Chapter 3

"What the hell, Jefferson?" Grace yelled at him as she jerked her hand free from his clasp and pushed him away from her. She rubbed her wrist, trying to ease the pain that he had inflicted. It was red, and it was aching. It was only her luck that he didn't manage to sprain it or, worse, break it.

"Instead of yelling at me, you should be thanking me. I just saved your dignity, a fraction of what you have left." He locked his gaze on her, daring her to challenge him.

"Excuse me? I have more self-respect than you ever will. I was not the one who used someone to get money. I was not the one who pretended to love someone to get some kind of funding. I was not the one who married someone for financial gain. I was not the one who played with someone's emotions in order to fulfill my own selfish dream." She was staring him down. Jefferson had no right over her.

"More self-respect than me? Babe, I am one of the most respected guys around here. Who do you think you are? You are nobody. You don't even have a family of your own. I had temporarily given you one, so you should be kissing my feet for providing you with such luxury." Jefferson smirked.

"Go to hell." Grace clenched her jaw. Her hands were curled into fists as she battled the urge to punch him.

"Why? Because I took advantage of your emotions and profited from them. Well, I do admit that I used you to get my funding, but in that case, you will also be joining me there, don't you think? For much worse, because like you, I am not selling myself to the opposite sex, or have you changed your preference now?" He sneered at her, but there was anger in his voice.

"How dare you..." Before she could complete her sentence while marching towards him to hit him, he took a quick stride over her, grabbed her arm, and pulled her closer to him. There was no room between them anymore.

Grace was too stunned to react. He had one of his arms wrapped tightly around her and the other caressing her cheeks while she rested on his shoulder blade.

"What are you doing…?" Grace managed to speak once she regained her voice, but he slammed his lips on her.

It was light at first, but once she started responding, it turned rough. Jefferson groaned back in response to her little gasp. He took his hand away from her cheeks and grasped her silky blonde hair as her shiny golden hair was open. He tugged gently and began kissing her jaw and neck before returning to kissing her lips. They had no idea how long they had been making out in front of the bar. They were being reckless and were letting their passion be on display for the people passing by to see.

Both Jefferson and Grace were lost in their moment, unaware of the position they were standing in. Jefferson pushed Grace against the wall for better support somewhere in between, and she let him. However, it was Grace who came into her senses when she felt his hand travelling all over her body and sensed her burning desire for him. He had his face pressed into her neck, giving her pepper kisses and then kissing her on the mouth again. It was as if he couldn't get enough of her. When she realized what was happening between them, she shoved him away from her, trying to take a breath.

Jefferson was panting heavily and completely disoriented. He was lost in her. Grace's lips were puffy, and her cheeks were flushed, and he was certain he matched her appearance.

"Why... What... Why did you kiss me?" She asked him, trying to take in the air. She struggled to understand his action because it made no sense to her. She was shaking a bit. It wasn't because she was upset, but because this was the first time Jefferson had kissed her like this.

On the other hand, Jefferson wanted to answer, 'I don't know' but instead composed himself and smirked. "You were asking for it. Did you even look at yourself in the mirror when you came here? Short dress, big pointed heels, red lipstick. I was just showing you your place. You have got no dignity, Ms. Grace Albama."

"Excuse me?" She asked him with wide eyes.

"You were so desperate for attention; you just had to sell yourself right. Or you couldn't handle the loneliness. This is a desperate move, even for you. I asked if you needed anything for me, but obviously, being a slut is more dignified than seeking money or alimony. So how much do you charge? You know, if I needed someone as an escort or...

Before Jefferson could continue to insult her, she slapped him across the face. He had his hand on his cheeks where she slapped him, and he was sure it was going to bruise because it stung like shit. He hadn't expected her to react the way she did. He was expecting an emotional reaction from her, but not a physical one.

Once he composed himself, he grabbed her furiously, holding her by her shoulder, "How dare you?"

"How dare you, Jefferson Smith? I am neither a slut nor a fucking prostitute. But why does it matter to you in the first place? Whatever I do is no longer your concern."

"It is my fucking business, Grace. You are my ex-wife, and I have got a reputation to uphold. I am not going to stand by and watch you whoring your drunken ass around. You better bloody get this thing straight in your head. I am done being embarrassed by you. Don't you dare cross me or.."

"Or what, Jefferson? Are you going to kill me? Hit me? Destroy me? News flash, you have already ruined my life. More so, anyone ever did."

Grace tried to remove his hands from her, but he was too strong for her liking. "Let me go." She grumbled and had tears in her eyes.

"I wish I did ruin your life completely, Grace. Because then you won't be parading around the city like this. Look at yourself in the mirror when you reach home, because what I am seeing is not a girl whom I married but a tramp who is no good for anyone.

Jefferson pushed her slightly as if she was dirty. A filth. Grace was furious. She was equally hurt, but her anger towards him was considerably greater than the anguish that she was experiencing. She grabbed the collar of his shirt and kneed him.

"I hate you, Jefferson Smith. You are the biggest mistake of my life."

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