enjoyed with her... she must used to love you so much?" She asked

"Yes..." He shouted

"You are lucky first your mom, and now your Masi are with you... you know I only saw my parents photos... Even I don't have any memories of them..." She said closing her eyes...

"Why? Your dad too killed your mother..." Shaurya asked peeping through cupboard...

"No, he doesn't... Chachu told me my dad fought with everyone for my mom... I don't know what kind of fight, but yes he fought... he loved my mom so much... you know my dad is my super hero, and chachu is my prince charming, my chachu always fulfil my wishes..." She said with glistened eyes, and lips were curled in beautiful smile...

He opened cupboard, and jumped near her...

"After mom death, my Masi too did same.. she's like an angel for me. Sometimes she scolds me, but next moment she hug me and cry more than me just like mumma... and when I was in hostel then too my Masi used to come every weekend and every night she used to talk with me... till I not sleep she never used to sleep..." He said smilingly

"Yeah same chachu used to do, well you know when he told me he loves princess I mean your Masi then I was so angry on your masi... I not talked with him for two months." She said

"Why you were angry, my Masi is so good..." he angrily said

"That time I didn't meet her, without meeting her how I supposed to trust her." She said

"Whatever but my Masi is not bad. She's world best Masi." He angrily said,

"Why I should agree with you?" she asked

"You should trust me because in school you yourself seen how much good she's with you and others." He angrily said

"Then what about you? You're judging my chachu without even meeting with him." She said

"I..." He stammered not getting what to reply..

"Wow it's good, you're not trusting my chachu without even meeting him but I even not supposed to angry with her." She said

Shaurya looked down, and remembered Swara's words one chance...

"I can't..." he muttered

"I knew you are timid, huhh see I am so brave I gave your Masi chance but you... You don't deserve to be my enemy too." She said

"I am not, I am brave boy..." He shouted

"Then go, and talk with my chachu." She yelled at him...

Outside Swara became panic, but Sanskar held her hand and stopped from going inside...

"You wait here, I am coming..." Shaurya said running from there...

(More than sanskar or swara Muskaan can make him understand giving chance to sanskar..)

Swara's eyes shone seeing Shaurya coming towards her.

"Masi I will also give him chance, when Muskaan can give you chance why can't I... but yes you promise me if he'll not able to gain my trust then you'll not marry him... I love you so much, I don't want to loose you like mom..." He said, she knelt down and kissed his forehead..

"I promise, and I am proud of you..." She said

He hugged her, and later kissed her cheek.

Sanskar was standing there, and noticing all things. He was feeling so proud on his Angel, he always knew like his bhabhi, angel too well know how to play with words... but still seeing her maturity he felt extreme happiness...

"I am going inside room, if you need me then just call me." Swara said standing

"But Masi..." Shaurya was still little bit afraid..

"From when my baby became like this, you remember whenever we feel danger is near us then what we do?" She asked

"We keep sticks for our protection, so we both able to help each other..." He said

"Yeah right, there is stick if you feel he's bad or harm you then take that stick and start to hit him with all force.." She said, sanskar arched his eyebrows here he's nervous, and his girlfriend giving these kinds of ideas to her nephew...

Shaurya giggled, and nodded in yes...

"All the best sanskar, now everything is up to you... I am going to Muskaan I think she needs me..." She whispered, and went from there...


Muskaan was sobbing, however sanskar love her but still no one can take parents place... she misses her parents specially her mother... when she used to see how her age children enjoying with their mom... she too tries to search them but unluckily expect no one used to beside her..

"Can I sit along you?" She asked

"Yeah, you know I am very happy." Muskaan happily said

"Are you missing your mom dad?" She asked seeing Muskaan glancing her locket..

"Hmm" Muskaan whispered

"Your chachu told me your Mumma was just like you, she was so beautiful and your dad was so strong." She said

"Then why God called them?" Muskaan asked

"In heaven demons attacked on him for that God needed some good people, he called your dad but your mom said she'll also go if your dad need anything then who'll give him that... moreover you have your chachu... he loves you very much even more than me.." Swara said some story because even she didn't have this answer why God snatched Muskaan's parents or her sister..

