8- Married

After hearing Manik confession, Nandu was shocked completely. She is totally confused about what to react! She is confused to understand what he said just a minute before.

Nandu POV,

I’m sitting on his bed in a shock. I really can’t understand him, one side he forces me and hurt me But on another side, he says that he doesn’t want to hurt me. He wanted to get married because he can tie me with him always but with zero love. Why he said, he can’t love? What if I ask him to leave me forever, Will he leave me? I think no ... He will again be a beast. If I answer ‘yes’. It will be like digging my own pit.

" what if its ” noo “? “I whispered in a low tone. I’m very scared to speak out.

" I will force you nandu! because I don’t have any other option. I don’t like to hear no, and nextly, I don’t trust girls... as all are backstabbers, but I felt you may not stab me. Better decide what you want pain or gain? ” he smirked.

I know he is devil only one option.

" ok sir, but please don’t hurt me. ” I whispered in tears.

"No need of sir, you can call me Manik, but when I’m angry you refer me as sir, ” he said in an authorized tone she nodded silently.

" come, I will drop u home,” he said which shocked her she hasn’t moved an inch.

" What! ” he asked.

“Sir! My shirt! ” she whispered in a low tone while lying down. His eyes fell on the shirt pics beside the bed lying on the floor.

" ok, be here, I will get you a dress!” he said.

He left towards his dressing room and got her a mini skirt and top.

" Change, I will get you a coffee,” he said while placing it on the bed.

She took it and ran to change, but it's uncomfortable for her. she came back and sat back on the bed while covering her legs with a sheet.

Manik came back with two cups of coffee.

" Did u changed?′ he asked.

" yah changed but ...” She stammered.

" but!

" Umm sir, I’m not comfortable. it’s so short!” she replied innocently.

"It's ok, we will shop now, have this coffee. we will go out!” he said.

She nodded both had coffee.

" let’s go, ” he asked.

" sir this dress, ” she asked while getting up from bed

" that’s so sexy!” he smirked

She stepped back in fear.

"Don’t worry, I will not do anything now. let’s go, we can do it after marriage, ” he said with a smirk.

Both left to a shopping mall.

She brought  few dresses of his choice with her comfort. While passing the way nandu found a toy store, Manik saw her face which is so excited.

" shall we shop something here?” he asked with a smile.

Nandu was so excited she nodded yes happily. She jumped in the store and started exploring all she brought some toys and a big teddy of her size. Manik smiled by seeing her childishness he dropped her home.

She was so peaceful today after a long time. she felt better. She hugged that teddy and remembered him.

" m... Manik ” she whispered.

Its first time she uttered his name.

She hugged teddy hard while blushing by her own voice calling out his name.

It was happy for nandu, She got a hope that Manik can love her. He is not that worst.

After 2days Manik came to meet nandu.

After completing dinner Manik and nandu made an excuse and left towards nandu balcony.

They had a pin drop silence Manik broken it.

"Nandu will join back my office?” he questioned.

She jerked in fear.

"Don’t get scared, I will not punish you even you do anything wrong. we can spend some time together, you can be comfortable soon after marriage, you should be 24/7. so now you can know a few things about me, and I can know about you. ” he asked in a cold tone.

She nodded.

He hugged her in excitement.

" thank you, will see you morning. ” he chuckled while leaving her in shock.


Manan left to the office together. They had a good day had lunch together.

Nandu has seen a pic on his desk.


" Manik... ” he added with a smile.

" who is this sir ...Manik!” she asked.

" my dad Manish Malhotra,” he whispered in a sad tone.

" I’m sorry, And ur mom? ” she asked innocently.

Suddenly Manikk sad expression turned as angry ...

" she is dead long back before my dad ” he scowled in angry.

Nandu was shocked by seeing his sudden frustration.

" I’m sorry !” she choked in fear.

"Never remain her nandu ..it’s first and last warning never talk about this ” he warned in angry and left the cabin in angry.

He came back evening and dropped her home.

Nandu POV

He hates his mom. The first time I’m seeing this.

will any son hate his own mother?

Why he hates her?

Why will someone hate dead ppl?

Days are so good for them. Nandu started being comfortable with Manik. She came to know all his likes, dislikes, Habits, including his timetable.

Manik started liking her childishness. He started caring for her. He used to gift her a chocolate box daily. Normal dinner dates. They enjoyed this 2months, and nandu had cleared her graduation stood as a topper of her university. Everyone is happy.

Manan got married in a temple sweet simple wedding, They had saath pheras he filled her maang, And he made her wear mangal sutra. Finally, they got married.

Nandini Sharma turned as Nandini Malhotra.

After taking blessing from all they moved to complete the last ritual. They gave send off to them.

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