She lost on crying, he got up from his chair and moved towards her, but she got a call after attending it he left all of sudden.

After 2hrs, He came back, Nandu is still crying while sitting on a corner of the cabin. He got on his knee in front of her with an evil smirk and placed his hand on her thigh. She crawled away in fear.

"Leave me, please ” she pleaded in tears.

"Not so easy! ” he smirked.

"Please, I want to go home. ” she choked in tears.

He felt that to a little.

"Ok, go wash you’re the face, I will call driver you can go home, ” he said in a calm tone.

"It's ok, please, let me go! ” she choked suddenly she remembered something.

" Sorry sir! ” she choked in a scared tone while crawling away.

“For today, go home and take rest, ” he said in a calm tone while caressing her hair.

He gave her hanky ” clear those tears!

She cleaned her face with a hanky and gave him back.

The driver dropped her home.

Manik POV,

(Night 10)

How dare she is to avoid my calls again?

I thought she got a lesson by punishment, but No! I’m wrong she deserves more. She just acted to be scared you will regard for this miss .nandini Sharma you will pay for everything.

how can you think that girls say the truth! They are disgusting girls only deserve pain nothing else only pain. I will never let you hurt me Nandu.

I will hurt you more the main sin you did was being a girl and coming in front of me. You did both so you should accept this pain.

Next day nandu’s flat,

Manik came to pick nandu as he entered he found none in the home.

"Nandu!” he yelled

Soon her dad came out from nandu room.

"She can’t come to the office, Manik ” her dad informed.

“No! Why she will not come? ” he yelled

"She is not feeling well,” he said in a sad tone.

"What! What happened to her? ” he asked in horror.

"She got a high fever, don’t know she hasn’t talked with anyone from yesterday evening when we checked morning she had fever shivering, ” he said,

Manik understood well.

"Have you called the doctor!” he asked

" yes on the way!

Manik called one more high efficient doctor

"Can I met her once!” he asked them.

He left inside her room.

She was lying semi-conscious on her bed while shivering,

" Nandu! ” he whispered while holding her hand.

As she felt his touch she jerked her hand in fear.

" Please, leave me, I’m sorry please leave me! ” she pleaded in sleep he felt bad by seeing her condition.

" I’m sorry nandu!” he whispered while moving closer towards her.

She cried silently in fear shivering.

" I’m really sorry, don’t cry, I will not hurt you!” he whispered in a calm tone.

She hasn’t replied him. soon the doctor came,

He checked nandu he gave a prescription and grabbed an injection from his box.

Nandu eyes popped out in fear.

" Doctor, can’t we handle with tablets, ”her dad asked the doctor.

"No, it's needs! patient condition is not good, ” he said

" Uncle, why you’re asking so? ” Manik questioned her dad.

"She is scared of injection!” her dad replied them.

"It’s ok uncle, I will handle this,” he assured

Her dad nodded and left the room as he is unable to see nandu crying. He got seated beside her.

Now she was scared of two things around her one is injection and other Manik. He read her mind, he leaned close to her. she crawled away a little.

" Mr.manik, why you’re having a special interest in this case ” The doctor chuckled.

" she is my desire, my fiancé ” he replied with a smile.

" Wow congrats, I have thought you may marry some model, but nice choice I think she suits you “. doctor complimented.

Manik blushed nandu was silent by watching this.

" Shall I do injection? Don’t worry dear, it will not pain just a second.” the doctor said her.

She crawled away in fear Manik held her and pulled her in a hug.

" Calm down nandu! ” he whispered while rubbing her back his touch is not dirty like before it’s so lovely she was comfortable.

"Please, " She cried scared.

"Calm down! Baby it will be fine" He whispered hugging her.

The doctor gave her injection she gripped his shirt tight in fear after that she was still hugging him. He signed the doctor to leave the doctor left silently.

She has fallen asleep while hugging him her grip on his shirt is tight. He forgot his office, his work and froze his world on her sleeping cute face.

Manik was sleeping beside nandu soon her dad came back after completing his work. He was surprised to see Manik is still in her room.

" beta...

He saw her dad who is standing near door staring him.

"why you’re still here? We will take care of her beta by morning her mom will come back you can go and do your work I think you had missed a lot of work today ” he said in the consent.

“It’s ok uncle, Uncle if u don’t mine, can I stay here tonight? Please, uncle, don’t say no .. I want to be with her please ” he pleaded.

" ok, you can be..  this is your house too,” he replied with a smile.

"Thank you so much uncle ” He yelled in excitement.

" I should thank you!  I’m really happy that she had got such a good and caring life partner. stay happy always!" he blessed and left the room.

Manik looked at Nandini who is sleeping on bed.

"I don't wanna hurt you ever but why you always get me at this phase baby" He mumbled caressing her face. She moved her head in sleep making cute faces.

"This innocence is driving me crazy " He smiled kissing her forehead and fallen asleep watching her at late hours.

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