Soul mate: Fs (Epilogue-1)


After 3 months, Mumbai

A man, and boy were sleeping or rather say pretending to sleep.

"Sanskar, Shaurya wake up soon." A lady entered in room shouting their names.

"Again your Masi came for disturbing our sleeps." Sanskar murmured, Shaurya yawned and peeked from comfort.

"She's busy in setting things, let sleep for sometime..." Shaurya whispered, in response of this sanskar smiled and nodded in yes.

"See you both, if you'll not open your eyes in 2 minutes then I'll make you bath here only and after that you both know... Only you have to clean bed.." Before Swara could complete, both shouted and in fraction of seconds they were on floor.

"We are awake only." Both said together, and smiled sheepishly.

"Sanskar I could understand he's child but you..." Swara said, and started folding blankets

"Yes Masi, he said to sleep for 5 more minutes." Shaurya said winking at sanskar, his mouth became wide.

"Swara he's lying, he himself said that sleep for few minutes." Sanskar said narrowing his eyes.

"I know you both, so don't need to make stories, and Shaurya why you always come here in early morning for sleeping." Swara asked holding Shaurya's ear.

"Actually Masi." He tried to say

(Swasan live in flat, there are 3 rooms and hall... One for swasan, Shaurya and Muskaan respectively...)

"Chachi, he must get to afraid." Muskaan said entering in room, Shaurya glared her.

"Don't you know when two intelligent people talking then fool people should not interrupt..." Shaurya said

"You called me fool? You are fool..." Muskaan

"You are fool, you still not know how to comb hair but I know." Shaurya proudly said, and started ruffling his hair.

"You idiot, you still don't know how to tie lace." Muskaan retorted back

"Sanskar you see them, I need to prepare theirs breakfast." Swara said glaring them, but it not effected Muskaan, and Shaurya.

Sanskar who was enjoying fight, stood straight and became tensed listening this.

"See Swara, you're forgetting today is my chance in kitchen... I am going there... you see your kids." Sanskar said running from there.

"But today's Monday it means my chance." Swara muttered

"He again made you fool." Shaurya said giggling

"Just due to you both, Muskaan you go and set your bag.. I'll come in some minutes then comb your hair and you go, and take bath or as usual late for school." Swara said

"No more arguments now, already I have headache due to you all." Swara said seeing Muskaan and Shaurya trying to say something.

They silently listened it, and went from there.

After some time, like everyday sanskar dropped them in school. He went to his office, and Swara was in home only as she decided for one year she will give her all time to her family and after that she'll resume her job.

In night,

Swara was sitting in room, and reading some novel meanwhile sanskar was helping both children in homework and as usual more than children he was complaining.

"Who give so much work?" Sanskar annoyingly said

"Chachu it's not that much." Muskaan said showing him only two pages work.

"No friend you're right, see this is much work, you know my hand starts paining after doing this." Shaurya said showing him his hand.

"I will complain in school, you both don't need to do so much work." Sanskar said closing their books.

"But chachi." Muskaan tried to say, but Sanskar glared her.

"Wow so good, let go for dinner I saw Masi prepared so many yummy dishes." Shaurya dreamily said, and ran from there but he stopped seeing swara angrily standing there.

"Sanskar get out from here, and check your files or else in morning you'll run on a leg shouting files." Swara angrily said

"But Swara why I should go." Sanskar confusingly asked

"If you'll not go from here then I am afraid that they'll be spoiled specially this boy." Swara said glaring both sanskar and Shaurya whereas Muskaan was playing in Sanskar's mobile.

"Huhh I am going." Sanskar said snatching Mobile from Muskaan.

"Give it or your Chachi will say I am spoiling you as well." Sanskar said

"But my game." Muskaan sadly said

"Doll first complete work then I'll give my mobile." Swara said, Muskaan happily nodded in yes, and show tongue to sanskar. He too shown her tongue and went from there.

Later, Swara started to help them in homework while Muskaan was doing her work with interest but Shaurya not at all interested.

"Huhh don't know from where she always come." Shaurya muttered

"Shaurya stop muttering, and complete your homework. You also have to study for exams, or else like every time your teacher will complain to me." Swara said, Muskaan giggled and he made angry face.

