Soul mate: FS (Epilogue-2)


Days were going on, with each passing day Sanskar's care for Swara was increasing and even Shaurya Muskaan were taking care of Swara...

Swara always used to do whole work, before pregnancy she doesn't use to get tired but these days her face used to get pale...

Sanskar tried to appoint maid, but Swara denied telling she likes to do work her own... even kids denied saying they don't want it.

At last, he gave up... and as usual she smiled, and hugged him... kids too joined them...

Everything was going perfect until one day a tempest hit in their lives.

4th month pregnancy,A fine day,

Kids were waiting for Swara in school as always swara used to come for picking them, but today half an hour passed there was no news of her...

"Masi again became late." Shaurya sadly said

"Hmm, I think she must be busy in cooking." Muskaan said

"Yummy dishes." Shaurya whispered dreamily and started jumping

Nearly every child went with their parents, or in school bus but they were still waiting... Both sat on bench and started playing with paper aeroplane, but stopped listening something.

"They're still here." A lady said who came for picking her son.

"Yeah, nowadays Swara always come late... before she used to take care of timing." Another lady said.

"You both don't know now she's going to have her own baby then why she will show love to them... they are not her children." Third lady said.

"You are right, I think when baby will come they might leave them in orphanage or send hostel." First lady said

"Hmm poor kids." A lady said, other two nodded in yes and went from there taking their kids... For them it might just gossip as they do, but it left impact on innocent hearts...

After 10 minutes,

Sanskar came there, they became sad not finding Swara as Swara promised them only she will come.

"Where is Masi?" Shaurya asked looking here there hoping she might come from somewhere, and gave him surprise like sometimes she do.

"She was resting so I came." Sanskar casually said totally unknown what trauma is going on.

It break two hearts, well it's not at all big deal but today it was seeming so different...

Muskaan was all silent, she silently sat in car and started looking outside whereas Shaurya was angry over Swara.

They reached home where Swara was cooking lunch, totally exhausted she came outside and saw them throwing bag.

"What is this? How many times I asked you to keep your things properly but you both, day by day both of you are becoming adamant." She yelled, and picked their bags.

"Swara what happened?" Sanskar asked as he never saw her like this.

"You don't interpret all things due to you, many times I told you not spoil them but you." She said and angrily went from there taking theirs bag.

Kids bow down their head, and went from there.

In room,

She sat holding her head... since morning she is feeling hell irritating and now just she burst on them.

She closed her eyes, and leaned at wall.

In hall,

He understood it's just due to her mood swings but totally unknown to this kids felt very bad.

"Vo I am hungry." Muskaan said after coming back...

"I too." Shaurya said

Sanskar nodded in yes, and set dishes... kids face frown seeing nothing was their fav, but they didn't say anything recalling what happened few minutes back.

In room,

She was still leaning at wall closing her eye.

"Princess" He spoke entering in room.

She slightly opened her eyes, and saw towards him then towards watch.

"Ohh shit, they must be hungry..." She muttered, and stood from there.

"They ate Swara, only we both are left." He said

"You should call me, and have you given them kheer... I kept that in fridge." Swara said

"No, I didn't see that... well now they are full... gave them that in evening." He said

She smiled, and nodded in yes.

"Now you too eat." Sanskar said

"Thanks, but I am not feeling like to eat anything... I'll eat after cleaning kitchen." She said, and moved ahead.

"First take food then other things." He said holding her hand.

"Can't you understand by once? I said I will eat later than why can't you understand." She yelled, and jerked his hand...

"Swara first sit here.." he tried to say, but she angrily marched away.

He was upset listening this, but doctor already informed him she might behave like this.

In hall,

He came there, and found her sitting and muttering alone... he silently went near her, and heard her words he understood why she's becoming so hyper today.

"I am feeling like this will soon burst out, and moreover I am missing di very much, and her hand made food, I am missing everything about her.." She muttered, but soon felt someone hand over her hair.

She looked upwards, and found sanskar.

"Shh close your eyes." He said

"Now tell me, why you're behaving like this?" He asked seeing her closing eye.

"I don't know Sanskar but today I am missing di very much, if she would alive then she even not let me do any work and whole time she must run with food..." she said sobbing

He let her cry for sometime, as he doesn't have solution of this problem.

After some time, she stopped crying but kept her head at his chest only..

