6- A Demon's Possession

Third Person POV

A few hours ago

Damon's Side of Story

The dimly lit room was filled with silence. A shiver ran down everyone's spine as the dangerous aura radiating from the monster striding inside filled the room.

His every footstep was like a predator stalking its prey. Arrogance was oozing out of him while a sexy smirk was covering his lips.

His eyes went to the person sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, sweating and shivering profusely.

He smirked upon realising his effect on the people present in the room. This is what he craved.


After all, he was Damon Nightingale.

He came closer to the person who was sitting in the middle of the room, surrounded by at least ten other men.

He grabbed the chair placed in front of his prey and sat down. While staring rudely at the man in front of him, his captivatingly dangerous gaze made the man gulp his saliva in fear.

"Alpha, the trace of leaked information ended to him. He is the one..." the man standing closest to Damon, his Beta, Ronan, started speaking but in return received a deadly glare from him.

He shivered in fear at Damon's glare and instantly backed off, "He.. he i..is.. is the betrayer."

"Alpha. I did not.." the man sitting in the chair started speaking while shaking in fear in front of the deadly, quite predator,

"I swear... I di.. did not leak any information. It was... it was just about a couple of dollars offer from th.. them. I refused. I.. swear I refused. But then they.. they threatened me."

Ronan stared at his alpha who was sitting quietly in front of the man. While the man sitting in the culprit's chair was trying to sound true and confident while sweating in fear under Damon's gaze.

Damon stood up from the chair quietly and leaned over the handle of the culprit's chair. A smirk came on his lips as the man sitting in the chair smiled, assuming Damon had accepted his words

"Kill him." He ordered while straightening and turning around.

"What?" The culprit cried out in fear just as Ronan followed in shock.

"Burn his house. Give his body fifty slashes, throw him out of the pack naked and alive, but barely."

Ronan's eyes widened in shock. He nodded his head in acceptance while the man sitting in the chair fell down on the floor near Damon's feet, begging for mercy and crying profusely.

But Ronan knew that the culprit's evey cry was a waste of time. As Damon's rule was of ruthlessness.

He was a Demon.

Damon freed his leg off the culprit's hold and strode out of the room. Ronan followed him behind.

"Alpha," Ronan called out, "Are you sure you do not want to take a few shifters with you?"

"Stop talking bullshit, Ronan." Damon grabbed the keys of his car and walked out of the room,

"I can handle the deal of the territory behind that damned college. You shut your mouth and discard of the garbage inside the holding cell."

"Y.. yes Alpha."

Damon did not wait to hear Ronan's response. He was already in the car and pulling away from the space.

Ready to face the day ahead of him.

He put his feet on the accelerator and drove through the traffic like the city belonged to him.

Without caring about the curses he received on the way, he entered the road to the college, that's back property needed to be taken care of.

He stepped down on the peddle, the empty road inviting him for a race.

Suddenly a girl appeared out of nowhere in front of his car, and even though he pressed breaks, it hit her.

He slammed his hand on the steering wheel. Damn girl had dirtied his car. Now he will have to buy another.

He waited and honked loudly for the girl to get out of his way but she started putting on her show.

Angry and frustrated, he threw open the door and strode to her in swift steps.

"What the hell is your problem?" He angrily pulled at her arm and turned her around.

But he stopped mid sentence as the feeling of possession hit him like a wrecking ball.

The heart that had stopped beating years ago, started to thud inside his chest.

Her milky white skin was glistening with sweat, making his lips dry for just a taste of her skin. Her petite frame was hugged by a white sundress like a second skin.

He wanted to touch her warm skin under his cold fingers. The strong urge to hold her delicate body in his arms and crush her fragile frame under his body as he makes her moan his name again and again was getting stronger with each passing second.

Her supple lips were coated with a pink lipstick. Just looking at them made him hard immediately. How juicy would they taste in his mouth, how soft would the feel between his lips as he bit on them and made her bleed.

The strap of the bag had left a red mark on the side of her neck. It made him furious. It made him jealous.

No mark should be allowed on her skin except left by his tongue and mouth.

Her hazel eyes stared back at him innocently as his hungry gaze devoured her raw.

Her sweet scent was making him go mad. The need to mate her, to fuck her so raw she forgets about the world that exists out of his bed was too strong, too tempting to resist.

"Y.. you.." Damon forced the words out as his lips dried just from looking at her sparkling eyes and supple lips, "Mate?"

And that is when she ran away.

Unknown and innocent to the fact that she had just awoken a demon from its sleep.

Oblivious to the reality that she had just become a Demon's possession.

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