"Huhh you don't laugh, this time I'll beat you in exam." Shaurya said

"Will see." Muskaan replied concentrating back on her books.

After some time,

"Chachi I completed, can I go in hall now." Muskaan said

"Okay, you go but don't touch anything." Swara said, she nodded in yes and ran from there.

"Masi, can I go too? My eyes are becoming heavy... even hands are paining and stomach too..." Shaurya said holding his stomach.

"Leg? And what about back? Just complete your homework or else I'll not give you your Chocolates after dinner." Swara said glaring him.

"Huhh..." Shaurya muttered


After dinner, swasan make them sleep in their respective rooms and they headed towards their room, she about to lay on couch but pulled by him... she fell on him and looked in his eyes.

"We are married Swara but..." He tried to say something.

(3 months before leaving Kolkata, they married in presence of few friends and some colleagues.)

"I know, actually I am tired sanskar..." She tried to escape from his grip.

"Not today, you need to tell me what's stopping you coming close to me." Sanskar asked looking in her eyes.

"Nothing like that." She said avoiding eye contact.

"Swara you can share anything with me... I'll not judge you on basis of that..." he said making her look in his eyes.

"Please princess share your problems with me." He again said.

She nodded in yes, and laid beside him.

"Actually sanskar I am afraid if we will start our relationship then I will not able to give time to children so I thought this..."She said keeping her head on his chest.

"You are stupid princess, I can understand your fear but I know my Swara will balance everything and her sanskar will help in this." He said planting feathery kiss over her scalp.

"But I heard in our marriage few guests were saying this, and I don't want our children feel we are only busy in our lives and neglecting them after marriage." She said making pout, he shook his head and kissed her pout.

"They are jealous seeing us, and you know our children are smart." He said giggling, she not said anything just kept laying there.

"If you still need time then okay." He said seeing her not saying anything...

"Sorry for foolishness." Saying this she kissed his nose tip.

He warped his arms around her, and kissed at forehead.

"Sleep." He said

"You are angry?" She asked leaning towards him.

He nodded in no, and looked at her with confusion in his eyes.

"Then why?" She tried to say, but not able to complete as he pulled her completely on him.

"I just wanted to ask you your problem... you can take your own time I can wait moreover you waited for our marriage 2 years then can't I wait for becoming yours in all manner for some more time." He said, she felt overwhelmed by his answer... She was little bit hesitant in taking their relation forward, but now her all hesitation cleared..

"I don't need... I want mark you as mine." She shyly said, and hide her face in his chest.

"Is this? Then even I can't wait." Saying that, he cupped her face which was shining in dim light..

Without wasting a single second he captured lips...

Soon room filled with pleasurable moans, they became united in all manners...

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Next day,

As usual Shaurya was knocking at door, but today swasan were sleeping... sanskar opened his eyes, and rubbed it.

He saw towards Swara who was sleeping hugging him, and snuggling her face in his chest. He smiled, and kissed at her forehead.

"Swara wake up, shaurya came." Sanskar said, but she snuggled in him more. He smiled, and again kissed at her hair.

"If we will not open door, then he will keep knocking and start throwing things." Sanskar said

She opened her eyes, and sat. He too sat, and take her in his embrace.

"You are spoiling him." She muttered, and took bedsheet and went from there.

He wore his dress, and went for opening door. Shaurya jumped in his arms, and kept his head at Sanskar's chest.

"What you were doing? I was knocking from so long." Shaurya said yawning.

"Your Masi was sleeping, by the way you still not told why you always come here." Sanskar said making him lay on bed.

"Actually I get afraid." Shaurya said

"But you don't tell anyone, or else everyone will tease me." He said, sanskar smiled.

"Promise, I'll not. You sleep, I am going to make something special for you all." He said, Shaurya nodded in yes, and finally slept.

Swara came outside, and found Shaurya sleeping. She smiled, and kissed his forehead and went in Muskaan's room. She adjusted Muskaan properly, and kissed her forehead.