"Are you feeling better?" He asked

She nodded in yes..

"You know di must be feeling proud on her younger sister." He said

"I am better now, so don't butter me." She said looking at him.

"I am saying correct... the way you're handling everything perfectly no one can handle." He said

"Di used to handle better than me, in fact I learnt from her... she used to manage my studies... and Shaurya too..." She said smiling.

"No one can win over you, but for me you're best..." He said, she smiled little.

"Praise me as well." He said

"What good you did?" She asked suppressing her smile.

"Acha ji you're not getting anything... let me rewind your memory." He said leaning towards her, she pushed him and started to laugh.

"Okay you're best now happy. (He nodded in yes) Uff don't know how I'll manage five kids..." She said.

"Swara you're teacher still do not know counting... see two we already have and twins coming so it's four." Sanskar said confusedly.

She smiled, sat in his lap.

"And he? My youngest sweet kid whom I love very much..." She said pointing towards him.

"Ohh I am your kid, (she nodded in yes) you should fulfill this youngest kid wish... and this kid wants a kiss.." He said leaning towards her.

"Kid not talk bad things, or else they get punishment." She naughtily said, and warped her hand around him.

"I am ready for every punishment." He said, and kept his lips at her lips... slowly she started to respond him... both passionate poured love at each other then broke due to lack of air... she hide her face in his embrace... he warped his hand around her...

"They might be angry.." She spoke after some time.

"I don't think so, I am sure next hour itself they'll forget everything." He said

"You are right, but I am feeling bad actually that time I was feeling pain, and seeing their activities I just burst out, will ask sorry... well I should ask sorry from you too.." She said looking towards him guilty.

"No need to ask sorry from me, you first complete your food then you can set their moods too." He said

She nodded in yes, and he went in room and bought plates.

In Muskaan's room,

She was sadly sitting in her room, and Shaurya was too there.. Books were open but their minds were somewhere else.

"Now they will not love us?" Muskaan whispered

"Don't sure, but I think yes... Masi always used to come for picking us but since baby arrival news came she always become late and today she even not came." Shaurya said

"Yeah, and also chachu now not take us for dinner he always gives excuse it's not good for baby's health." Muskaan said

"You're right, and today she yelled at us." Shaurya sadly said

"Hmm, nowadays they even not spent time with us." She sadly said

At other hand, Swara decided after cleaning kitchen she will check on them, but till she went both were sleeping in their respective rooms.. she smiled and caressed their forehead.

Later, it totally slipped from her mind.

Next day,

Swara awake by knock, she rubbed her eyes and went for opening door... without saying anything Shaurya entered and slept beside sanskar.

She felt strange, but ignored thinking he's might feeling sleepy.

After few minutes, she became freshen up and started her daily routine.

Muskaan silently came with comb, and forwarded to Swara.

"What happened?" Swara asked taking comb from her hands.

"Nothing." Muskaan replied, and silently sat.

She was feeling weird as unlike other days she not did any drama, but not said anything.

Sanskar dropped them school, and went to office...

Today too only sanskar went for picking them as Swara needed to go doctor for check up...

Days were passing like this, day by day kids were going far from swasan... it wasn't like Swara or sanskar were ignoring them but in this condition sometimes her health or mood swings not used to allow her to spent equal time with kids and sanskar was also busy in taking care of Swara... and always running to doctor for check up with this his work too..

Kids weren't able to take this, in their minds a thing fixed up after baby's arrival swasan will forget them...

Whenever Swara used to scold them, only that things used to rotate... it wasn't like previous she doesn't use to scold them or slap for their mistakes but now all things were different for them.

A fine day, 5th month pregnancy

Swara was cleaning kids room, there she found their dairy...

"They are becoming careless." She muttered, and started checking dairy.. seeing inside she became shock, she missed two important activities in school...

"Why they didn't tell me?" She thought, and dial teacher number..

From there she got to know, nowadays most of time they remain gloomy and never participate in class discussion..

She called sanskar, and asked him to come immediately...

"What happened Swara?" He asked entering in home.

She gave him diary, and told him whatever she got to know...

"I too noticed it, but then thought it's natural." Sanskar said

"I don't know, it's natural or not but I think for once we should talk to them." She said, he nodded in yes...

In evening,

Shaurya was seeing football match while Muskaan was in her room making doll's hair plaits.

