Chapter 5

Natalia stayed with her the entire night. She even booked an appointment on behalf of her friend at the hospital to confirm her pregnancy.

On the other hand, Grace was a wreck emotionally, but she knew she had to pull herself together and be strong. If it wasn't her, then it was for her possible child. She couldn't be weak. She cannot afford to be.

Natalia even drove her to the bakery and even volunteered to accompany her to the doctor, but Grace refused. She cannot depend on anyone else and cannot ask Natalia to fight her battles. Her support was sufficient for her to move forward and make the correct decision.

Much to her dismay, she had to take a half-day. With the potential child on her way, she would need every penny that she could possibly save and accumulate.

Regardless of the fact that Natalia had agreed for Grace to meet the doctor alone, she would not allow her to travel solo, especially after what she had been through. This was also an added bonus as travelling is not that cheap.

However, Grace agreed with a heavy heart and let Natalia drive her, and following the doctor's visit, everything started to become real to her. She was anxiously awaiting the results of her test, but she had no idea what to expect or how to react.

She was apprehensive.

Was she even ready to be a mother?

Is she going to be a good or bad mother?

Is she going to be a single mother?

Even thinking about it brings Goosebumps. And what the hell is she supposed to say to Jefferson if the test results are positive? They were already in shambles, and she knew for a fact that he didn't want anything to do with her. He despised her.

But one thing she does know is that if the test does come back positive, she will keep the child. That goes without a doubt.

Even if she had to fight with the entire world, she would protect her kid and never let any harm come to her child. However, a part of her hoped the test would come out negative because it would save her from a lot of complications. It may appear cruel, but it is, in some ways, for the better.

Grace's thoughts were occupied with the dilemma for a few days before the results arrived. When the doctor called to confirm her pregnancy, she burst out crying. When the call came, it was lucky that Natalia was in the room with her, sitting alongside her.

After digesting the news, Grace smiled. Her eyes welled up with tears, but these were happy tears. Sure, things may be challenging, but perhaps having a child will be good for her. She had started loving it the moment she heard her doctor confirming her pregnancy.

"You are smiling. Is it safe to say congratulations at this point?" Natalia pointed out with a grin. Her friend was worried about Grace's Decision but was well aware that she was a good person. She had a broken heart that was going to take a long time to heal, and it seemed that this kid was not a wound or a reminder of her past but a bandage that would help her feel the love again.

"Yes, I'm terrified and happy at the same time. I am not sure how I am going to deal with everything, but I will pull through it. I have to. Natalia, this child is going to be my sole reason to live." Grace told her friend.

"Grace. I am incredibly proud of you. Please know that I am here for you. Whenever you need me, and whatever you need me for." Natalia embraced her friend.

After a while, Natalia left Grace on the couch, debating whether or not to inform Jefferson about their baby.

She closed her eyes and recalled one of their most private moments from a few months ago. They were both on the bed, with sheets draped over them. Jeffery had his arm around her, and she was leaning on his chest.

"Do you ever want to have children?" He asked her.

"One day, yes. You?" She said, looking at him.

"Me too. I don't care about gender, but it will be good to have kids." He kissed her hair and smiled at her.

"Kids?" She asked him with wide eyes.

"Well, yeah. At least two. Plus, I cannot get enough of you." He said as he flipped her over, she lay under him.

"And here I was hoping you'd become tired of me and abandon me." Grace pretended to sigh, but Jeffery tickled her gently, making her jump.

"That is never going to happen. You know why?" He asked her. His eyes were gleaming.

"Why?" She asked with a smile on her face.

"Because Mrs. Grace Smith, I love you. And I will never let you go. Never." He kissed her.

"Jefferson Smith, I love you too."

Grace's face was bright with a smile. She usually does when she thinks back on those events, but lately, this memory leads her back to her divorce and that unfaithful night at the bar where she had an encounter with Jefferson.

She didn't know if she should inform Jefferson about her pregnancy, but she knew that it was the right thing to do. She has no idea how things will turn out, but she can imagine what could go wrong. He will refuse to support her, leaving her a single mother.

She was already prepared for that. If the Jeffery she loved had known she was pregnant, he would have been overjoyed, but she didn't know about the Jefferson she had come to know? He was unpredictably unpredictable, which worried her on both an emotional and physical level.

Before her divorce, he had always been kind and gentle with her, but not any longer. He's rude and ruthless now. Regardless, he has a right to know about his child.

Grace couldn't take it any longer, even though it was past one o'clock in the morning. She inhaled deeply and dialled his phone. She knew that it was late, but she needed to contact him immediately. If he didn't pick up, she'd call him again the next day and the next until he did.

On the other hand, Jefferson picked up her phone on the third ring, which shocked her.


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