"Will wake her after half an hour." Thinking this, she went towards kitchen.

She entered in kitchen for preparing their breakfast, but her surprise sanskar was already present there. Sensing her presence, he turned and found her smiling at him.

"Today was my turn then what you are doing here." She asked, he came towards her and encircled his arms around her waist and pulled closer.

"I thought today to give you off, and I know you must be tired so you go and sleep little more I'll do whole work and after making them ready I'll wake you too." He said kissing her scalp.

She tipped toed, and pecked his lip.

"No, I'll help you moreover you need to go office too." She said, he shook his head and picked her in arms.

"Office is not important, I am thinking to take off and do something important.." He said

"And what's that important thing?" She asked encircling her arms around his neck.

"I can only show you practically." He said and pecked her lips..

"Something is burning." Swara said squeezing her nose.

"My coffee." He said remembering he was preparing coffee for them.

He hurriedly made her down, and ran towards gas..

He turned and show her bowl which was black in colour.

"Now show more practical." She said moving towards him, and took another bowl from rack.

"I will make." She said.

"Huhh go on, boring wife... I am going for jogging." He said.

"But coffee." She tried to ask, but he kissed her cheek.

"I was making for you, I don't have Mood." He said, and went from there without giving her chance to say anything.

She smiled at him, and started doing her work.

After some months,

She, and Muskaan were on shopping while Shaurya and sanskar were in home only as they don't want to go on there.

In mall

Swara was purchasing some stuffs for Muskaan, Muskaan's gaze fell on doll which was opposite side of road without thinking anything she went from there.

Swara who turned towards her asking she liked this dress or not, but became tensed not finding her..

"Doll where you went?" She started searching, but half an hour passed there was no clue of her, she even asked watchman and other people.

With trembling hand she called sanskar.

"Princess finally you remembered us.." Sanskar said who was busy in playing with Shaurya.

"Vo Sanskar doll." She said, and started to sniff.

"Swara what happened tell me clearly." He asked, and stood from his place...

"I don't know where doll went, I was just.." Swara started sobbing badly.

"Swara don't cry, I am coming message me where are you." He said, and cut the call.

He about to go, but stopped by Shaurya.

"Friend what happened?" Shaurya asked

"Nothing, you too come with me." Sanskar said thinking he can't leave him alone here.

In mall,

Swara was still finding her, sanskar too reached there.

"Swara you sit here, I'll find her." Sanskar said hugging her.

"No I'll not, here I am not getting my daughter and you're asking me to seat." She yelled at him...

"But Swara..." He tried to say something, but she not listened him.

"You want to sit then you can but I'll not, it's all my mistake I should keep holding her hand." She said moving from there.

"Swara it's nothing." He tried to say

"How could be I so careless." She was muttering continuously, having enough of her blabbering he caught her hand and pulled her.

"Shut up, it's not your mistake. She must be here there only I'll search her." He said

"I am sorry sanskar." She said, and hugged him.

"No princess, and you just be here with Shaurya. We not able to find her with him." Sanskar said

She saw towards Shaurya who was frightened due to these things.

"I am sorry, I am here only with him. You go and search her but please nothing should happen to her." She said, he nodded in yes and went for searching Muskaan.

He was equally tensed but knowing he needs to find his angel he was trying to strong.

"Masi Muskaan." Shaurya said sobbing

"Your friend will find her." Swara said holding his hand, and kissed all over his face...

"Hmm, you too don't cry." Shaurya said wiping her tears, she nodded in yes and made him sit next to her.

"You must be hungry." She asked

"Hmm but will eat with Muskaan." He said

"You care for her? I thought you both only know to fight." Swara said seeing Shaurya only glancing towards main gate..

"Yep, she's my best friend only I have right to trouble her no one else." He innocently said, Swara smiled little.

Whereas sanskar was still finding her, he went other side of road and started showing everyone Muskaan's photo..

"Angel please come fast." He muttered

At all sudden he noticed, Muskaan standing middle of road all frightened and a car approaching towards her.

He ran in that direction, and picked her in his arms.

"You are fine?" He asked hugging her close to his heart.

"Chachu that car.." She frightened said, and started crying.

