2- Kidnap

She felt on her knees while crying vigorously.

After an hour, She came back to reality after hearing his footsteps sound.

" What you decided? ” he smirked. She gave a disgusting glare.

" Ok fine! Edward drop her home” he ordered his men, she felt happy for a second, but soon her happy face dropped down while hearing his next sentence.

" And you...( pointed his finger towards her). You will get the parcel in an hour .. Get ready for the funeral process! ” He said in a dangerous tone ...

" Noo..please!” She yelled in horror.

" Are you ready then? ” He chuckled with a smirk.

She nodded blankly.

" When I’m asking something reply me ... In words! ” he scowled in angry.

" I’m ready !” She choked in tears of disgust. It hasn’t affected that devil ... It added a smirk.

" I love to hear this from you, get ready to be mine tonight!” he smirked.

“No, please ... I have a condition.” She pleaded

He stepped back to hear her.

" I want my brother to be in my home before all this! ” she asked,

" What if you escape after leaving him? ” he chuckled, She was all quite.

" ok, I will leave your brother safe, don’t think about running away bcoz I know how to get what’s mine ” he mumbled in a dangerous voice before leaving.

After an hour he came back...

He handled his phone...

" Inform your parents that you are in your friend house and will be home late ...

She quickly grabbed phone and dialled her family. She got information that her brother reached safely. They gave him drug so he hasn’t remembered anything happened few hours before. He could only have flashes.

Before she could react he took her in his arms. She yelled in horror by his sudden act, but being a devil he ignored her pleadings. He carried her towards a room in the same building. The view made her shock. He placed her on the bed carefully, He wanna enjoy the thing what he is doing but every passing second is killing her. He got on the bed while unbuttoning his shirt...

" Please, don’t run my life ... Please!” She pleaded for the last time. He smashed his shirt on her.

" Two mins time! undress fast and wear this, Only this!” He ordered in a dangerous tone.

She grabbed that shirt and about to leave to change...

" Where you’re going undress here in front of me!” he smirked.

Tears of disgust and helplessness flowed down her eyes...

" Ok stop crying, you can use the washroom! ” he chuckled

She ran inside and cried out loud by crushing her fate. He knocked on her door.

" Come out fast, stop wasting my time !” he yelled...

She shivered by hearing his voice. She got changed and came out in his white shirt which only covers her up to her thighs. He smirked by seeing her. He took her in his arms and carried her towards the bed. He came on top of her and planted a kiss on her teary eyes. He leaned towards her Rosy lips soon he claimed her lips with his, But she hasn’t responded .. she cried silently. He has broken the kiss he felt very irritated as she is not responding him.

" Why the hell you’re not responding? ” he yelled

She gulped in fear while sobbing. He held her shirt and unbuttoned her shirt top two buttons.

" You should respond for my ever touch, I want you to moan my name while I do this, Do you understand or else it will be more painful!” he warned in a dangerous tone.

" please leave me I can’t do this, please... Please... It’s just forcing you are taking my husband right ... It’s not right, ... Leave me..” She pleaded in tears.

His eyes filled with angry he grabbed her shirt in his fist her top 3bottons broken down with the sudden force. His eyes fell on her cleavages, she covered her front while holding her shirt.

“Remove your hands..” He yelled

"Please, leave me!” She pleaded...

He removed her hands forcibly and drove himself in her neck...while tracing her neck with fingers. She was sobbing continuously.

He touched her waist and pinched it lightly, She gasped in pain. He moved apart and traced her complete body with his eyes... Inch by inch.

He smirked by thinking something.

" Please, leave me!” She pleaded...

He removed her hands forcibly and drove himself in her neck...while tracing her neck with fingers. She was sobbing continuously.

He touched her waist and pinched it lightly, She gasped in pain. He moved apart and traced her complete body with his eyes... Inch by inch.

He smirked by thinking something.

" I’m taking your husband right .. Do u think so!” He asked with a smirk.

She nodded while sobbing.

"Where is your husband? ” he questioned.

"Soon I will get married. After my graduation!” she choked in a scared tone.

" I see... So you don’t wanna sleep with a stranger! ” he asked.

She nodded ...

" Please, leave me! ” she sobbed.

" ok, Give that to your husband only. I will give you that chance, but in return I want something, ” he smirked.

"What you want sir?” She shivered.

" Nothing more just a kiss! You should respond to my kiss, you should kiss tight hard as I do, Will you!

“Will u really leave me, if I do as you ask?” she asked innocently.

" Haan... I will leave... ” he assured, She nodded.

He captured her lips in a passionate kiss. She was shocked first, but she remembered his words. “respond baby!” he whispered in between kiss. He sealed her lips tight and he pinched her waist.she opened her mouth by providing him with a clear excess, he drove his tongue inside her mouth. She left her lips for him. He dominated her so much that she lost her breath. She was struggling to breathe. He tasted her every corner while exploring her mouth with a passion. It was his first kiss too.

His first desire is Nandini his nandu... He wanna own her at any cost. He traced his hand inside her shirt. After 15mins of a long yet passionate kiss, he has broken the kiss... She gasped air all of sudden.

" Can I go now?” she pleaded in tears.

" ok, you can go” he smirked while getting up.

She got up to change in the old outfit but he stopped.

“Give my shirt here, and go! ” he smirked.

" I will give after changing, Sir...” She pleaded in tears.

" I want right now. Or shall, I take it myself? I know you still had your inners, Come baby give my shirt ... Or else you can’t go!” He chuckled with a smirk.

She gulped down her tears. She unbuttoned her shirt one by one. Each passing second she is dying. She removed her shirt and covered herself with that shirt...

"Good girl, come on give me that shirt! ” he chuckled.

She stepped towards him and she gave him his shirt. She covered her exposed front with her hands. Within a second, she ran into the washroom with her clothes without looking at him. Which made him angry.

She came out after changing back in her normal jeans and long top up to her knees.

" Did I gave you permission that u ran away? ” he scowled.

" I’m sorry! ” she sobbed.

“It’s not easy, you should get punished for this mistake. Come here!” He screamed which shivered her.

She took steps towards him, But he got more irritated. He moved towards her and pulled her up on his lap While shocked her to the core. He rested his hand on her butts, she tried to flip down but he gripped her tight on his lap.

" What you are doing? Plz leave me!” she whimpered under him. Without a word or warning, he gifted a hard spank on her back. She gasped in pain. He rubbed his hand softly on her jeans to smoothen her pain.

" One for slapping me on that day!

“Spank... Two for being so beautiful!

“Three for locking me in your wet dreams !

“Four... For stopping me today!

And here is last... For disobeying me!

By 5... She was fully in pain, Sobbing on his lap. He was turned on by feeling her.

He turned her and made her sit on his lap. She was still sobbing in tears. She was about to get up But scared of him.

" Don’t cry, I will not punish you more,” he whispered in husky tone while kissing her ear.

" Please let me go!” She pleaded in tears.

" hmm... you turned me so hard...Like a rock... How can I let u go so easily? ” he smirked while caressing her thighs.

She couldn’t understand what he said.

“Please, leave me! I’m not as you think, I’m sorry! I will never come before you. Please, leave me!” She sobbed. He wiped her tears.“Go... You are free now!” He smirked.

She was about to leave when he stopped her. She rooted like a statue in fear.

" I will drop you !” he assured and dropped her home, she ran away without seeing him.

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