Chapter 7

When Jefferson heard the words, his eyes widened. He expected anything but this.

A child?

"Pregnant? You have got to be fucking kidding me." He muttered. He couldn't grasp that Grace was expecting a child. This couldn't be happening to him. Not right now.

"I wish I was joking, but I am not. I am pregnant." She told him. She did wish she wasn't pregnant because she has always believed that every child deserved to have both loving parents. However, she was worried that her child would have to make do with only a mother, who would also have to play the role of a father in her situation.

"Why the hell are you even telling me this?" He asked her with a frown. Grace's jaw gaped open in astonishment. She expected him not to play a part in their child's life, but never once did she guess that he would even refuse to acknowledge it.

"Jefferson, you are the father." She informed him. She didn't know how or what to explain to him and persuade him that it was his child. Hell, she shouldn't have been trying to prove that she was carrying his baby, which they had created. It was not fair to her or their child.

On the other hand, his reply simply added to her anxiety, especially once he began laughing. "Way to go, Grace. But you have got to do better than using this stunt to convince me to come back into your life. This is an old card to play. And not to mention, it's a very cheap trick. How low can you actually go?"

"I am not playing anything here. It is the truth, and I can prove it…." But he didn't let her finish. She was desperate for him to believe her, not because it was her, but because of their child.

"Anyone can fabricate a report. It is not that difficult these days to get a fake copy." He rolled his eyes in response.

"You know I would never do something like that." She threw a glare at him. "I would never fake a pregnancy. I am not that kind of woman, and you know it very well."

"That's it, Grace. I don't even know you. Did you forget the last time we met? You were looking like some seductress. And today, you're attempting to play the innocent by luring me into some kind of game. I am not stupid. Look, if you need money, just tell me. I will set up a nice bank account for you, and you wouldn't even need to work for a dime for the rest of your life, but faking a pregnancy? Seriously? That is a new level of downgrading yourself. How the hell do you even see yourself in the mirror?"

"God Damit, Jefferson! I don't fucking need your money. I am pregnant, and as a father of this child, you had a right to know. I had no pleasure of meeting you here, but I felt compelled to." She yelled at him.

"Father of this child? Grace, I refused to believe that this is my kid. To tell you the truth, I refused to believe anything coming out of your mouth. You could have been sleeping around and trying to throw this child at me for all I know. Or you are pretending to be pregnant so that you could blackmail me."

Grace was breathing hard, and she wanted to scream. She didn't know how to prove her innocence and make him respect his own child, his flesh and blood.

"Jeffery, I am tired. Please don't do these. You have shattered everything that we had. Don't ruin the kid. Please, I beg of you." She was exhausted and hormonal.

"Grace, that's all you're good at. Begging. Instead of playing this stunt, you should have rightfully taken the money that I had offered you and should have demanded everything you wanted, like the gold-digger that you are. Regardless of the manipulative games that you have played, even for one minute, I believe that you are pregnant and that this is my child that you are carrying. I don't want it. Because he or she will also have your blood. And I don't want anything to do with that. I don't want any part of it. I don't think the world needs another miniature version of you."

Grace stepped forward to slap him when he tried to downgrade their child, but Jefferson was quick to catch her hand this time. He pulled her forward roughly. "Don't you dare make the mistake of hitting me again, Grace? Because I won't be accountable for my action.

"Jefferson Smith, you are a despicable man." She said to him. She wanted to throttle his neck and show him his true place, but she had no interest in getting arrested for an assault or an attempted murder.

"I am the most generous guy here, Grace. Because I will be giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity." He said to her while roughly pushing her, but fortunately, it wasn't a hard push, or else she would have fallen on her butt, and that would definitely not have been good for her kid.

When Jeffery removed his cheque from the bag he was carrying, Grace's gaze remained fixed on him. He aggressively grabbed her hand and placed a blank cheque on her palm. "Fill it with any amount you want and get lost from my life. And if you know what is better for you, abort this child.

Grace's eyes were wide with shock. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"How could you?" She was at a loss for words.

"Firstly, I don't want anything to do with that kid. Second, I don't want my ex-wife flaunting a pregnant belly around. God only knows what everyone's reaction will be. I am not going to be an embarrassment where my ex-wife is being tagged as a whore with no dignity. So go and get yourself a bloody abortion. As it is, the child does not deserve a mother like you. I am warning you, Grace. I don't want to ever see you with a baby bump. If you know what's best for you, abort the child."


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