"Shh nothing happen, Chachi is tensed for you." He said caressing her hair.

"She will scold me." Muskaan said looking at him.

"Hmm but why you came here alone?" He politely asked

"I came for taking doll, but that shopkeeper not gave me because I didn't have money." She sadly said

"I will buy, but promise me you will never repeat this." He asked

She nodded in yes, and kissed his cheek.

"Love you so much." She said

"I love my angel too." He replied

They reached in mall where Swara and Shaurya were worryingly sitting.

"Chachi." Muskaan shouted, and ran towards her.

Swara stood, and take her in embrace.

"Where you went?" She asked

"Sorry I went for taking doll." She said

"You should asked to me, if something would happen to you then what I answered to your chachu." She asked separating herself from her.

"Sorry I'll not repeat this, but see now I am fine..." Muskaan said

Swara smiled slightly, and stood.

"You all forget me." Shaurya complainingly said.

"No one forgotten you, come to me." Sanskar said, and hold his hand.

"Okay now if everything is good then give us treat I am hungry." Shaurya said holding his stomach.

"Foody." Muskaan retorted

"Then you don't eat, only I'll eat." He said

"Very funny, but I came here first so you don't need to give suggestions to me." Muskaan said

"You both stop fighting, don't know why you both always do this?" Sanskar said seeing them fighting.

"Sanskar you forget how you to fight with me?" She said laughing.

"That was different, and you both small packet let go for shopping then dinner." sanskar said

All nodded in yes, and moved from there.

After some days,

Swara was working in kitchen, both children were in school and sanskar was in office.

She started to feel nausea, she somehow managed to go in hall and sat there.

"Shall I call him?" She thought, and picked mobile but next moment she dropped idea.

"I should take rest." Thinking this she stood, and with unsteady step went towards room before she could reach she fainted.

Nearly after two hours,

She opened eyes, and found both children laying beside her holding her hand, and sanskar laying on sofa.

"They must be hungry." She thought, and step down from bed without making noise.

Her head was still paining but seeing her children face she ignored her health.

"Swara." A voice came from behind, she bites her inner cheeks and turned towards him.

"I am fine." She said before he could scold her.

"I know how much you're, can't you call me? Children were crying seeing you unconscious, if I not came here surprising you then don't know what could happen" he said controlling his pitch.

"Sorry, but I." She tried to say, but he went from there. She hit her forehead and went behind him.

"Sorry sanskar, but it was so sudden I about to call you but thinking you might be busy I back off." She said holding his hand.

"You, I am feeling like to scold you but can't. Tomorrow we have to go hospital for check up." He said

"Okay sir, now allow me to prepare something for us." She said

"You will not change, I already ordered lunch for us.. you go and be ready to listen your children scold they are not going to leave you." Sanskar said with small laugh.

"Huhh all are behind me." She muttered, and went back to room.

Shaurya, and Muskaan who were sleeping in school dress only opened their eyes listening Swara's voice.

"Are you fine?" They asked and hugged her.

"I am all fine." She was going to answer.

"No, you're not... from now onwards you will not enter in kitchen..." Shaurya said

"Not only this, you will not do any other work. Doctor was saying you became so thin." Muskaan said

"Yes, and you will also drink milk with us that too with turmeric Powder." Shaurya said remembering whenever he become ill how Swara run behind him with turmeric milk.

"And you will have more food..." Muskaan said

Swara was rolling her both eyes, and found sanskar standing leaning on door suppressing his laugh.

"I will see you later, and you small packets if I'll not do any work then who will do? You both or he.." Swara asked pointing towards door.

"That we not thought." Muskaan sadly said.

"Umm I have idea." Shaurya yelled

"What?" Swara asked hiding her smile

"Friend will make food, I'll clean the dust and Muskaan will wash utensils." Shaurya said

"And who will wash clothes? Who will make you both ready? And if you both will do these things then who will go school? What about studies?" Swara asked

"Haww now what, chachi how you do this much work?" Muskaan asked

"You both don't need to worry about anything, I'll manage." Swara said

"Yes, she is right you both just study... if your Chachi or Masi need any help then I'll do." Sanskar said entering in room.

