Lauren's POV

"Oh hey Lauren! Good to see you here! I didn't really know you'd be in the same university. What a coincidence! Right, Camila?" Camila looks shocked as usual when she turns to me. She may have not expected to bump into me once again. I don't really understand if she dislikes me or not. Last night was great, I had a really great time talking to her and she's a person I can trust besides my other friends like Alexa and Lucy and the other girls.

Camila fakes her cough and bumps her shoulder to Dinah before she speaks. "Well... yeah... it's such a coincidence." She looks away and focuses to Dinah. "Dinah I think I have to go back to the dorm room. I forgot something. Can you eat by yourself today? I mean you have your mouth and hands after all." Dinah almost wanted to laugh but she just nods and when she's about to walk away I stop her.

"Wait up, Camila!" She answers not facing me.  "I'd really like to talk to you about this homework thing we need to be able to finish by next week. Well if you don't mind."

She faces me and before she says something, Dinah interrupts. "You know what guys why don't you just both go to the dorm and talk about this homework stuff... you were saying Lauren? I didn't know you're in a class together. It's good because Camila likes it when there's someone she knows that's around for her."

"Dinah!" Camila almost yelled. "Don't mind what she's saying she's crazy most of the time. Have you taken your lunch?" She asks me.

"Yes actually I just finished. How about you?"

"I'm not really hungry. If you like to talk about this homework thing then you must follow me to my dorm." She offers and I smile.

Dinah coughs to interrupts us once again. "That's what I thought! Lauren, have you seen Ally? I've been looking for her. I have something really good to tell her!"

"Well, I believe she's at the History room? You know Ally she likes those kinds of stuff."

"Thanks, Lauren. You guys enjoy your day! I'll get going now! Bye, Lauren. Bye, Mila! Have fun!" Dinah leaves us and Camila starts walking which signals me to walk too.

I follow her steps and I notice her silence. She doesn't speak any word as we walk back to her dorm and I don't even know if there was something I did or say that pissed her off. What I only remember is she was surprised that we share the same class and that's not even a bad thing. Well, for me, I don't know for her. What could be the problem if we share the same class together when Dinah just stated she wants it better if she has a friend in her class? Didn't she tell me last night that we're already friends? I really don't get her and as much as I want to know what she feels I don't know what she thinks.

"Hey Camila. Are we still far?" I try to break the silence. She just shakes her head as her answer. "Well are we already here though?" She shakes her head once again and I'm getting enough of it. I grab ahold of her hand and let her face me. She's surprised at the sudden movement.

"What? Why?!"

"There. You are speaking to me now. I was worried you lost the ability of speaking." I joke and she doesn't even flinch or smile. "Well you're not talking to me and I want to know why." I add.

She turns her back to me again. "I'm sorry if I'm born not too friendly and talkative. You must know that by now. I'll talk to you about the homework when we're already in the dorm."

"Well that's not what I'd witnessed last night? You were basically talking to me about stuff and you were pretty cheery and excited about it. I don't know what happened but if this is about how I acted earlier that made you think I made fun of you. Well, it's false. I wasn't making fun of you. You don't look like shit. You look cute and beautiful to me." I try to explain to her because it's unfair to me if she's judging me based on one thing that's not even true.

"That..." She spoke too softly and I almost didn't hear it clearly. I don't understand what she's trying to say and I shrug it off as she stops and we're already outside her dorm room. "We're here. The place is a complete mess because of Dinah. I must apologize if you're uncomfortable with that." She opens the door for me and the place actually doesn't look like a total mess. It looks cool, there are paintings hanging in the walls and I didn't even know she's into some kind of art. "I really loved those paintings that's why I had to buy them at some art fair. Although I don't know how to paint."

"No it's okay there's nothing wrong about not being able to paint. I admire the paintings too. I do know you don't paint though but I didn't know you're into art."

"Sort of." She answers as she puts her bag on top of her bed. She opens her laptop and tells me that I can use it while she makes coffee for the both of us. "What do you prefer?"

"I'd love black." She nods and I use the computer and does a little of opening some random files until I come across the 'Love and Other Interesting Words' file.

The world is consists of various kinds of people who happen to meet other people by fate. They don't know when and how they'll be meeting them. It can be bumping into them in a subway or accidentally throwing them the ball in a campus field. We don't really know how we will meet our significant others but what fate tells us is that we meet them in the right time. If we happen to meet them and us don't get along well, we'll be meeting them once again anytime soon and we have to be ready for that because fate is one stubborn kid which takes you by surprise...

"Have you thought of something?" Camila surprises me as she appears with two cups of coffee in her hand and all of a sudden I clicked close to the file I was just reading. "What?"

"Hey I'm sorry. I was thinking of something but I kind of forgot about it because you just took me by surprise." She furrows her eyebrows and just lets it slide.

"I apologize for that but here's your coffee. I don't make coffees well I hope you just like it though." I take the coffee from her grip and take a sip from it. I almost bit my lip. "Oops. It's still hot. Are you okay?" Yes, you just make me quite nervous is all. I almost wanted to say to her.

"I'm okay really and it tastes nice. Well it may not count but I'll take a sip of it again and hopefully it won't be that hot then." She smiles. Finally she smiles. There is no tension between us after all and I'm just assuming things. "So I'm thinking of reading something like Stephen King stuff."

