Chapter 5


When Zenovia smiled at me, the whole Black Church seemed to brighten up. It occurred to me that she could be an angel with that sexy smile, which showed off her little dimple. At that moment, my mind was blank except that I was like in a trance… that it was only her that I saw and no other.

As she walked over to me, the slight sway of her round hips was noticeable. Her slender body in a white floral sleeveless sundress moved in an alluring way that I’d never seen in a woman before. It was even done consciously. It was only natural. I’d know when a woman tries to seduce me at the first approach.

When she was right in front of me, I could gauge she stood five feet and four inches in her flat open-toe shoes. She raised her chin to look up at me, and her eyes looked seductive when she raised them up to me. Her creamy skin up close was something my hand was itching to touch. She had a smooth oval face, with natural red lips, as I hadn’t seen any sign of lipstick, curly lashes that no mascara touched and her past shoulder-length hair that was jet black was striking and silky that I wanted to grab and play with it. 

My heart missed a beat, and I almost gasped. Her scent was soft floral that I’d never smelled before. It seemed exotic.

Secretly, my two bodyguards followed us out when I invited her to have refreshments. It was amusing actually to hear from her about the prohibited things to do in the church and that she had mistaken my aunt for a special companion. I did have an idea what she meant by it. I guess she was just trying to be cautious, to see that she wouldn’t get in trouble of some sorts.

I noticed that she had no idea who I am even though I told her my whole name. Or did she just pretend she knew nothing about me? I knew that my name and my cousin’s come out of the news in Europe once in a while because of the new dating app we launched a few months ago. We already had three of them released for the last four years—when my cousin suggested it to me. So far, the dating apps we released were a huge success.

Walking through some wide and narrow alleys, we agreed to enter an Irish pub. There, the atmosphere was quite intimate because of the dimness. There were only a few people at the time, which was pretty good for us. My bodyguards took a table some meters away from us. They ordered their own drinks, and I ordered mine, a Fat Frog.

“I’ll just have a fresh orange juice,” Zenovia told the young blonde waitress, who took the order. “Thank you.

“Not into cocktails?” I asked with a quirked eyebrow as my eyes roved her beautiful face.

“At daytime, no. I try to stay away from alcoholic beverages.

“Why? Romanians do love to drink, too, right?

“Ah-hmm,” she agreed, smiling toothlessly. Still, her dimpled showed off. “I have zero tolerance in alcohol,” she admitted shyly. Then her smile faded as she averted her eyes and added, “My father loves palinka, while my two late grandfathers loved țuică.

I could sense there was tension in her voice when she mentioned her father. Right at that moment, I wanted to know all about her, but she didn’t seem too keen to open up more than that. It was like a passing comment, so I just left it as that. And right now, there was nothing I wanted to do but to kiss her. The urge was just too great, unlike I’d experienced before. Never had I gotten this desire as I have for her. But I tried to hold it back. 

We talked some things about Brașov, where she would visit next or where I would I like to go with my aunt, how long she would stay here and if I had plans in going back home soon. I did tell her it depends on my aunt or my mood.

The way Zenovia talked just kept me getting more and more interested in her. She wasn’t like other women who really loved to talk about themselves or ask me questions about my work or anything about money, how many mansions or cars I got and anything along those lines. Was it because she had no idea who I am? Or was it because she just took it for granted if she knew me? Not to brag or anything, my name made it to Wikipedia, so all the basic info about me are present there. But still, she could’ve asked just like others who want to know a person at first meeting and in the process of getting to know each other. I believe that was the most normal thing to do or to talk about. 

But then again, Zenovia wasn’t like any ordinary women I met. That’s for sure.

She met my eyes once again, and to keep myself from reaching for her as the desire in me intensified, I asked, “You want something from me, don’t you?

She laughed. It was both throaty and girly. Her face brightened, and at the same time, it turned rosy. She looked at me with sexy but quizzical gray orbs, slightly furrowing her beautifully arched eyebrows. 

“How did you know?” She whispered her question.

I chuckled. “Every woman who comes near me wants something, but I can tell your reason is different. So, what? Have I guessed it right so far?

“What if you did guess it right?” She had this look that challenged me, and of course, it intrigued me even more.

“Tell me what it is, Zenovia.” My voice became hoarse, and it was so low that came out as a whisper. I loved her name on my lips, rolling off my tongue. Not to mention, I wanted my tongue to roll somewhere else, preferably all over her body.

Before she could reply, the waitress was back with our drinks. As soon as the latter left our table, Zenovia started to drink her refreshment while looking at me.

I smiled a little and drank half of the content of the light green liquid in my tall glass. It was cool, potent and so sweet. I loved how the taste was left in my mouth.

“Can we have a sexual affair until I get pregnant?” Her voice was so low that I thought I must’ve heard her wrong.

I gently swallowed while the lines formed on the space between my brows. “W-what? What did you say?” I breathed. My heart violently pounded my rib cage. It was something that no one had ever caused yet. But her. 

“Will you be my partner until I have your baby?” she rephrased. Her eyes held mine.

Good lord! She must be so serious! There were no curvy lips that I saw at this moment, but instead, it was like she was pleading with her beautiful gray eyes. There was something in her entreating gaze that made my throat dry, and it poked my heart.

Oh, I was so lost! And before I could even stop myself, I leaned forward and caught her chin with my fingers. “Oh, fucking yes!” Then I crushed my mouth to hers.

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