The One She Needed





Dumb ass 

Staring casually off into space I sat in my boss' office as he shouted his heart out, hurling insult after insult in my face. From the bulging vein in his neck I became convinced if he was not careful it would pop out. But given my present position I don't blame even the very veins in his body from wanting to escape from this vile, insolent human being.

I could already feel the slight pain of a headache wanting to come on as I shifted in my seat. With the way Mr Johnson was flailing his arms hysterically you would think what he was pissed off about was major. Yet it was only about messing up a stupid coffee order. Who even drinks coffee this late in the day anyway?

Six months- that's how long I had been working for this psychopath. Given the fact that I managed to last this long, I'm convinced Hell will be a damn cake walk.

"Oh! And another thing," he proceeded once again. His rant was yet to end.

I inwardly rolled my eyes as he began to list all my mistakes from as far back as my rookie days.

I wonder if I should order Chinese for dinner, I'm definitely in the mood for noodles.

"Are you even listening to me," my head snapped in his direction taking in his tense shoulders and hard gaze.

"Yes sir," I gritted out. With how tight his jaw clenched he must have been expecting me to apologize profusely, but I learnt a long time ago kissing his ass is a waste of time. The amount of pay I receive only permits me to do my job and not stroke this dude's ego.

He continued staring me down probably going over possible ways to kill me without the chances of getting caught. At this rate I'd happily do the job for him to escape his wrath. Silence embedded itself along the plain scope of the office walls as the air grew thick with tension. Funny enough I grew used to this type of life in the time I've been here and it slowly gets easier with time.

"I don't even know why I even bother with you," he mumbled massaging his temples.

"Probably because no one can deal with your tyrant ass," was the snarky remark on my tongue. Granted I can screw up from time to time but I will gladly give my arm to anyone who can show me a perfect human being whose genetic make-up has no flaws.

And Derek Johnson is as flawed as they come, if the last 22 assistants who quit were any indication of just how problematic he is. I deserve a prize for keeping my composure. 

Clenching my jaw I set my eyes on his," As I said before, this mistake will not happen again."

"You're damn right it won't. From now on I'll get Patrice to get my coffee since you lack the basic ability to get a fucking order from Starbucks correct."

Damn it! Looks like Patrice gets the chance to spit in his coffee from now on.

The plethora of insults hurled my way everyday are enough to draw the conclusion that anything has to be better than dealing with this. Breathing the same air as him is already exhausting enough.

Without much else needed to be discussed he dismissed me with a simple 'get out'. Bolting for the door at lightning speed I plopped myself in my chair already wishing for this day to end. I still had some work I needed to do meaning I would be lucky if I left before midnight. 

What I would give to even binge watch Family guy or Game of Thrones without worrying about work.

I just need to keep pushing just until I get my degree in order to kiss this place good-bye. 

"How's my favourite boss doing?" said Patrice who wore an evident smile on her oval shaped face. She was just shy of forty and had to be by far the sweetest individual I had the pleasure of knowing. Even though I am yet to tell her she makes each day here bearable.

"I don't feel like dealing with your sarcasm right now Patty."

"That bad, huh? And here I thought the time he made Lucas check out of hospital straight after his surgery was the icing on the cake."

"I don't understand how someone can be so petty. Usually I would recommend him needing to get laid but given the amount of women that see him on a daily basis I'm convinced he's just an asshole by nature," I huffed out as I played with the paper clip on my desk.

Patrice snickered at my frustrated response.” Don’t worry, Alex. Just soldier through, after all you're going to be your own boss one day and have someone who you can send to get your coffee."

She was right though, as usual. The only difference is I won't throw a fit over whether or not the drink has cream or not.



The time on my phone stared back at me, seemingly mocking me. Time you marvellous beast, manipulation is the picture it made, promising to be with me. Each glide across the files the boss needed first thing on his desk the next morning tormented the fatigue in me, prompting it further.

Mr Johnson usually remained in the office working late; however, tonight he had other engagements involving a female.

Which he bragged about as he left the office. 

Most of the girls he dealt with were all primarily the same; materialistic, lacking any real depth from the conversations I got into with some. Most of them hardly addressed me, to them I was just an assistant meaning a low back account and a much lower standing in society. 

So to them I was not worth saying hello to, but when it came to Derek, the boss, they certainly were willing to break their backs for him. And I mean that metaphorically and literally. I have caught them leaving his office limping, holding his glass promises to call soon.

Moving from my desk, I rolled my shoulders to try easing the tension in them. Besides Luke, the janitor, I was by myself. The deserted office feel isn't all that bad though. To a certain degree I kind of liked it; I could do anything here and make as much noise as I needed to. Taking my phone I plugged in my earphones in deciding to take a quick break allowing the sweet melody of Blue Moon sink in.

How can I tell you?

I am trapped unable to speak to you as you smile.

Falling back, recovering a while from the magnitude

Of your presence in and out of me,

Removing all negativity from me.

How can I tell you?

I still refuse to hand the power into you

Without heartbreak pulling me back, reminding me of hell.

I find myself terrified to open up to you,

To tell you how I never grew up seeing Eros.

How can I tell you?

I have now seen a glimpse of Heaven with you

Without the chances of you ever abusing love I breathe.

Along the cubicles I moved towards the break room humming to the song, for once having some form of a release from the stressful day.

Granola bar in hand, feeling more refreshed I returned towards my desk. With a renewed determination in my veins as I stood by my desk to gather the papers laying haphazardly on it.

It was the tap on my shoulder which shocked me out of my deep music engrossed stupor to turn abruptly and come face to face with her...

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