The script reading proceeded smoothly for the whole morning until it was time for lunch.

“Xia, let's go eat.

Chou, the actor who portrayed my brother's role, asked me to join him for lunch at the catering site.

Since this was the first day, the crews prepared a buffet for us as a welcome gift. Being a well-known foodie, my mouth salivated at the thoughts, and even more so when I arrived at the catering site to see delicious-looking foods that were neatly placed in a row just like that of a restaurant.

Thank you so much, the production team. To show my gratitude, I'll eat as much as my stomach allows me.

My feet automatically brought me to the appetizing smell where I began plating the food till there was no space left, oblivious to the fact that Chou was no longer beside me.

Sorry, Chou. I'll find you later. For now, food is a priority. I murmured an apology to myself.

I struggled to find space to put spring rolls on the plate when the director walked up behind me and whispered something that even the food couldn't win over.

"Yi has arrived. He is sitting there with his manager. Maybe you can say hi since your role, and he will have a lot of interaction. It's better if you can get to know each other well. It'll help with your acting."

I looked in the direction that he pointed and felt my heart skip a beat.

His snowy white-skinned and rosy, plump lips were an angelic sight to behold even from this distance. His almond eyes and sharp nose bridge complimented his oval face-shaped, whereas his high-cheekbones went well with the smooth jawlines that were free of any mustache or beard.

I didn't know I was absorbed in his beauty until the director's hand was placed on my arm, snapping me out of my discreet gaze.

"Xia? Did you hear what I just said?" the director asked with his brow arched since he hadn't received any reply from me.

I recovered myself as fast as I could and put on a smile. "Yes, director. I'll go and join him for lunch then."

He smiled back at me and left. Taking a deep breath, I headed to where he sat. When I was near his table, his manager leaned down and whispered something to him before walking away from the table with his tray in his hands, leaving Yi alone.


A voice echoed inside of my head once I realized I would be eating lunch with him, just the two of us.

Plastering a broad smile on my face, I came to stand in front of him.

"Hi, is this seat taken?"

I knew it wasn't, but I still need to act like a gentleman as possible.

The moment he looked up, my arms almost lose their strength. Gladly, I managed not to, or else my food would be eaten by the ground instead.

Just how could someone be this beautiful?

His smooth skin indicated the youthful beauty of a twenty-five-year-old. On the other hand, his irises were glistening with moisture that I could even see my own reflection in them.

Every part of him never failed to capture my attention.

I swore that I had never been this attracted to someone before, even though I had encountered many beauties in my field of business.

"No. You can sit there if you want," he replied with his guttural voice — a voice that I had always loved since that first time we met on TV shows.

I had never known how much I missed this voice until I heard it again just now.

Placing my tray on the table, I slid down the chair and sat in front of him, planning to find a topic to initiate another small talk. But Yi already had his attention back to his food.

I had to draw his attention back to me.

"Hi, I'm Xia. Your partner in this drama. You're Yi, aren't you?"

My plan succeeded, for he lifted his face to look at me.

"Yes, I know you. We met once in the TV shows I hosted." A weak smile displayed from his plump lips after he finished his saying.

Wow. He remembered me too. I am not the only one! My internal voice screamed with joy at the thought that I wasn't the only one to remember our first encounter.

I picked up my chopstick and began eating so that he wouldn't catch me smiling at him like a teenage girl in love.

However, I didn't let our lunchtime proceed with silence.

Just like the role I successfully landed, my talkative self began forming various topics for me to say. Yi just replied with a few sentences at first, but he loosened up after a short while and started talking more. Occasionally, he would smile at random things I said.

The smile somehow volumized his rosy, plump lips, tormenting me with the urge to feel those alluring crevices.

To test how soft they were.

And strangely, when I mentioned feel and test, I didn't refer to using my fingers.

I was thinking of experimenting with them using my lips.

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