Used To Love You

Chapter 1

Until the moment I got into the car, I didn't expect my life to be changed completely because of a bottle of water.

I was a reporter, and the news I was following was a story about a bottle of water.

Recently, it was rumored on campus that if there was a bottle of water in the school car, it meant "sleep with me" as water sounded the same as sleep in Chinese.

In order to get first-hand information, I pretended to be a college student and fetched a bottle of water from a black car parked at the gate.

The car was parked in the parking lot of the most luxurious five-star hotel in the city.

"Girl, why don't we stay here?" As soon as the car stopped, the polite driver suddenly looked obscene.

He was staring at my chest.

I was afraid and nervous seeing him like this. However, when I thought of my purpose of being here, I still forced a smile. "I'm afraid it's not good to do here in broad daylight!"

"What's wrong with that!" Before I could ask the question, the man had already pounced on me.

A pair of big hands reached straight into the place he coveted just now. I never expected to meet such a person.

I quickly picked up the bag in my hand and threw it at him.

This hit, however, made him completely angry. He grabbed my hair and pressed me against the back of the chair. "Bitch, you took my water. Why are you pretending to be innocent?"

As he spoke, he had already pulled up his seat belt and started to tie me up.

I shouted for help, but there was silence in the huge parking lot. I was really anxious. I had never thought of such a situation.

The sound of cloth tearing sounded in my ears, and coldness reached my skin. When his rough fingers reached into the remaining fabric on my body and touched my private part, I was completely flustered.

"Let me tell you the truth. I'm not a student. I'm a news reporter. If you continue this, I'll call the police and expose you. I'll let you go to jail and be blamed!" I knew it would be hard for me to escape if I showed weakness at this time, so I threatened directly.

However, he didn't care about what I said at all. A sinister smile appeared on his face. "Are you a reporter? I'm going to be a news character today!"

As he spoke, he sat directly on top of me, and I felt a disgusting smell. I hurriedly begged for mercy, "Sir, I'll give you money. Can you let me go?"

The man glanced at me and got closer to me. His hot breath sprayed on my face and neck, but he didn't stop touching me at all. "Money? Well, look at the car I drive. Will I care about your money? I only care about you!"

At that time, I only saw that the black car was pretty. Later on, I realized that it was actually the top luxury car in the world.

I subconsciously closed my legs as he approached me, "Uh... No, please, no..."

I kept pleading, but it only made the man more excited. I was not strong enough to fight against the man. To make matters worse, I was still tied. Even though I had used all my strength to close my legs, they was still separated by the man in an instant...

The only remaining fabric on my body was ripped off, and my private part was completely exposed to the air.

I was filled with despair, and my hands were scratching around in the car. However, at this moment, I felt a cylindrical object, which was the bottle!

At the last moment, I hit the man with all my strength with the bottle.

"Hiss..." The man was in pain, but he slapped me in the face. "Bitch, behave!"

My mind buzzed, and a salty smell spread in my mouth.

At this moment, a car light shook my eyes. I suddenly saw hope. I immediately shouted desperately. However, just as I made a sound, my mouth was tightly covered by the man.

The lights went away. The man didn't move for the moment, but I couldn't move.

After the headlights were off, my hope was shattered. The man was even more ferocious after being frightened by the headlights. He was too anxiously that he took off his belt...

When the thing pressed against me, I instinctively screamed in despair, "Don't..."

Just after that, the closed door suddenly opened and light entered the dark car. At that moment, I seemed to be reborn.

Before I could react, the man on me had already rolled to the ground. He almost crawled in front of a pair of exquisite leather shoes. "Boss, I..."

I didn't care about anything else and randomly picked up my clothes and put them on myself.

After barely covering myself, I looked out of the car. Then I saw the most handsome man I had ever seen in my life.

The man raised his foot and kicked the driver on all fours. His beautiful face was filled with anger.

The driver knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.

The man waved his hand. Then two bodyguards behind him immediately stepped forward and grabbed the driver.

"Send him to the police." The man opened his thin lips. His voice was cold and magnetic. Every word of him sounded attractive.

The driver was dragged away.

Only then did the man look at me and approach me with firm and powerful steps. He unbuckled my seatbelt.

He glanced at me casually, frowned tightly, and then dialed the phone. "Get me a car and send me a set of women's clothes."

Next, the man stood upright outside the car and did not speak again, while I was inside the car, tightly covering my private parts with clothes that were already broken to pieces.

Five minutes later, another car was parked in front of us. A woman in a professional suit handed a bag to the man.

The man took the bag and threw it on me. "Put it on."

I quickly closed the door and put on the clothes that the man gave me. The clothes didn't fit, but they were much better than the ones that were torn up before.

I got out of the car and thanked the man sincerely. The man's eyes rested on me for a moment. "The man who hurt you will be dealt with impartially by the police. Our company will also give you some compensation, so I hope this ends here."

After the man finished speaking, he went straight to another car.

The girl who sent the clothes came over with a folder, gave me a lot of documents, and told me a lot of things. In fact, all they meant was that it was their boss's driver who had just committed a crime against me. Their boss was not responsible, but the boss would compensate me with some money out of humanitarianism. He hoped that I would not publicize this so that their company's image would not be affected.

I finally agreed to the request and signed the pile of documents. The girl gave me a card and said that the money to compensate me was in it.

After I handed the documents back to the girl, the car that followed drove straight away.

I also walked out of the garage weakly. Before I could get out of the garage, the car came back. The good-looking man opened the door and said, "Get in!"

I was stunned for a moment. Then the man continued, "I'll send you back."

I wanted to say no, but my body didn't allow it at all as my feet were so weak that it was difficult for me to move.

After getting in the car, the man kept typing on his laptop. The girl who asked me to sign the confidentiality agreement asked me where I was going.

I should go back to my company at this time. However, after such a thing, I really didn't have the strength. Therefore, I simply said my home address.

It wasn't until I got out of the car that my legs finally got better.

I thought that would be the worst thing that happened to me the whole day. I didn't expect that what really made my life fall into hell was what I saw when I came home!

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