5- Breakdown

I decided to go with the later. He must be worried. I was his mate after all.

But I was stubborn.

"Your name." I asked.

He ran his hand through his hair in anger and then said, "Damon. Alpha of Golden Lining Pack."

Breath left out of my body so fast I though I was going to die of shock.

He was the alpha of Golden Lining?

I had heard about him. As the tales and talks travelled through pack to pack, about who was getting stronger and which pack was breaking down, it was very important for us to keep track of the things happening inside our world.

And boy, was he famous?

Actually he was the strongest of them all. And I am not saying this just to brag or anything but I had heard that he was the True Alpha.

Now see, normally alphas were descendent of previous alphas, like their son or daughter.

But a True alpha was one who had broken down his boundaries as a lower ranked werewolf and rose to Alpha position with his own great will power.

He was the one. The True alpha.

"I am.. Bella." Just Bella. Nothing more. Probably nowhere near someone that you actually deserve. Someone that you actually wanted.

His eyes came back to me. Then unexpectedly, he came close to me and touched my cheek softly. Right where I was hurt by Jax.

Instead of pain, his feather light touch sent shivers down to my spine. Making me feel tingly in all the wrong places.

"Bella." He said softly, "I can not be your mate."

And that is when the tale of my breakdown started.


I smiled at him.

Yeah. Did not cry. Did not beg. I did not ask any questions.

I smiled. I nodded. I turned around. And then I left. Without a word.

I wanted to ask, why. I wanted to know what I did not have that irked him.

I had two hands, two legs, one mouth, one vagina between my legs, what more did he want?

Was it not enough?

Or was it just too low of the price for me to be your majesty's mate?

I was angry. Very, very, very angry. So angry that I wanted to turn around and kill him.

Probably he had gotten a hint of what I was. Of what I lacked as a werewolf. Or probably it was just my face that he did not like.

Whatever his reasons were, I did not deserve that.

He did not talk to me. He did not ask to get to know me. He did not give a reason to me.

He just said I can not be your mate.

Fine, I told myself as I walked away from him while trying desperately to not look back,

You are fine. It is not your fault. None of this is your damn fault!

I will be the strongest. I will be the strongest werewolf of them all. I will show them I can live without a mate.

What if he did not want me? There were thousands of boys out there who did.

He was not the last one left of the male species after all.

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