8- Darkness Within Me

Damon's POV

I did not think, I did not wait, I did not even care about what she would think about me, I stormed forward, grabbed the collar of the motherfucker by neck from behind, and snatched him away from her.

The idiot instantly stumbled back but I did not give him a chance to process what was happening. I lifted up my hand, and slammed my fist in the fucker's face.

The man in front of me was stronger than I had thought because he turned around instantly to land a punch.

But he was overpowered by me. My fist landed again and again on him, hitting him with a stronger force than the last one.

The man getting pummeled by me tried to dodge my attack and land his own fist but there was no chance in hell I was going to let me.

Suddenly the girl that I had hit with my car, my mate, came between us.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO?" She shouted while managing to squeeze in between me and the kisser.

And the next thing we knew, that fucking motherfucker's punch landed on her.

She cried out in pain. Unconsciously, my arms instantly shot forward to pull her to me. I cupped her face in my palms as carefully as I could to look at the damage that the fucker had done.

There was a bluish- green bruise froming on the side of her face. Well, I knew who was going to become my next kill.

Just not in front of her.

Her deep brown eyes opened to look at me and my heart almost stopped. The pull between us was so strong that it was getting hard for me to not pick her up, take her away and hide her in a place where only I could find her.

But that is what rang the bell of danger in my ears. I needed her away from me.

I grabbed her hand and started pulling her out with me. I brought her out of the building to the backside of the college space, that was in dispute.

As I had expected, the place was devoid of any trace of life.

I turned around to finally look at her. She was looking at me closely, contemplating something probably. But my eyes were stuck to the place that the fucker's punch had landed. It had not healed even a tiny bit. How was that possible?

My anger was pushing out the lengths of insanity. I was angry because someone had fucking punched my mate in front of my God damn eyes!

"What is your name?" She asked softly.

My mind was revolving around just one thing, why the hell was she hurt? It was the first day of my meeting with her and she was already standing in front of me with bruises all over her body.

Was this the kind of future that we were going to have?

Her in pain and suffering for being with me?

"Why are you not healing? I snapped. I could not help it. I was pouring out all the fury that was gripping me like hell,

"It has been a couple of hours since you got in the accident with me and your wounds are still as fresh as they were then. Even that humans punch has hurt you. How fucking soft and weak are you?"

She fell silent for a minute because of my sudden outburst. But the she spoke,

"Your name." She insisted, completely ignoring my words.

Damn it!

My hand shuffled through my hairs, a habit that I had developed over the years whenever I was stressed or angry and well most of the time, both.

"Damon. Alpha of the Golden Lining pack." I managed to push the words out of my mouth through the burning anger.

I did not miss the look of recognition that flashed in her eyes. Obviously, she knew about me.

"I am... Bella." She replied. Hesitation, for some reason, was clear in her voice.

I wanted to know the reason behind her hesitation. I wanted to make her get rid of every feeling that pushed her apart from me. But I was not worth the right.

My gaze went back to her. She was standing in front of me, clueless, and a bit frightened.

I did not want to see that look in her eyes. Why did it make me feel so helpless?

I stepped forward, coming closer to her. My hand lifted up to touch her cheek lightly, like a feather.

There were things, frightening things, that she did not know about me. That she will never find out on her own. My past was not a happy merry -go -round.

It was something that I would never let her be a part of.

"Bella." I forced the words out of my mouth, "I can not be your mate."

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