"Ohh." She

"Acha leave that, your chachu told me you used to have many ideas... you always write chit for your chachu." She said averting Muskaan's mind which were filled with her parents thought

"Yeah I do it, with dadi I watch movies and take ideas from there and whenever chachu needs ideas I give to him. You know we both make many girls run away or else my chachu must married till now..." She proudly said

"Yeah I know, but now you need to watch fewer movies." Swara said holding her ears...

"What? Please don't do this, then from where I'll get ideas and most importantly after finishing homework what I'll do? I don't have anyone who could play with me... dadu always busy with his phone... and dadi with some ladies or Tv and chachu he spent most of time in office whatever time remained then just fight with dadi or dadu... then tell me what I'll do?" Muskaan said sadly

She took Muskaan, and make her sit in her lap.

"From now onwards your chachu will give his most of time to you..." Swara promised her...

Listening this Muskaan smiled, and kept her head on Swara's chest.

"Thank you." Muskaan said

"Not needed, but I need one promise whenever you'll feel lonely you'll talk with me or chachu..." Swara said warping her hand around her..

"Promise, and I'll call you chachi... No problem?" Muskaan

"Not at all, but what I would call you?" Swara

"Umm not angel because only chachu can call me that but yes you can call me doll." Muskaan said

Swara smiled, and kissed her forehead.


"Hii..." Sanskar said seeing him looking down, and holding stick...

"Hii..." Shaurya muttered...

"You know I love.." He tried to say

"You love Masi so much, that day he also said that he loves Mumma so much." He said looking down only

"Uff it's not easy." Sanskar muttered

"I'll give..." He tried to say

"I don't need chocolates..."Shaurya said

"Okay I am directly coming to point but you'll not interrupt me till I'll not complete." Sanskar said knowing now it'll better if just come on point.

"Hmm" Shaurya

"First sit here." He said pointing towards sofa, Shaurya slowly moved, and sat but still stick was in his hand.

Sanskar knelt down before him, and hold his other hand. He tried to struggle but Sanskar not left his hand...

"You promised your Masi you'll give me chance." Sanskar said, Shaurya stopped wriggling and looked at him.

"I know whatever happened with you, and your mom it was very bad, but trust me I am not like him..." Sanskar said

"How I supposed to trust your words?" Shaurya asked

"I don't have any proof for proving myself good, but I assure you I'll try my best give you and your Masi all happiness." Sanskar said

Shaurya was silent listening this.

"And yes I'll scold you too, but only when you'll do mistakes may be sometimes I'll slap you too but that would for your betterment... and also whenever you'll do some good work I'll give you reward... and always protect you I know you're big boy who doesn't need my protection but still I'll do... expect these things I can't say anything..." He said

"You'll never beat my Masi? And you'll never call your friends home... my mom used to get scared seeing them..." he said, he still doesn't know reason behind that but his mother scared face after seeing his dad's friends still rotating before his innocent eyes...

Sanskar eyes became glassy knowing what might used to happen...

"If my friends will come then too they'll not go near your Masi this is my promise to you... and about beating then you know your Masi took karate classes... so you can guess what will happen to me if I even thought that..." He said

Shaurya smiled little, and nodded in yes..

"And yes if Masi do mistakes then too you will not scold her... and you have to love me and Masi same way you do with Muskaan..." He said

"Promise I'll love you trio equally specially you, and Muskaan, and never scold your Masi... anything more?" He

"Umm you'll ask school teacher give me special attention to me..." He slowly whispered fearing if Swara will listen she'll scold him...

"If your Masi will get to know this then chances will be we both outside the house." He said

"Yeah that I know..." Shaurya said putting stick down..

"So can I take it as positive signal?" Sanskar asked

"Only if you promise me you'll be in my team, we both will irritate Muskaan." He said

"Only Muskaan not your Masi? Things should be equal..." He asked raising eyebrows

"Okay Masi too, now happy but yes little bit not that much." Shaurya said

"Ha ji totally happy, now let go inside and we have to check what plan they're making against us..." Sanskar said holding his fingers...

"Yeah..." Shaurya said

"Listen what should I'll call you?" Shaurya asked stopping him.

