Secret Love Affairs [BxB]


Warning: This chapter contains an explicit sex scene. 

The highest story of a five-star hotel's corridor that consists of only two king suites is left deserted with not a single person walking by. Given the situation, the whole floor should be silent, yet, it doesn't seem to be the case.

Amongst those two suites, a muffled noise reverberates from the one on the right-hand side. It is the first room from the elevator.

If one dares to put an ear on the wooden door, the noise will surely be elucidated to be none other than a moan.

"Urgh...Yi...wait..." A man in a disheveled black shirt murmured. The faint voice sounds struggling as it comes in broken sentences.

"No. I've been waiting long enough," replies a hoarse voice that is also trying to fight its ways out through heavy breathing.

"But...the bed is just right over there."

"So far."


A husky moan cuts off any more words from the guy in a black shirt who seems to be taller yet weaker in the knees than the one facing him. But who can blame him when his manhood is being exposed to the cold air, fondled with gently yet persistently? His pants are cuffing his ankles, whereas his shirt is buttoned open, baring his front almost entirely if it isn't for the boxer around his mid-thigh.

"I really think we should一."

" more talking. How do you have the strength to release when you keep talking like this? Just focus on one thing at a time, alright?" The younger guy flicks the hard shaft that is still in his possession with quite a strength, making it bounce and swirl in an interesting up-and-down and circular motion due to its weight. "Xia, let it out." He finishes his sentence with yet another flick that is even stronger than the one before.

Xia throws back his head and moans so loud that he feels ashamed even of his own voice. He wants to cover his lips to prevent the lewd sound from escaping, but he knows his boyfriend won't like it. Every time, Yi will only remove his hand and request him to moan louder.

A request that he never fails to meet.

"Xia, you're hard. Let go."

Regardless of the tormenting sight of his member, Xia refuses to let go. Regaining control of his breath, he shakes his head, trying to speak in one full sentence. "I want to come together with you, Yi."

Yi looks into his boyfriend's eyes for a brief moment before answering with a shrug. "Well, if you insist."

In a flash, Xia finds himself facing the door. His boxer is dragging lower till it joins his pants around his ankle, exposing his slender white legs that the skin is almost as smooth as those of women. The sound of the belt unbuckling and the noise made by a zipper zipping down makes the forbidden fruit between his legs shiver in anticipation, knowing what to come. In the silent room, every tiny action is echoed loudly as if there is a speaker installed. Without bothering to look, if people are walking past this room, they will know for sure what is happening inside.

Once Xia hears the sound of fabric slipping to the floor, he automatically bends down and spreads his legs wide; both his hands place on the wooden door for support.

"You seem to have gained some experiences now." Yi chuckles as he places his hands on either side of the slender waist.

After all the countless times you've done to me, it'd be weird if I didn't, Xian speaks to himself, but the words that come out are entirely different.

"Hurry up," he says through gritted teeth, showing he is at his limit.

"Quite hasty today, aren't you, babe?" Yi let out another chuckle, but it is shorter this time, for he is busy concentrating on squeezing something out from a pale blue tube.

As the milky white content comes out, he rubs the cream with both his palms to spread it evenly before directing it toward his little brother arching between his legs, begging to be pampered.

"Arh…" A soft moan escapes his lip when the creamy substance is smeared all over, sending a ticklish sensation to every inch of his body.

"Hey, don't you dare come before me"? Xia turns his head, addressing the person behind him with a glare.

"Don't worry. I won't." Yi rolls his eyes as he squeezes the tube one last time before dropping it to the floor.

He transfers the cream on his palm to his fingertips and directs those risqué fingers towards a secret hiding place between two snowy round buns of his boyfriend. As the cold finger and the warm ring of muscle come into contact, Xia's body jolts reflexively. He hurriedly turns his face back to the door, trying to hide the erotic whimper from escaping right in front of his boyfriend's face, but to no avail. He is one step too late.


And that isn't the only one. More follows as those two little devils keep circling his tight spot gently until it shyly opens up to swallow its guests.

"Arh, Ooh, Ohhhh...Yi..."

The more Arh and Ooh come out, the naughtier the two fingers become, for they keep going in and out his cavern nonstop, scissoring the wet and warm wall inside. After a few repetitive movements, they curve up and land themselves on the very spot that sends Xia to forget all about the decorum as he exclaims a single word loudly.


"Don't worry. That's what we are going to do." A tease comes up, followed by a smirk as Yi pulls his fingers out, leaving the entrance to contract profusely as if to call another presence back.

And the call is returned not long after.

Once again, the empty place is replaced by a hotter new guest, wilder, and bigger. Not to mention it is even nastier and naughtier than the two before since it doesn't even take time to play around and just hit straight to the host's prostate with heavy thrusts.

"Mmm..." Xia squeezes his eyes and his lips shut, trying to suppress the sounds that threaten to spill out of his voice gland. This feels so good that he is afraid he will lose control.

If they are at their apartment, he will be sure to let it all out. However, this is the first time they stay in this hotel, Xia isn't sure if it is soundproof. If It isn't, then that will be the end of Yi and him.


The thrusts seem to slow down, replaced by a heavyweight that is being placed on his back. The person behind him leans down to whisper around the helix, sending a ticklish sensation to every inch of his body.

"You get what you want. I'm inside you now. Just do it. No need to hold back."

Xia has no idea why, but he shakes his head, refusing to release his voice and semen. The cute resistance on Xia's face as he tries to fight his body's demand makes Yi turn on even more. He just wants to tease his lover to the point of no return.

Positioning himself straight back behind the hip, he directs Xia's waist to the direction that he knows will surely crumble down the older guy's defensive line. He thrusts deeper, faster, and harder with no warning, continuing to intrude the inner wall relentlessly as if he owns it.

"You're...still...tight.," Yi mumbles under his heavy breath, enjoying how the warm cavern squeezes his blade so tight.

Losing himself in the epitome of libido, Yi fasting his pace, thrusting deeper and harder, causing the door to rattle.

"H-hey, too...loud!" Xia gives out a warning, fearing their secret rendezvous is exposed.

"There is no more censorship restricting us here. We are behind a closed door and out of public eyes. This entire floor belongs to us." The younger he's guttural voice sounds more seducing than ever, striking a lightning-like sensation into the air. "Just let it go, babe."

And with that, the older he sets everything loose—his protective wall, his pride, and his voice as the two bodies find their releases together.

With a final Arh that reverberates to the entire room simultaneously, the two slip to the floor, panting and bathing in the afterglow that just has their consciences run wild.

Just when Xia is about to fall asleep, he feels his body is lifted off the cold floor into the skinny arms that always surprise him in withstanding his weight.

"Yi?" Xia asks weakly, still losing his voice to the heavenly pleasure a few minutes ago.

"Let's do another round on the bed." Yi, the owner of the arms, murmurs into his boyfriend's ear as he brings them both towards the king-sized bed that has been neatly prepared.


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