Swara closed TV, and sat near Shaurya while sanskar went, and remained sitting near Muskaan but she was so busy in herself.

"Baby..." Swara said

"Hmm" Shaurya

"You didn't tell me that I need to come in school." She asked

"You have time? I tried to show you diary but you were becoming late for going to doctor for appointment.." He rudely said.

(You might notice Shaurya is little bit impulsive nature..)

"I.." She doesn't know what to reply him, yes that day she ignored it as she already skipped two dates due to work..

"Not only this, now you even not come to pick me... and never make our favourites... Friend also not take us anywhere saying it's not good for your baby and you always yell at us for small mistakes, before you don't used to do this... you're very bad... I know you'll soon leave me somewhere... whole day you just busy in taking care of yourself so baby not face any problem... Due to baby you forget me.. you call me baby then why you forget me? Am I not your baby now? You remember you promised mom you will always take care of me but you... I hate you." He sniffing said, and ran from there...

She was all numb with these accusations. She wasn't getting where she failed...

At other side,

"What are you doing?" Sanskar asked seeing her so busy.

"I am learning to make plaits so when you leave me somewhere I can able to do myself..." Muskaan said, and again concentrate on her doll.

"Why I'll leave you somewhere?" He confusedly asked

"I know now you don't love me, as your own baby is coming... so when your baby will be born you'll leave me somewhere." She said standing from her place.

"Angel why are you saying this?" He chokingly asked

"You... don't... love... me anymore, I am not your Angel... You're very bad... I hate you." She said crying

"Even Chachi don't love me anymore, and just due to baby... you both are very bad... I hate you, chachi and I hate most your baby..." Muskaan yelled,

He was all numb for few seconds... when he came in sense she was no where seen...

He stood, and moved towards hall where Swara was sitting keeping her both hand on her head.

He sat near her, and keep his hand on her shoulder.

"I am not good." Swara said

"I not understanding anything, why suddenly all this? Do someone is instigating them?" Sanskar asked

"No Sanskar, it was our mistake... before pregnancy we always used to go for dinner on weekends..." Swara tried to say

"But Swara doctor said no outside food for you, it's not only for baby but also for their better health as last time they became ill..." He tried to say

"I know, and I am not blaming you sanskar... I am just trying to keep their points... we can understand whatever we are doing for baby betterment or for their health too but not they... for them after baby's news situation is changing... I am at fault..." Swara said looking down.

He wasn't getting anything, as he saw Swara she always take care of them... yes she not able to go for picking them because she used to feel like vomiting in car...

And how even hating smell of certain veggies, she just used to cook so kids never remain hungry or say she's cooking same thing..

And how in early morning even not feeling like to get up, she gets early so she can make them ready... if kids just blame him he could understand as nowadays he just giving his maximum time to office or sometimes to swara that just for taking her hospital... or else not even her...

"I don't know how to handle this." She chokingly said

"But... Swara they should understand it's not always necessary that we get our favourites all time... and thing about scolding it's just for betterment... I am sure if today bhai Bhabhi or di might alive then they too scold them.." He said

"This you can understand, or I... Umm when my di used to scold me then I used to feel that it's because she's not my mom... now I know that all used to for my betterment..." Swara said making him understand what is actually going on...

"And it's not only about scolding... they're feeling we are ignoring them... it's just due to situation... but for them we are at faults." Swara said

"Let talk them." He said, she nodded in yes.

Both tried to talk, but every time they used to get hurt... at last having enough... sanskar took a decision which wasn't at all easy especially for Swara...

In room,

"From now onwards you'll not do any work... it's my final decision... let me handle this.." He sternly said making her sit on bed

"But then how?" She tried to say something

"You trust me? Then leave all things on me... And now smile I don't want my babies always remain in tension like you." He said, she smiled slightly and hugged him.

"Make everything fine soon, I can't live far from my children." She said

"Even I can't, but sometimes we need to become like stone." He said, and went from there.

Next day

She was all awake, but pretend to sleep and he was too laying, he tried to hold her but she angrily turned her face...

"Swara..." He tried to say

"I am sleeping kindly don't disturb me..." She said.

"Babies tell your mumma whatever I am doing for everyone both saw how they're not ready to listen now tell what we could do" He said keeping his hand on her baby bump.

