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"Xia, you’re such a pervert. Already wanted to kiss me since the first day we met?" Yi teases and pinches the older's nose using his slender fingers.

"Ouch! I can't breathe. Let go."

"Nope. I'll never let go of you. Not ever. You're mine, and mine alone."

Yi's words made the older's heart pulsating like crazy.

He can't believe that it has been almost a year since they began their secret dates, hiding from the public eyes and even their managers.

From time to time, their hectic schedules keep hindering them from meeting each other, making Xia fear that his boyfriend will feel disappointed in him. He never thinks that the younger is mature beyond his age, for he never brings this topic up. Instead, every time that they finally get the time to meet each other, both of them will engulf themselves in lovemaking, kissing, and other intimate things that make their hearts pulsate.

Xia admits that all of these are unreal to him sometimes.

"Thanks, Yi, for never giving up on us," Xia finally utters out what is on his mind, confounding the younger to prop up on his elbow and look at him.

"What are you talking about? Why would I give up on us?" Yi asks, letting go of Xia’s nose.

"Nothing. I’m just saying."

"Just saying? It looks to me like you must have been thinking unnecessary things again. Stop overthinking like an old man, will you?"

"Old man?" Xia widens his eyes and turns to face his adorable boyfriend. "Who are you calling an old man, kiddo?"

"Hey, I am not a kid."

"You're a kid."

"I am not."

"You are."

"Then, you're an old man, grandpa."

"What? I am not. What grandpa has such smooth and shiny skin like me?"

"Urgh, stop bragging yourself."

"What? You don't think my skin is smooth? Or are you having any disagreement that I am handsome?"

Before Yi can say anything, Xia turns around and begins to tickle his boyfriend all over the place. His naughty fingers keep on poking and scratching the sensitive area starting from Yi’s waist, neck, and tummy.

Yi's body flumps back to the mattress, for his elbow has no strength left after being tickled mercilessly like this. His small body squirms all around as if trying to escape his boyfriend's naughty fingers but to no avail. The movement makes the cover drop to the floor, forgotten, baring the two naked bodies' full views entangled on the bed.

"Arh, stop. It tickles. Hahaha...stop. Hahaha..." Yi tries to escape as he turns his body to the other side and plans to get out of bed. However, as if reading his mind, Xia crosses his leg over his waist, pinning him back down.

"Don't try to run you, little devil. Not until you admit that I'm your most handsome boyfriend," Xia continues to tickle Yi even though the younger one already loses himself in laughter till tears prick the corner of his eye. "Say it, or I will keep tickling you till you are out of breath."

"Hahaha...okay, okay. Zhang Xialian is the most handsome man in the world. Hahaha...please stop. I can’t breathe."

Satisfied, Xia smiles and takes away his hands from the waist. Still, he keeps his legs at the same place if Yi tries to get off the bed.

Using his thumb to wipe the tear at the corner of the thin almond eye, he kisses the close eyelids and lingers his lips there until Yi's sound wakes him up.


Lifting his face back, he stares at his boyfriend's now open brown eyes, feeling affection getting more profound and love growing bigger every time he stares into those pairs.

"I don't want to be the most handsome man in the world. I only want to be the most handsome boyfriend in your heart."

Xia’s words render Yi speechless, giving a chance for a dusting of red to crawl from the side of his neck up to the cheeks. Even with the lack of light, it is without a doubt that Yi was shy, like a maiden getting a confession from a handsome duke. Still, he maintains eye contact with his boyfriend, peering back into the pair of doe-like brown eyes until he sees his own reflection inside those alluring pupils.

"Of course you are. There is only you in my heart, my most handsome man. My heart only beats for you."

Unable to control himself anymore, Xia lowers his face and captures the rosy, plump lips with his own. The same lips that always know how to make his heart go wild and his head to lose every sanity.

The kiss starts gently at first, but it grows hasty and wayward after a short while. It turns fully open-mouthed, allowing the tongues to begin the work.

The two lovebirds seem to be devouring each other's lips more than kissing, making slurping sounds from their wet lips, and rapid breathing reverberate throughout the silent room.

