Chapter 4

When Grace awoke, her head was throbbing. She was a wreck. Her hair was tangled, her face was smudged with black because of the mascara. In all, she looked like shit. But she was feeling worse than her appearance.

A crap.

Despite the fact that she was not a tramp, Jefferson managed to make her feel like one.

She struggled to get herself up with great difficulty. She proceeded to clean her teeth and take a bath after taking two pills of painkillers. She only wanted to sleep and drown herself in agony right now, but she had to work. If she wanted a roof over her head and food to stomach in, then she needed money, so she dragged herself to work.

She was currently employed in a modest bakery. The money wasn't lavish, but it was sufficient for her to make ends meet in this pricey world. She officially started working here around one month before her divorce, and before that, she just used to assist the baker for a few hours.

Being Jefferson's wife came with a price. She had to sacrifice her dream of working on being a baker. She did use to bake every now and then and supply her cakes and cupcakes to this very bakery. But it was more like a pastime job. To fill her time of being a home-maker. The irony is Jefferson didn't even like her being that either.

"You look like shit," Natalia commented as soon as she saw her friend enter their kitchen.

"Geez, thanks. This is what every female wants to hear when she gets to work in the morning." Grace sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Grace, I'm serious. You really look bad, but are you feeling alright?" Natalia asked her in concern.

"To tell you the truth, no. I constantly feel like puking. My head is hammered. I don't even know how the hell I managed to make it all the way here by myself." Grace let out a sigh. She was tired- both physically and emotionally.

"Don't worry; you will feel better in no time. This is one of the perks of being wasted." Natalia chuckled for a moment before frowning when she saw that Grace was looking disoriented.

"Grace, why don't you take a day off?" She suggested.

"I'm afraid I can't. We have cupcakes to bake." Grace said with a sad smile on her face.

"All right, then, let me make you some coffee."

But Grace exclaimed in response. "No! I don't think I will be able to stomach it."

Natalia nodded.

While preparing for their latest order, Natalia couldn't help but ask her. "Who was the man you slapped in front of that bar?"

"You saw that?" Grace looked at her with surprise.

She was aware that Natalia had assisted her in getting home, which she appreciated, but she had no idea that she had witnessed what had occurred in front of the bar the night before. She hoped she hadn't seen her kiss Jefferson or overheard their entire conversation.

"Yes, Aaron was concerned about you, so he asked me to look for you. He told me that some guy dragged you, but he could not see you because of the crowd. I finally found you outside, and before I could come and get you, I saw you slap a guy. I couldn't see his face, though." Natalia explained it to her.

Grace snorted her words and wished she could cry at the same moment. However, she was glad that Natalia didn't see his face. "He was my ex-husband,"

"Seriously? What in the world did he want from you?" She asked him.

"He just wanted to show me my true place, which he successfully did," Grace said.

Natalia had a confused expression on her face.

"Don't worry about it. I won't ever meet him again. That part of my life is closed, and I have no intention of opening it." Grace informed Natalia, who responded with a nod. She didn't press the issue any further because she didn't want to aggravate her friend's wounds.

Grace then felt nervous for a brief moment. She was feeling nauseous and went to the restroom before Natalia could ask her about it.

Natalia inquired whether she was okay when she came out, but Grace dismissed it as a hangover. Natalia was skeptical, but as time went by, Grace's appearance deteriorated. Grace appeared to be on the verge of passing out.

"Grace, we are done for the day. I am taking you home." Natalia said.

"But we still have some more cupcakes to prepare." She pointed it out.

"I am sure Aaron and others will be able to complete the task."

Since Grace was tight on money, Natalia often drove her in her second-hand car. While driving back to her apartment, Natalia asked her.

"When was the last time you had sex.

This made Grace choke. "What…"

"Grace, I am serious here. Just answer me."

"I don't know. It's been a while. A month before my divorcee. Why?" Grace was not comfortable with these questions.

"Did you guys use protection?

Grace couldn't recall. "I don't remember." But then it dawned on her. She understood why her friend was asking these questions.

"Natalia, I couldn't possibly be pregnant. It is just a hangover." She attempted to deny the possibility, but it was possible. She had previously skipped her periods, which she blamed it on stress.

"We need to be sure, Grace," Natalia said to her with a sad smile. She stopped by the chemist and purchased a couple of pregnancy tests."

Grace's hands were trembling when they entered her room. It was even worse than signing the divorce papers.

"I cannot do it." She said.

"You need to know Grace. Whatever happens, I am here with you. You are my friend, and I will help you through it. I promise." Natalia tried to encourage her, and Grace appreciated her supportive friend.

Grace took the tests in her hand and hesitantly went into the washroom. She came once she was done.

"So?" Natalia asked her with raised eyebrows.

"I don't know. I couldn't look at it." Grace muttered as she sat on the bed with her head in both hands, leaving the sticks on the table.

"Do you want me to see and check for you?" Natalia asked her.

"Yes, please," Grace whispered in response. She was trembling in fear.

Natalia nodded her head and went to see her result. She let out a huge sigh. She approached her friend and hugged her as she sat alongside her.

"Grace, it is positive. You are going to be a mother." She told her softly.

Grace let out a whimper and cried on her friend's shoulder. She broke down completely.

She was pregnant with Jefferson's child.

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