Melanin- dark melanin

Deep chocolate eyes holding specks of gold

Full lips tempting the sin in me to covet

Cute button nose 


Tresses of black curly hair 

If this is heaven I swear to rope my arms and cling to the neck of religion.

"Hi um...sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for Terrance.

Honey... that's what her voice sounded like 

Widening my eyes I realized I must look like an idiot by the way I'm gawking at her. 

I cleared my throat along with the perverted thoughts slowly threatening to creep in.

"Terrance?" I asked. No one in the office had that name and all of a sudden I grew immensely envious of this Terrance for being uttered on this chocolate beauty's lips.

"I'm sorry but there's no one here by that name."

"Oh I'm sorry you must know him by his first name, Derek," she chuckled as she tucked her hair behind her ear.

The name she said dampened my mood. As if being shot in the foot, the disappointment felt was unreal.

She was one of his many girls.

Even in her trench coat I could tell she had curves and from the expensive handbag on her arm, there was no doubt she had money.

She's out of my league. 

Shaking off my shock I replied her," He's not here."

The disappointment was apparent on her features as she shuffled from one foot to the other.

"Oh... did he leave a few minutes ago?" she asked sounding hopeful.

"No he left hours before. Like around five."

Watching her I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She somehow came across as a sweet natured woman and judging by how upset she is, she's just seen a glimpse of Derek's clear charm.

"Well... thanks for letting me know." She was smiling but it felt forced and as she turned to leave I wanted to reach out to her. Tell her to stop downgrading herself in her head because she is worth the hassle and work.

Hoping to get one more glimpse of her, I followed suit. It may come across as creepy to most but if they saw her, they would do the same.

Freely colliding into walls, I know chances exceed hitting the ground before catching wings on this angel.

What I didn't expect to see when I caught up to her was her hunched over by the door tugging on something.

Getting closer I realised part of her trench coat got jammed on the door.

"No-no-no... this can't be happening," she mumbled as she fought with the door. The sight is rather comical but my amused expression changed when I see the panic written on hers.

"Is everything okay?" I knew nothing was okay so I immediately picked up on her lie when she told me she was fine and that I should move along and continue with my life.

Thing is I can't go back to my life after knowing of your existence.

"Are you sure you don't need my help?"

"Really... I'm fine-got everything under control," she huffed out after she failed to free her coat.

"Why don't you just take off your coat?

"Uh...I don't think that'll be a good idea," she mumbled looking away embarrassed as her body tensed up.

"Why- Oh!" I caught on to her hesitation to remove her coat. 

Derek's one lucky bastard.

Clearing my throat, I knew my face was the colour of a tomato. It's bad enough she's beautiful but knowing there's only one barrier prohibiting me from seeing her bare, I felt my pants slightly tighten just from the thought.

Oh god!

I saw Marcus from a distance and given his tendencies of having a big mouth, I did the next best thing.

"Just give me a minute."

I have never been envious of an inanimate object until my own coat. Moving towards her I blocked the side to reduce the chances of Luke seeing what was about to happen.

Staring at the coat I handed her she seemed apprehensive.

"It's okay you can use it. It's either this or we continue playing tug of war with this door. Your choice," I said raising my eyebrow.

"Okay," she sighed." Just hold it up for me please and close your eyes."

Closing my eyes whilst holding up my coat I felt her warm body wrap itself around my coat. Peaking I caught a glimpse of a tattoo on her shoulder before it disappeared in the home of my coat.

I've never seen a tattoo of an iris before.

"Thank you. You are such a lifesaver," she said after securing the coat. She smiled looking away shyly and right then I thought...

I don't mind giving you my coat along with my heart.


There has always been something comforting about working on a car engine that made me at ease. The fumes in the air lodged the prospects of time to relax me instantly. And I needed a distraction to stop thinking about her.

I hadn't gotten the chance to get her name yet she got my undying affection. 

Man, I'm pathetic.

Not that I had ever struggled with girls. From my 6'4 broad shouldered physique along with my blonde hair and blue eyes. Most girls found my chiselled jaw and eyes to their liking but that's the thing I dealt with girls. She was a woman.

I may not know her age but from the manner in which she carried herself before the door scandal, she had a maturity and class to her if her politeness is any indication.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself in my emotions. I've yet to finish college and I'm considering trying to get a woman who’s established herself in society. Plus the fact that she associates with Derek, I could barely compete if we're talking financially.

I just hope when I open my own garage and get my degree things will really pick up for me. 

Having to save sucks sometimes, it means having to really budget my things.

"Hey Alex, Dan's car needs to get checked apparently it's got faulty O2 sensors," said Johnny the other mechanic who worked here on a daily basis. In order to make extra cash I quickly befriended Mr Hughes who owned by far one of the best mechanic shops in the city. I managed to work here on weekends to earn some extra money to finish up college.

"I swear his car is always facing some problem every other week. Can't he just buy a new one," I groaned whilst changing the engine air filter.

"Sentimental value. His dad gave it to him."

At the mention of the word dad I inwardly cringed.

Must be nice having an old man who cares to that extent.

Working on the vehicle it took me some time to notice my phone ringing and I regretted it immediately as soon as I saw the caller ID.



I was expecting to hear my sister's voice, but instead heard the panic in my younger brother's voice urgently telling me to go to the hospital.

This time it went too far.

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