"I understand but see they have to go school... and still they not awake... and their breakfast." She started blabbering, having enough he kept his lips at her.. and started kissing slowly.

"How much you speak?" He said breathing heavily... she pouted and later slept keeping her head at his chest.

After awhile,

Muskaan entered in room rubbing her eyes..

"Chachi why you not awake me? See I missed school." Muskaan yawning said

"Not even me." Shaurya said entering in room.

"But why she should wake you? Now you should wake yourself... not only this from now onwards you will do your own work... and I asked driver... from now onwards he will drop you and pick you..." Sanskar said, and went from there.

Swara saw towards kids, seeing there sad faces she felt to hug them but she ignored and went from there.

They felt sad, and went from there in room.

After some time,

"Masi it's not tasty." Shaurya said taking bite.

"Because I didn't make, you both like outside food so just ordered from there and in afternoon maid will come, she will make food for you both so whatever you want to eat ask her." Swara said controlling her emotions.

"But I don't like anyone else hand made food." Muskaan said

"Then make yourself, I should take care of myself and my baby." Swara said touching her belly, and went from there.

Next day,

"Chachi open door, I don't getting my books." Muskaan said

"My shoes, and Tie." Shaurya said

Swara opened door, and glanced towards them... she silently gave him shoe and book to Muskaan.

"Today I gave you, but from next time take care of it." She said, and went from there.

Now they were slowly getting what's ignorance...

Muskaan came with comb, and forwarded to Swara.

"I don't able to do, please do it or teacher will scold me." Muskaan said

"Why she should do? Whole time she busy in taking rest and ignore you both... You both hate us too so what's need to coming to her... " Sanskar said, and hold Swara's hand..

"Come Swara I made halwa for you.." He said

"For us?" Shaurya asked

"I didn't... Ask aunty.." He said, and took Swara along him..

"I am feeling bad." Swara said entering in room,

"Don't feel bad, I asked maid to give them halwa in afternoon, so now happy." He asked, her lips curled in smile.

"Stop smiling, and taste... I want to know my babies like their dad's hand made food or not.

"Umm babies are saying it's okay type." Swara said seeing his gaze on her.

His face fell down, but soon he smirked seeing her surpressing her smile.

"Ohh then give me, I'll eat... Babies you don't worry when you both will come I'll feed you by my hand itself." He said trying to take bowl from her hand, she tighten her grip...

"Sanskar it's okay I'll eat." she said

"Arre no need..." He said, she make pout...

"Acha eat, but now don't dare to pull my leg." he said, she snatched bowl and started eating like child.


Whole day passed, kids were in their room itself... they got their favourite food but not made by Swara or sanskar...

Today no one scold them if they were doing even any mistakes...

Slowly they were getting things better, but still not fully.

After two days,

Swara was sitting in hall, and changing channel while sanskar was in their room and doing some work.

"Come with me." Shaurya asked holding Sanskar's hand.

He confusedly looked at him, but went along him... Same with Swara...

Swasan confusedly looked at each other, they entered in Shaurya's room.

Cards were kept on bed, and balloon were scattered on floor.

They picked cards, on that sorry written...

She smiled little, but Sanskar was not at all effected.

"You like it?" They asked

Swara about to answer, but stopped by sanskar. Their face fell down, but knowing they did mistake they should correct it at any cost and this they only learn from swasan.

"We are sorry..., we thought you both not love us anymore but seeing how in two days when you really not did any of our work... We realised how much you do for us, you still love us that much..." Muskaan said looking down.

"Yeah, please forgive me... I promise I'll not ask you both for taking us outside... I got bore with that tasteless food... and even aunty not make tasty food like you... and driver drove really slow... he even makes us late for school." Shaurya said making faces.

Swara melt with it, but Sanskar was still angry... it's said mothers are soft hearted they can't see their children suffering but father are strong they easily not melt...

"Hmm good you realised your mistakes, now I think I should go..." Sanskar said, and held Swara's hand.

"Come Swara, this all for few hours." He said seeing swara melting.

"Please forgive us dad..." Muskaan said, and hugged his leg for stopping him.

He just froze... not getting anything how to react... in 17th year itself he considered her as his daughter... But never tried to force her call him dad thinking it'll wrong with his brother and even she will not like to give her parents place to anyone.