"Oh. Well, I already made a paper about one book by Stephen King and I don't think I can make one again because it would feel like a cliché and my thoughts will be like the same and it won't be great. I'm sorry."

"How many times do I have to tell you that you don't have to say sorry all the time?" Last night she has apologized a bunch of times for something she didn't even have to feel sorry for and now she's saying sorry for something that's not even considered a bad thing.

She takes a sip of her coffee and takes the laptop from me. "Well I'm like that. You should get used to it by a week." By a week? What does she mean by that? "I mean we'll be working for this homework by a week right? After that, you won't be annoyed by me feeling sorry all the time."

"I didn't imply that I get annoyed by it. I just don't want you feeling that way all the time. We are friends after all." She starts clicking on the keyboard and typing some words I can't see because I feel like she's covering her face using her laptop. "You know what let's just use the book that's on your mind. You're better than me at this anyway. I'll do the best that I can."

"I am planning on a tragic plot if that's okay with you. I kind of feel more into writing when it's tragic like someone dies or someone gets sick or someone gets away and just disappears."

"As long as you're okay with it then I'm also okay with it."

"I need to know your thoughts, Lauren. This is a group homework. Just because I like it doesn't mean you have to like it too. I mean if you're not okay with it, you can say so and we can come up into some better book that we are both going to be okay with. That's a lot better than just agreeing to everything I say."

"Woah woah! Wait." I take away the laptop she's holding and put it into some place she wouldn't be able to reach. "Why are you getting mad all of a sudden?"

"Why do you come to conclusions right away?"

"Why do I feel like it's not about the homework why you're mad?"

She glares at me and stands up. She puts the cup of coffee on top of the table and sits on her bed. "For starters, I'm not mad, you're just massively annoying." And this is my fault now?

"Enlighten me about how annoying I am to you." I walk near to her place and she stops me. "What? I don't have some allergic illness. I am perfectly normal, Camila!"

"No. Don't come near me you stay at your place. I plan on working on 'All The Bright Places' book. You go search for it and use my laptop. I'm going to use Dinah's laptop. We both work on our own for now."

She is totally acting weird right now. I don't even know how to act around her. She makes me feel like I did something bad to her when in fact I didn't. I sit on the floor and use her laptop. I go to Google and search for the book she mentioned. I first analyze the book cover, it seems mysterious and nice. It Camila wants me to read this book, I will definitely read it. I take a picture of the book and plan on going to the nearest book store to get a copy of it. The laptop is covering my face so I look to where Camila is sat and she's looking cute. She twists her face as she looks really annoyed and as much as I want to go near her and ask about her problems, she doesn't want me to. Basically, the only time I can get near her is when it's English class, when I can finally sit next to her.

"Hey I just want to know if you've already read this book. Is it a good one?" I break the silence once again and it takes almost a minute before I get a reply back.

"Yes, you should read it."

"I am actually engrossed with the book cover though. I'll buy a copy later. Would you like to accompany me and maybe you have something to buy too?" She's not looking at me and she just continues on typing.

"I can't sorry. I have a lot to do and work on. You can ask Ally or Dinah to accompany you. They can be free by the time." I sigh and she doesn't even notice. She doesn't get it. If she does have problems with me, she can go and talk to me about it. "I'm afraid they're not going to be free by the time. I really wish someone would accompany me." She just continues on typing and I never get a reply back. Minutes have passed by that it felt like hours because silence consumed us, the door opened.

"OH MY GOD!" Dinah appeared from the door as I looked up at her. "Why are you sitting on the floor Lauren? Mila, what is this about?"

"Nothing, Dinah. We are working on our paper." She answers and I stand up and save the file I will use from now on to write about the book. I notice Ally's presence at the back of Dinah that it seems like she's just listening to our interaction.

"Well, Lauren. I brought Ally with me and we're going to have sOME PARTEEEHHHH!" They yell in unison and I want to cover my ears and when I look at Camila she's looking at me and looks away after. "Do you guys wanna come with us?" Dinah and Ally ask.

Camila places the laptop on her bed and stands up. "In case you forgot Dinah I don't go to parties and you promised just a while ago that you will never ever let me come into parties again." Camila smiles at Dinah devilishly.

"How about you Lauren? Will you come with us?" Ally asks me and I turn my gaze to Camila who seems like she doesn't care at all. "I hope you don't miss this party dear because there will be a lot of newcomers! Party hard! Party hard!"

"Camila, I brought you bananas and nutella! I know you are so grateful. I already gave you the note. From now on, you'll always be feeling thankful for me and just remember my note, okay?" She says to Camila and laughs as Camila gets the bananas and put it beside her on the bed.

"Well I have to go buy something if you guys accompany me there first then I'll be able to come with you at the party." Dinah gets some of her things in her drawer and Ally just waits outside. "I have to go. I'll talk to you about this maybe tomorrow." I tell Camila and she just nods.

Dinah grabs ahold of my hand and basically gets me away from the dorm room as quickly as possible but before Dinah gets to close the door, Ally speaks up. "There will be a lot of girls there, Lauren. I will introduce you to Lily. You've met before and never had the chance to meet again." And when I look at Camila, she looks confused and sad but Dinah closes the door and I don't know what next.

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