"But you too go to job." Shaurya said

"Yes, but in free time I can do moreover don't forget many times I make breakfast for us." Sanskar said taking Shaurya in his lap.

"Umm then we both will also help Chachi in free time... yep after finishing study we will help Chachi." Muskaan exclaimed

"Nice idea but then my football?" Shaurya asked.

"Baby, doll I'll do everything and if I need any help then I'll ask you both... you both don't need to take tension just enjoy..." Swara said

"Right, now no more tension... She is all okay." Sanskar said

Muskaan, and Shaurya were still not fully convinced but still nodded in yes.

Day after tomorrow,

Previous day swasan went for check up, today they were going to get report.


Swara was impatiently waiting for sanskar, as he called her few hours ago telling he is angry from her after seeing her reports.

Her heart was beating fast thinking what could be in her report.

Her wait over listening car's horn, she opened door and ran near him before she could ask anything children came running and jumped on sanskar.

"Our chocolate?" They asked checking his pocket.

"Shaurya, Muskaan what's this? He came now only." Swara tried to say but interpret by sanskar itself.

"Swara it's okay, your Chocolates I'll give inside." He said, and moved from there glancing Swara.

After some time,

She entered in room, and found him standing leaning at window keeping his both hand in pocket.

She smiled, and hugged him from back.

"Angry?" she asked

He turned towards her, and cupped her cheeks. He kissed her forehead, and both eyes. She was little confuse by his this gesture.

"Hmm." He said, and opened his bag.

"But why?" She asked, he didn't say anything just handed her a file.

"You will get to know?" He said, and sat at sofa.

She started checking file, after reading report file slipped from her hand and tears started to flow from her eyes.

"Princess?" He said, but she was still crying and hugged him.

"Sanskar it's real? I am going to become mother..." She said sniffing

"Yeah princess, we are going to become parents.. soon we have our baby in hand." He said stroking her forehead.

She looked at him, then placed her hand at tummy.

"I am so happy baby." She said, but soon her expression changed remembering Muskaan and Shaurya.

"How they will react?" she asked

"They will be happy." Sanskar said not sensing her fears.

"I hope so." She muttered, and hug him again.

"And why you were angry?" She asked

"Just trying to make you little confuse." He said smiling, she started to hit his chest but later hugged him.

After dinner instead of sleeping, kids were in swasan room.

"Friend, Angel actually we need to tell you something important." Sanskar said, and sat between both children.

They confusedly looked at him.

"Last time when we went to my friend house, there we saw a baby?" Sanskar said

"Umm that cute baby? What happened to him?" Shaurya asked

"Nothing happened to him, actually Shaurya one cute baby also going to come in our lives..." Sanskar said

"Means? Baby will live with us? But why?" Muskaan asked

Sanskar hit his forehead.

"I mean we going to have baby." He said

"Ohh you mean Masi is pregnant." Shaurya said

"You chachu really dumb." Muskaan said

"I was finding words, but they're much ahead than my thinking." He murmured

"Wow so good, now baby will come I'll play with him or her and." Shaurya said

"Oye I'll play with baby, you go and play football." Muskaan said

Swara was happy listening all this, her fear was baseless but never know what next moment is going to show..

She went towards them, and hugged them. They became confuse by this, but they too hugged her.

"You are happy?" She asked

"Yeah very much." They exclaimed in happiness.

"Even I am happy, so hug me too." Sanskar said who was smiling at them.

"No." Shaurya, and Muskaan said showing him tongue.

"Small packets you both are becoming very naughty, I'll send you both hostel." He said hugging Swara.

"Chachi see what he's saying?" Muskaan said

"Oye dare to say anything to my children, they will always live with me." Swara said

"Yeah." Shaurya said, and teased him.

"You are now in Masi team then tomorrow morning not come to me for sleeping." Sanskar said

"Huhh, very bad friend." Shaurya said

"Wha now he's bad but when he gives you two Chocolates... then he's good, greedy boy." Muskaan said

Like this both started to fight, swasan shook their heads as it was daily routine.

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