Chapter 8


Oh, Doamne! There was no turning back. Maksimillian already signed the agreement, so my being panicky now must be settled. While he got off the car, I recalled that I must take a pain reliever, as per my OB-GYN’s advice. I must take it before I’d engage myself intimately, to prevent pain.

I fumbled in my small shoulder bag and took the pill before he could open the door for me. He may have seen what I did or not, but he didn’t comment. Maybe he didn’t see it and thus hadn’t questioned me what I just swallowed. It might raise concern on his part and would think twice despite the fact that he already signed the document. It was easy to destroy it anyway, if he’d just take my phone away and break it. And then, everything would be null and void.

Well, his being an honorable man still had to be put to test. I just hoped I dragged a good enough man in my hotel. Even more so, I prayed I hadn’t dragged a psycho. It would be terrible and scary! It might end tragically for me for all I know.

‘Doamne ferește! What am I doing?

My heart was beating fast as we walked into the hotel lobby. It was not so large but spacious enough. The smell was fresh and clean, very welcoming. There were pendant lighting fixtures that were aesthetic with their modern design, spiral and glimmering crystals. The walls were beige and had a pink stargazer lily painted on the wall behind the reception desk that was chest high. The desk was made of shiny wood in brown color, and packets of leaflets as well as brochures were on it.

The dark-haired receptionist in her thirties smiled at us, but Maksimillian did not even glance at her. He was just focused on where we’d go next, and I showed him to the elevator, going to the left side of the hallway. Going to the right was the hotel restaurant, kitchen and souvenir area.

There were no other people there except for us. I could practically hear my heart pounding hard. When the elevator closed, I pushed the last floor’s button. Then, Maksimillian suddenly caught me by the waist and pressed my body against his. I gasped as I hadn’t expected this action from him. My hands automatically touched his muscled chest, while my back arched.

My throat went dry, so I gulped while meeting his lust-filled sea green gaze. I could feel the hard bulge that was proof of his desire for me. His scent already wrapped around me like a thin blanket, promising me something that was going to happen in the next few minutes or so. And the throbbing I felt deep in my core intensified.

“Zenovia,” he whispered before bending his head and claiming my soft red lips.

I loved the sound of my name rolling out of his mouth. I felt sexy and desirable for some reason.

I took in a sharp breath the moment his lips contacted with mine.

“Moye solntse (My sunshine)!” he whispered before he continued to brush his lips against mine. I didn’t know what that phrase meant though.

I felt his hands knead my flesh while he ground his hips against mine. We both groaned softly at the brushing of our bodies despite the clothes we wore. At that moment, I never felt like shedding my clothing off instantly. I had the instinct to feel his skin against mine. The feeling was too strong that I could not almost believe it. Never had I felt this with anyone before.

 Was there something wrong with me? Was this a psychological effect or something because I so desired to have a baby? But I had no time to even analyze anything, let alone everything—as the feeling he made me feel overwhelmed me, reigning in my system and thoughts.

He pushed his tongue into my mouth to tease and challenge mine for a duel. I met it hesitantly, and I heard him take in a sharp inhalation and moan. I must have done it right. I don’t know, but I thought my heart danced because of it. I began to feel braver and moved my lips and tongue against his.

‘Doamne! Why do I like kissing him?

His hands started to go down to grasp my hips and knead them. Hot liquid fire began to flow out of my femininity, making it throb even more and wanting it to be filled. For some reason, I felt this way. It was odd if I’d analyze it. But maybe it was just because he was one attractive guy that I felt attracted to for the first time in my life.

The elevator dinged and opened. Both of us were already starting to pant, and our lips were forced to part.

“Where’s your room?” he asked huskily, lips hovering over mine.

“312,” I answered.

“Give me the keycard,” he ordered gently.

Without any hesitation, I fished the black-colored thin card and gave it to him. I gasped when he carried me in his arms after taking the keycard. My hands wound around his neck like it was the most natural thing in the world. I could feel his strong shoulders, and the excitement in my system went higher.

My one hundred-eight pounds weight must have been like nothing to him at this point. My slender frame was obviously an advantage for him that he could just easily pick me up like that and carried me into my room. He closed the door with his foot. From the closed doorway, to the left, his smoky eyes automatically landed. It was where a queen size bed was located. The furniture was covered by white and green stripe bedsheet, with a white cover that matched the pillow cases. 

Although the sun was setting, the light streamed in from the gap of the velvet green curtains that I had drawn myself before I left earlier. The room was a bit warmer than normal, but the scent was fresh like lemon.

Maksmillian crossed the red-carpeted floor, muffling the sound of his steps, laid me down the soft bed carefully and took the remote control for the air conditioning overhead to turn it on and set it at twenty-two degrees. He put it back on the bedside table. Then he took my shoulder bag to place it next to the remote control before taking off his shoes, joining me in the bed on all fours and kissing my lips.

I hadn’t even asked myself if I was already prepared for this. It was instanteneous and spontaneous, as though it was only natural for me to do it. My hands searched for the skin under his shirt, wanting to feel it. He groaned when my palms made contact with taut stomach. Just as I thought, his abs was incredible.

I looked up at him when he stopped kissing me, gray eyes questioning him silently.

‘Is he going to back out now or what?

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