"Yes Mumma we are sorry from heart... we really realised our mistakes... we promise we will never repeat this." Shaurya sniffed, and stand before Swara holding his ear.

"You called me mumma?" Swara asked, and cupping his face.

He nodded in yes, she became overwhelmed and started kissing him all over face..

She always wanted this, but feeling they might not like it she never asked them...

"Dad you will not forgive me, please dad I am sorry..." Muskaan said seeing sanskar not turned towards her.

"Shh Muskaan, I am not angry from you... I just wanted you should realise your mistakes, Sometimes we need to understand things and it's not always necessary situation are in our favour. He said, and picked her in arms.

"You are still angry... (He confusedly looked at her, and nodded in no.) Then why Muskaan? I am your Angel... call me that only." Muskaan said, and teary eyed looked at him.

"Yes, you're my angel and I am your dad... I am very happy today." Sanskar said

"You're my dad too." Shaurya said pulling Sanskar's t-shirt.

"Yes your dad too, you both are my kids." Sanskar said smiling.

"Mumma I am sorry..." Muskaan tried to say, but stopped by Swara.

"No doll, don't say sorry. I am happy I got my both kids.." She said caressing Shaurya's hair and from other hand she caressed Muskaan's cheek.

"Well you liked I called you mumma." Muskaan asked

"I loved it." She replied kissing her forehead.

"Even I." Sanskar said seeing Shaurya going to say something.

"Now sit Mumma, or else my chotu will become tired." Muskaan said

"Not chotu, she's my choti." Shaurya said

"Small packets, there are twins so might be both." Sanskar said

Swara blushed little, and later engulf them in hug..

"Haww your finger got hurt." Sanskar asked seeing cut on Shaurya's finger.

"I was cutting paper, and by mistake I.." Shaurya said

"Careless... give me your finger." Sanskar asked

"I miss this so much." Shaurya said, sanskar smiled and hugged him..

"But Mumma it's not fully our fault, in school some aunties were saying this so we thought..." Muskaan said

"Oh god, why you all always come in effect of other talks... first your Mumma and now you both too.." sanskar said hitting his forehead.

"Sanskar now don't taunt us." Swara said keeping her hand across her chest.

"Okay sorry, you both listen never come in other talk... listen what they're saying but when time come to work on it then just do what your heart says." Sanskar said

Trio rolled their eyes, and went from there.

"No one listen me here." He said, and sat on bed folding his legs.

8th month,

Swara with kids were sitting in hall, and watching movie...

"You all always keep watching movies, sometimes see news as well..." Sanskar said changing channel...

Kids sadly looked towards Swara, but she gave them puppy look.

"Huhh we are going inside." They said, and went from there...

Sanskar unbelievably looked at them, then started concentrating at news...

"Today in morning two death bodies found in Maheswari mansion... As per report it might be Mr Ram and his wife Sujata bodies could be but nothing yet to clear as bodies decayed..." Anchor said news, sanskar shockingly dropped remote...

"Swara..." He stammered

"Sanskar you call once, might they went somewhere... and this all something else." Swara spoke, and kept her hand at his shoulder.

He nodded in yes, and started dialling their no but no one picked...

"Swara no one is picking, I..." He said

"Sanskar lets go there..." Swara said seeing his condition..

"Are you mad? Have you seen your condition... We will not go there... I know they must be alive it just be their new drama for some money..." Sanskar said

"Sanskar please... Might be it's just for money but just think if it's real." Swara said

"Hmm, I always considered them as parents only for that only I will go.." Sanskar said

"Hmm, I will pack everyone bag." Swara said

"You trio will not come, I don't want them to know anything and your delivery date is near I don't want my babies take birth there." Sanskar said cupping her face.

"But how you will manage, and we?" Swara asked

"Princess I'll just come in two days, and here I will make all arrangements so don't worry." He said, she nodded in yes.

In evening, he went to Kolkata... kids were sad as they too want to go for meeting their dada dadi but when Swara said if they'll go then who would take care of their chotu or choti they denied...

After two days,

He came back in night, his face was all pale seeing there scenario...

"What happened sanskar? You even not told me anything on phone" she asked giving water to him.

"Where are Shaurya, and Muskaan?" he asked ignoring her question.

"They already slept..." she said sitting near him.

"How are my babies?" He asked keeping his over her tummy.

