3- Hate

A week later ...

Nandini tried hard to forget the incident which she had with Manik. She cried every night by remembering him.

One fine night...

“Nandu come out will have dinner we had a special guest!” Her dad yelled with a smile.

Nandu came out to see who it is. Her jaws dropped by seeing the devil... Stood in front of her.

" He is Manik, The one who saved your brother from kidnappers... ” nandu dad said.

What! He saved. She was still in shock.


As he kidnapped. Her brother with a blindfold. He created a scene as he saved him...in this week he created a friendly relationship with her brother. And came close to her dad. Now he came to her home also...

“Hi, nandu...” Manik wished with a smirk...

" hi! ” She shivered in fear.

nandu mom served dinner. They got seated in the living room for dessert.

" I will get maa you sit! ” nandu made excuse to go away from him.

She left towards the kitchen. After sometime Manik made an excuse of call and secretly left inside the kitchen from the back door.

He hugged her from the back...

Nandu gasped in shock...

" Leave me! ” she yelled.

He moved his hands towards her waistband. he held it tight Like he gonna rip it off.

She got quite...

" Good girl. Be quiet! if u make any noise, I will end up with something... ” he whispered.

Tears rolled down in fear...

" Why your crying now? Did I at least touched you, Why the hell ur crying.. ” he scowled while pulling her towards him.

She hasn’t replied.

"Will you reply me ..or you want to be punished! ” he smirked.

She remembered his way of punishment. She cried more. She pushed him back with force.

“You’re so bad! ” she sobbed which increased his anger, he grabbed her shirt and started kissing her hard. She tried to push him, but it's hard to do. His hands started travelling down. He pressed her butts while biting her lower lip.

" Nandu!” A familiar voice yelled in shock.

Nandu gave him a tight slap in fear and tension which made him fall apart but still standing on his place. Nandu’s mom rushed inside by hearing the sound of the slap.

Manik was about to drag her, but he has seen the presence of her mom and got quiet.

“What is going on! Manik, why you are in the kitchen? ” she asked in confusion.

“Nothing aunty, I just came to help her. NO, I wanna say something, aunty ” he whispered.

Nandu got shocked... Is he saying all?

′ What you want to say.” She asked.

" I will say it in front of all... Nandu you too come out..” He chuckled.

All got settled in the living room. Manik stood in front of all and Nandu is standing facing him.

" Uncle actually, my name is Manik Malhotra legal heir and head of Malhotra group. ( all are shocked by knowing this truth) I have seen your daughter 2weeks back while passing on the road. She slapped me for rash driving. ” ( all seen at her in shock. she gulped down in fear.) I like her guts, her attitude and her beauty everything. I approached her to confess, but she said me like you both can decide her life. While trying this, I found Nick and saved him its like normal help with zero profit. If you all are ok. I want to marry nandu. ” He confessed.

All got shocked by this sudden confession. Tears rolled down her eyes... Now, he is trying to rule her complete life.

" They felt happy. Bcoz they don’t know Manik true colour, but nandu know it well”

" What about your parent’s? ” Her dad asked.

“They left me long back, I was living alone. I promise I will give her the best life.No need to doubt on me. I never saw any girl like I do with her.

"She is my desire.

" No!” Nandu yelled with anger all stared at Nandu.

" uncle, she is confused about something. If u spare us 5mins, I will say her everything in clear .” He assured.

Manik pulled her into a room beside.

" you will do this marriage and its final! ” he scowled while throwing her on the bed.

" no, I don’t want to marry such a cheap man. ” she scowled in disgust. He got angry, but he controlled.

" Now, I have a lifetime to punish you. You dared to slap me twice and talking bad about me you will regret !” he warned, she pushed him away from her.

"Ok, you had a romantic movie watch it once, ” he smirked while bouncing his phone.

She played that video tears rolled down her eyes in shock.

“It’s you and me and your wearing my shirt. what if I show this to your dad! ′ he smirked.

“Show him, I can answer him and he trusts me beyond anything, ” she replied with confidence.

" I know you will say this, But what if I upload in social media can your dad answer whole society that his daughter is kissing and making out with strangers?” he smirked.

"How can you do this with me? what the sin I did? For what you’re destroying my life? Why you want to hurt me like this?” she pleaded in tears while grabbing his collar.

"Cool baby, I just want you! if you accept this you can get my status, my money, my name and everything you want, your family will be happy and safe. The thing you should do is pleasing me in all ways. If you say ‘No' I will kill your family and create that as suicide. Later, I will kidnap you and you will be in my house as’ my slave’. You have one min time decide and come out, I’m ok with your yes or no bcoz whatever you decide, I will get what I want! ” he muttered in dangerous tone and left the room.

She started sobbing badly by feeling helpless while hugging her knees.

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