"Umm whatever you want but expect mamu..." Sanskar said giggling

"Umm I'll call you friend, will it work?" Shaurya asked

"It will run..." Sanskar said picking him in his arms.

"Well friend, after marriage we will live here only." Shaurya said

"Why so?" Sanskar asked

"Because here I know so many places whenever I become angry from Masi, I hide there only..." Shaurya said

"There I'll show you many more places, and we both will hide there whenever we will become angry from your Masi." Sanskar said

"Wow it sounding good... So when you will marry my Masi..." He curiously asked

"Whenever your Masi will say..." he said

Like this they entered in room where Muskaan, and Swara were laughing and playing with pillows...

"Seems no one needs us..." Sanskar said catching pillow in a hand...

"Sanskar you both... everything alright..." She asked crossing her fingers...

"Ask him." He said caressing Shaurya's hair

Shaurya came down, and stood there.

"Baby what is your decision?" She asked kneeling down before him

"Umm I found him good for you but..." Shaurya tried to say, but interpret by Muskaan

"Oye just say yes for marriage or else I have my ways... and what you mean by but?" She asked standing between Shaurya, and Swara.

"I mean he's good, but not Masi you're ok type..." He said showing them tongue...

"You stupid, don't say anything about my Chachi... she's best yes he's little bit crack but okay." Muskaan said

Sanskar mouth hung down listening this. Well he was not at all surprise as already Muskaan fought with him for Swara...

"He is not crack, your Chachi is crack..." Shaurya said

Now turn was Swara, she was all amazed...

"I am crack" She muttered

she looked at sanskar who was glancing Muskaan, and Shaurya. She stood, and held his hand.

"What magic you did?" She asked

"The same magic which I have on you.." He said flirting little.

"Again flirting..." She muttered

"Yeah but only with you.." He said

"Chachi, dost this marriage can't happen." Muskaan, and Shaurya said together

"Uff these both... you both listen just say yes or else we both will run away our own.." Sanskar irritatingly said

"Whatttttttt?" Muskaan, and Shaurya yelled together...

"Then what should we do? You both are not agree, we thought in our marriage we will give you many new dresses, gifts, sweets" Swara said

"Uff okay Chachi you're saying so I will not stop this marriage." Muskaan said showing Shaurya tongue

"And you friend?" Sanskar asked

"If you are saying this much then okay." Shaurya said turning towards Sanskar...

Again Shaurya, and Muskaan started fighting over some silly issues.

Seriously these kids are mad, only this thought were revolving in swasan mind.

Next day,

Swasan were in Sanskar's house for telling about their decision to Ramta, and Shaurya Muskaan were in Muskaan's room.


"Mr, and Mrs Maheswari we're ready for marriage." Sanskar rudely said.

Ramta happiness were no bound, they were about to say something but interpret by Swara...

"But I want to tell you one thing we both know each other before only, and were in relationship from two years." Swara said holding Sanskar's hand, she saw towards Sanskar who was not happy with this confession at all...

"What?" Ramta shouted like someone stabbed them.

"Listen don't act like this, yes we both love each other and will marry too.. and after marriage I'll legally adopt Muskaan, and Shaurya." He said dragging Swara with him...

Ramta were shock with this revelation.

"I told you let do her back ground search but you were adamant..." Ram said

"But I thought we will manipulate her, and later with her help sanskar..." Sujata about to say, but stopped by Muskaan, and Shaurya who came there for searching swasan...

"Dadi where's chachu?" Muskaan asked...

"They went outside..." Sujata replied, and went from there with ram all tensed...

"Huhh see they left us here, and themselves went for partying." Shaurya said twisting his nose...

"Right, lets follow them we will catch them red handed." Muskaan said

Other side,

"Sanskar why you behaved like that..." She asked, and stopped him holding his hand... his grip became soft over her hand and turned towards her.

"Come with me, I'll tell you everything... Whatever happened 11 years ago..." Sanskar said closing his eyes...

Unknown to them Shaurya, and Muskaan who located them started following thinking they're going for fun without telling them...

Precap: last shot...

Will that truth destroy four lives?

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