Its hard doing a job that requires both hands to be fully operating and I can only manage with one. Working at the mechanic shop took a toll on me, the hood of one of the cars I was working on closed right on top of my hand.

The pain was unbearable, Johnny tried cheering me up by recalling an instance he got second degree burns on his body. I appreciated his story as it served to distract me whilst I got tended to by the doctor.

Derek had been unforgiving in allowing two weeks leave to give my hand time to heal, since it was doctor's order to rest up, I figured it was best to cash in on the leave days I hadn't used. But him being the person he is, he didn't care enough to allow a temp to come through.

And since I couldn't drive my motorcycle and even though I had a mustang, I found this hand situation an excuse at least to save money on gas. 

And no buses commute at 2 in the morning, Derek had enough decency at least to reduce the work load that allows me to leave the normal time.

Occupied with work and taking some online classes, Raquel was still on my mind. It annoyed me how much I liked her and she's with someone who didn't deserve her. The pang of pain in my chest occurs in the glimpses I catch of him holding her or pecking her on the lips. 

I can't feel possessive of her, but I do, especially knowing that to him, she's just another skirt he brags about nailing to some of the senior associates who tend to be arrogant like him.

Whenever she leaves his office, I whisper in my conscious mind...

Would she ever allow her body to be wrapped in the arms of fabric cheap on quality as opposed to Armani touching her?

Telling her about Derek's affairs crosses my mind every time and yet it somehow didn't sit right with me to expose the situation out of fear she may hate me for it. 

Sitting by the bus stop, consumed with confessions in my head, the sight of heels set on perfectly painted red toed of brown feet, made me snap my eyes immediately to see Raquel smiling at me.

Even dressed in a simple black pencil skirt, which hugged her curves and white blouse, she looked sophisticated and gorgeous.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" she asked. Her voice reverberated throughout my body, thankfully I am sitting down or else my knees would have buckled.

"Waiting for the bus."

She pursed her lips and I wondered what was going through that pretty little head of hers.

"What happened to your motorcycle?"

I was flattered she still remembered that piece of information I once told her in passing. Raising my hand to her question, her eyes widened upon seeing the state it was in.

"What happened?" Her concern was endearing to say the least and I can't help but smile at her genuine care to ask.

"To make a long story short, was working at the garage and the hood of a car closed on my hand."

"Won't working strain it?" came her next question.

"Yeah but boss man told me to work. Or else I'm fired."

I've always seen her smile but the frown set on her face made even me scared as she clenched her jaw.

Nodding her head she turned and looked at something towards the building before she returned her gaze onto me.

"I can drop you off somewhere."

Being in a confined space with her, may not be the best thing and I know some people still leaving the workplace will start rumours if they catch sight of me entering the car with the well-known fashion designer who happens to be the boss's girl.

I want her yes, the public shouldn't know that

"Thank you, but I prefer the bus," I'm going to kick myself later on. But it was best to keep a distance, if I spend more time with her, I can't promise to be a gentleman with her 

"You prefer the bus over me," she smirked moving to sit next to me, her knee brushing mine in the process.

Oh no!

Please don't make this harder for me.

"No I just...if people see us enter the same vehicle together it'll raise suspicion that something is going on."

"I see where you're coming from. You're afraid of people speculating about us."

I nodded my head glad she understood where I'm coming from. She turned her body towards me and her scent flooded my systems. 

"I'm a big girl Alex. I can handle a few rumours. Although I'll say I'm rather shocked by you."

I raised my brows, surprised by what she meant.

"You strike me as the type who takes risks on a daily basis, yet you're scared of a little gossip." She looked me straight in my eye, challenging me.

This is what I get for having a big mouth

"I am a risk taker Raquel," I found myself saying, the urge to defend myself evident.

She smiled and stood up, gazing down at me.

"Then get your ass in my car."


It's only been five minutes into the ride and I'm sweating in my seat. The distance between our bodies is innocent enough and so far I've been staring at the side of her face whilst she's just a picture of ease.

"Penny for your thoughts," she mumbled without looking at me.

"Have you always been so demanding?"

She laughed; amused I'm sure by what I said.

"Alex, I spent years fighting to make my fashion line what it is today. In order to get what you want, you can't afford to beat around the bush or else someone will come and just take it."

"Nice to see you treat me as a conquest."

"Well you're worth the effort to know," she finished and in that instant as she turned her head to smile at me. I fell.

"Let's grab some dinner, I'm starving."

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