2- Tit for Tat

I crossed the threshold of college and was immediately hit with numerous scents.

Most of them werewolves.

I actually wanted to go to an all human college but unfortunately there was none. The best one with least werewolves I could find was this one.

I started walking forward on the sidewalk. There were not much students outside as most of them were inside their classes by now.

Which meant I was late as hell.

It was my first day and I was already late.

My gaze went to look at my watch which showed Nine- fifteen in the morning.

Fifteen minutes late.


I groaned loudly in frustration and started digging through my bag for my schedule.

My hand was in my bag, my head was hovering above the opening while my feet took large, hurried steps forward, when suddenly I heard an ear splitting screeches of car from behind me.

I turned around, terror was clear as day on my face. My body trembled in fear when I saw it approaching me at a speed that I was unable to even take a step back.

And then boom.. it hit me.

I felt breath leaving my lungs and leaving me heaving. I fell down on the ground hard, all the belongings that were in my bag spilling on the ground.

Everything in my body hurt so bad that I was not sure the bones in my body were perfectly intact.

I moaned in pain and forcefully lifted my trembling body up to a sitting position even though it was the least thing I wanted to do.

The driver had not even bothered to come out of the car to check who they had hit.

I felt angry but I was in pain. I lifted my elbow to see blood dripping down on the ground. My toe felt like someone had put a nail inside it.

See. Told you.

My life sucks when it comes to public relations and here I had not even stepped inside the gates of college.

The car was a Mercedes-Benz. A clean, black- matte, undamaged car.

Should I go and make his life a living hell or should I just drop everything and hope rest of my day goes well?

I sighed heavily. I was not in a mood to fight. What was the sense of ruining my mood any more than it already had gotten.

I started collecting the things that had spilled out of my bag. As I picked up the things one by one, the car started honking loudly, back to back, again and again.

My anger kept rising with each passing second. What the fuck was his problem?

I ignored the honks and started collecting my things more slowly, deliberately dropping them on the ground and picking them up again.

Tit for tat. Fucking idiot.

A few seconds later I heard a loud slam. I straightened and tried to turn around but someone grabbed my arm from behind and turned me around to face them harshly.

I winced in pain and my gaze instantly went up.

Once again, I was left breathless.

Only this time not in pain but wonder.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?" he shouted immediately before I could even blink.

But then he stopped mid speech and stared at me with his mouth still open.

"You.. you.." his face was scrunched up in confusion like he could not understand what had just happened. "Mate?"

That was the last thing I heard.

As soon as the words left his mouth, confirming my worst fear coming to life and sucking my heart inside, I ran.

My bag was in my hands, my ponytail had come off and my wavy hairs had covered the side of my face, making it harder for me to see than it already was.

I did not even turn around to see if he was coming behind me or not. I did not see his reaction upon seeing me fleeing away from him.

I did not see if my rejection in this way had hurt him or not.

The feelings that hit me after seeing my mate were not love or affection or attraction or lust or anything like that.

The only thing that I felt was- fear.

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