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Fayre's POV

Tonight, the octagon is ready. I just know it even without going out of the dressing room to take a look. It’s always like this, especially during championships. The place is fucking packed with a crazy crowd of people who are now waiting for the main event of the National Title Match in the Mixed Martial Arts’ (MMA) Welterweight division. The entire place is really loud, plus the booming rock music. I can just hear it all the way here.

I’ve learned that Amos and Waz, who are best friends since high school, are going to fight for the title. They have also ended up coming up through to the very top of ranks for professional MMA within three years since their debut. It’s going to be full twenty-five-minute rounds—meaning, five rounds with five minutes each round plus a minute of rest in between rounds.

It’ll be exciting to watch. Of course, the winner gets the title. Two best friends, one winner. That’s how it is going to be tonight. I wonder how they feel right now.

“I’m going to get laid tonight!” I tell Jerela, a fellow octagon ring girl. We are currently in our dressing room, getting ready for the main event. There are at least three of us who are working tonight. The other one is Monique.

“Wow! Own it, girl!” Jerela giggles, slapping my firm and sexy bottom.

I smack her big black bottom, too. She laughs amiably. Then, Monique comes between us with a huge grin on her face. Her curly blond hair is bouncing and she kneads both Jerela’s and my bottom. I look at our reflection in the big mirror with a smiling face. My red hair is quite straight and reaches to my medium-sized boobs. We are dressed in our replica uniform outfit matched with high heels. Mine is color red, Jerela’s is white and Monique’s is black. Right now, we even all look fucking sexier and hotter than most days.

“Good luck, Fayre!” Monique says, winking at me. “Because… I’m definitely going to get laid tonight, too!

The three of us laugh at each other. It’s been two years since I joined the Strikedown company. It’s by far my most exciting career at the age of twenty-one. I’ve been a waitress and a saleslady while I study in high school and halfway through college. But this is yet my greatest achievement—being a ring girl and an endorser. My Mom is so proud of me that she watches the matches that I’m in on TV, and she has more than a couple of scrapbooks of my endorsements and other official activities, which she shows to my father whenever we visit him.

I have not finished college because of my family’s financial problems. My mother has fallen sick, which is the last straw. So I’ve decided to stop altogether. My father is in prison for accidentally killing his colleague at the construction site where he worked when they had a fight. I was just sixteen then. But it’s never been proven that it was accidental murder so he’s been charged with first degree murder. He can never have parole and will be in prison for his entire life. It’s really sad. However, I am going to try to talk to his lawyer again to know if we can have his case reopened. Perhaps with my money this time, my father can get out of prison.

I still believe that my father isn’t capable of killing anyone. Just as he has claimed then until now, he is not guilty. I visit him at prison every week with my mom. That’s how I get to spend my weekend most of the time. We don’t want him to feel that we’ve abandoned him. We love him very much.

Nonetheless, I still don’t manage to finish my pre-med course even though I earn a lot now. In fact, I’ve earned $65,000 the other year and $100,000 last year—that’s only because of my being a ring girl. I’m so fucking busy with all the meet and greet fans activities, modeling/shooting schedules and being a ring girl, so I have no time to study.

“Are you ready?” One of the show’s crew members asks. His bald head appears at the door to peek.

“Sure!” we all said, smiling at him.

“Great! Come on out!” he orders us.

We follow him to the side of the ring. The show is getting started! The two MMA fighters are introduced to the audience.

I walk into the octagon ring with the round number 1 board, catching a glimpse of the two MMA fighters. Amos is a light brown-haired hunk. He has a pretty boy’s face. On the other hand, Waz has a more enigmatic aura and good looks. He’s not the boy-next-door type. Both are very popular to women though, including transgenders and homosexuals. The two of them wear small, open-finger gloves to protect their punches and these also allow them for effective grappling whenever they wish to. They also wear MMA shorts. Amos wears white with black and yellow stripes, while Waz wears a pair of all black in color.

I’ve never been this close to them before because I’m basically assigned to the women’s MMA category. One of the ring girls had called in sick, so I take her place tonight. It’s really great for me. I feel so lucky. It means that I get to easily join the match’s wild after party later.

I really think both Amos and Waz are equally hot in their late twenties. I can be happy with either of them fucking me whichever of my holes they prefer to sink their cock in. I’m sure it’ll be so fucking awesome!

Wait, why am I even thinking that?

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