Laurel hastily entered the elevator carrying the folder containing the files Alin had handed her yesterday. Unfortunately, due to carelessness, the folder slipped from Laurel's hand and scattered on the floor of the elevator. Making Laurel nervously crouched down and picked up the papers on the floor. Until then she realized there was a pair of feet with expensive shoes and wrapped in black trousers made from expensive materials, was standing in front of her.

Laurel raised her head and made direct eye contact with Mr. White, her new boss. The man stood up elegantly and stared at Laurel who was squatting beneath him with an amused glow in his eyes.

“Need help?

Laurel grabbed all the papers scattered on the floor as quickly as possible. “Uh, no, Mr. White, sorry, I was careless.

Suddenly Mr. White was crouched in front of her, his strong hands but slender fingers helped Laurel pick up the scattered papers, then wordlessly handed them over to her.

“Uh, t-thanks,” Laurel muttered nervously, putting the papers back in the folder.

“Next time there's no need to rush, no one will scold you.” Mr. White glided to his feet with grace as the lift door opened. The man then walked away, leaving Laurel still crouched in the elevator.


“Good morning.

The voice was a friendly greeting and Laurel turned her head to see a rather handsome man standing at her desk. The man smiled friendly.

“Good morning.” Laurel smiled too, trying to remember. Alin had taken her to various rooms in the company earlier, introducing her as a new kid, but she doesn't seem to remember being introduced to this man.

The man in front of her, although well dressed and tied, looked sloppy and relaxed, his smile was also like a bad boy in an adult body.

The man raised an eyebrow, seemed aware of Laurel's observation, then laughed and stretched out his hand. “Hi, introduce me, I was out of the office earlier so I didn't have time to meet you, I'm Brian, the IT Manager here. I heard that there was a new, beautiful girl, so I rushed over here to get acquainted,” he said jokingly.

Laurel's cheeks flushed at the man's joke, but she welcomed Brian's helping hand with a smile too. “I am Laurel.

Brian squeezed Laurel's hand with a funny smile before letting it go, then winked one eye. “I know a good lunch spot, maybe we could—”


The cold deep voice interrupted their conversation. Brian immediately turned to the voice and smiled.

“Oh, Mr. White, good morning.

Aaron was standing at the door of his room, his expression flat and unreadable. “You happen to be here, please come to my room for a moment, there are a few things about the new program proposal for yesterday's integrated data that I have to ask you.

Brian rolled his eyes playfully as he looked at Laurel, then nodded his head and followed Aaron into the room.

Meanwhile Laurel smiled amusedly as she stared at Brian's back. Even though he looked messy and not serious, he seemed a nice and pleasant man.

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