"Your babies are all fine, just now they disturb me very much." Swara said smiling

He smiled, and kissed at her baby bump.

"They are like their dad." He said

"Yes, now tell me what happened there?" She asked

He kept his head in her lap, she started to caressing his hair.

"News was true, they died one month back only... three days back when someone come asking money from them then all got to know... bodies were in very bad condition... It smelled...Even last rights not able to perform." He said remembering bodies condition.

"See how much it's strange... whatever they did for money and only due to that money they died... police said before their death some robbers robbed and only they might kill them... You know Swara I am really feeling bad but at somewhere my heart says this was result of their deeds." Sanskar said thinking their deeds.

"I hope their souls get peace." He said

"Hmm, leave it... and we need to tell Muskaan about death, Sujata or Ram ji never thought her as their own but doll love them truly she will feel bad." Swara said.

"I was too thinking how to tell her, well for now I'll only tell her about death and nothing more than this.." He said

"I am with you." She said, and softly kissed at his hair.

After some days,

They told Muskaan about Ramta death, Muskaan was sad over this news... for someday she remained like that only but with passing time she over came of that incident...

Days were passing so smoothly, all were taking care of Swara very much...

A fine day,

Swara got labour pain, she admitted in hospital... all were tensed... sanskar tried to send kids home but they denied saying they will only go with him...

He shook his head, and sat in waiting areas with them.

After few hours,

Swara opened her eyes, and started to see here there whereas sanskar and kids were sleeping on sofa...

"Sanskar." She spoke

Listening her voice, all wake up and went near her.

"How are you?" Kids asked

"I am fine, you both here... you should go home." Swara said

"No, we all will go together." Muskaan said

She smiled, and nodded in yes.

She again started to see here there...

"Where are my babies?" Swara asked

Sanskar sat near her, and take her hand in his hand.

"Nurse took them for cleaning, they might be coming in few minutes." Sanskar said

"You saw them? How they're looking, and boy or girl?" Swara excitedly asked

"Both, and they're so cute just like you." He said, listening this her lip curled in smile.

Soon they heard crying sound, Swara stiffened... she started to look at door. Nurse entered with two babies... Swara smiled teary eyed and took babies in her hand...

Both stopped crying feeling warmth of their mother... Sanskar took one baby from her hand as it was difficult to hold both together.

Kids wee seeing everything widening their eyes...

"My sweeto.." She said, and smiled...

"My daughter, she is just like you." Sanskar said

"But her eyes are like you , and see him his lip and nose." Swara was trying to say

"But both are looking same, in fact all babies look same." Shaurya confusedly asked

"Yeah... see same eyes, same nose..." Muskaan said

Swasan smiled, and make them sit near babies.

"Carefully see." Sanskar asked

"Right." Shaurya exclaimed

"Hello I am Muskaan... you can call me doll like Mumma." Muskaan said to both babies.

But seeing babies not answering her, she looked at Swara.

"Mumma ask them to talk with me, and yes I bought some chocolates... will give them." Muskaan said

"They will speak, but after some months... and don't give anything to eat them or else they will become unwell." Sanskar said, Muskaan nodded in yes.

"Mumma I have important query." Shaurya asked

"What?" Swara asked

"Umm I was also nangu (naked)..." Shaurya shyly asked

Swara started to smile, and nodded in yes.

"I have some pictures too." She said controlling her smile.

"What? Now I'll tease him." Muskaan said, Shaurya made crying face and looked at sanskar.

"Oye no one will tease my son.." Sanskar said hiding Shaurya.

"Uff you trio, see my babies are waiting for their names.." Swara said

"I'll keep my chotu name, umm yeah Arav." Muskaan said

"And my choti name will be Anshika." Shaurya said

Arav, and Anshi smiled conveying they liked names... Swasan too smiled..

With arrival of Anshika, and Arav a new journey began everyone... Swasan were busy with their children... Every passing second used to bring some challenges but when all were together then what to fear...

Anshi was her bhaiyu lifeline, and Arav world used to around Muskaan... and fight between Muskaan and Shaurya still used to give nightmares to swasan now two new solider joined in this battle... a never ending fight still going on...

Indeed when two soul mates met Life become beautiful... Both accepted each other with some responsibility... this journey become more beautiful due to kids... They were a strong string between them... Which no one can break... And babies were like blessings for them...


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