Biting gently on the lower lip and pulling it for a final noisy kiss, Xia finally gives their lips a break. Still, he maintains the skinship, for he touches his forehead against the Yi's narrow one. Both of them spend time exchanging breaths in silence until Xia decides to speak up.

"Yi, thank you again for accepting my love," Xia's breath brushes against Yi's face as the words escape his lips, making the younger one's eyelashes flutter adorably.

"There is no need to thank me. I'm not just doing it for you.” Yi lifts his hand and caresses his boyfriend's cheek affectionately as he smiles and peers into the pairs of affectionate brown eyes. “ I’m doing it for my heart as well. Do you think that you're the only one who loves me? I love you too. I love you so much, Zhang Xialian. You’re the first person to stir my heart like this."

The words I love you from Yi's lips, though this isn't the first time he hears it, still make Xia’s heart pound like a rock-and-roll drum. He never gets tired of hearing these three words. He wants to record Yi's voice saying these words and sets it as his alarm clock so he can listen to it first thing every morning.

If it weren't for their secret dating, he would really have done it.

But now, they have to be discreet in whatever they are doing. The public eyes are focusing on them. One wrong move and the consequences will be severed.

“Huan Yimin, I love you, too,” Xia replies, beaming from ears to ears as he conveys the message from his heart and makes it audible.

“Hmm.” Yi nods and hums as an acknowledgment.

Actions speak louder than words, and eye contact is one of them. As Yi and Xia continue to stare at the reflections from each other’s eyes, they can tell how devoted their love is.

Xia is the first to break the silence as he moves his lips to kiss Yi on the forehead before shifting his weight up. He grabs the cover from the floor and drapes it over as they once again lie on their backs.

Resting his head on Yi’s shoulder, Xia’s lips curve up around the corner as he looks at the intertwined fingers that Yi places on his tummy, over the cover, for both of them to see.

"I don’t understand why your hands are so small. And your arms? They are like noodles, especially when you do the arm wave dance," Xia says as he squeezed the interlocked fingers.

"What? You don't like it?"

"No, no. I like it. I like everything about you."

"Same here."

“The same?

“Are you saying that you love everything about me?

“Of course. Why do you ask? Don’t you already know that?

"Are you sure that you love everything? What about my talkative self? I remember in every interview, you always say that you don't like someone who talks a lot."

"Yeah, that I don't."

“What?!” Xia pouts and plans to take his hand back when Yi strengthens his grip, refusing to let go of their joined hands.

"Don't be mad. Let me finish." He chuckles before continuing. "I don't like a person who talks a lot. It's true. But if it is you, I'll be willing to sit tight and listen all day. I love hearing your voice. I like it when you talk, sing, and even when you moan."

Xia rolls his eyes at the last word, knowing the perverted thought must have been filling his boyfriend’s head again.

"Fine. I'll forgive you."

"Haha...of course, I know you can't be mad at me for long." Yi’s voice sounds prideful, as if he wins an award or a big-time prize.

"I think I must have spoiled you too much," Xia complains, shaking his head.

"But I like it. Can you spoil me more?" Yi cranes his neck down to make puppy eyes at Xia, making the latter groan at himself for not being able to resist the little devil's charm.

"Fine, fine. I'll spoil you every time we meet, okay?"

"How about now?"


"Kiss me."

Xia lifts his body a little to meet the alluring lips and gives them a long, sweet kiss.


"I'll never get satisfied when I am with you.” Yi pouts, producing a cuteness out of him even more.

“Then, kindly tell me what this man has to do to make you satisfied.” Xia rolls his eyes, finding it hard to resist the temptation.

Yi’s lips stretch wider once he knows his boyfriend has taken the bait.

“Easy. I want another round." Yi's words make Xia widen his eyes in surprise.

Seeing the reaction, Yi can’t help but laugh softly.

"Relax. Don't worry, okay? I won’t do it now. I want to save our strength, especially mine because I want to tell you my side of the story too."

"Your side of the story?"

"Yes. Aren't you curious about when I first fall for you?"


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