5- Pleasurable Punishment

It was your only duty, obey me all the time do whatever I say and trust me I will not make out until we get married still than we should have warmup right. ” He smirked.

She passed a disgusting look at him.

" you had few rules here

Rule one. Never say no to me.

Rule two . when I ask something you should reply in words.

Rule three. Never think about any other man in your life, only I should be...forget all even u have any!

Rule four. never try to backstab me!

Rule five...Follow and obey everything I say especially above stated four rules.

“If you disobey or violate any of my words. you will suffer severe punishments, infact, I will show you hell.

She gulped her saliva in fear.

" do u understand? ” he scowled.

She nodded.

" I said you already answer me in words! ” he yelled in angry while stepping towards her.

" Haan! ” she choked while moving away on the couch.

" yes sir! Learn to respect me this is your first mistake today, on that day you did a mistake by slapping me once again. If u do one more mistake than you will get a horrible reward by that you will remember rest of our life, ” he whispered in a smiling tone in her ear.

"Noo..” she slammed.

" what no..” He yelled in angry while holding her hair.

"Noo, sir! please leave me it’s hurting. ” she choked and pleaded in tears. He left her free and moved apart.

" that’s like a good girl. you will get a reward for being good ” he chuckled while grabbing chocolate from his pocket.

"Have it, I will be back after a meeting ”He mumbled while planting a kiss on her cheek and left her alone.

Manik left her alone she felt bored by staying in between four walls. It’s been 3hrs still, she hasn’t found him back. she was happy in his absence. But due to a lot of free time, she felt hell boring. She started observing his cabin, she seen a glass shield on the glass cupboard. She moved towards it and moved the glass door. she took the shield in her hand and read the name on the shield.

" Manish Malhotra ”

She lost while thinking about, who is this Manish? She kept the shield on its place. she was about to lock the glass drawer soon, she heard an unlocking sound in fear her hand got skipped on some glass in the cupboard it fell down and broken into pics.

" What the hell you’re doing? ” Manik yelled in angry.

′ nothing sir, I’m just watching, I’m sorry?” she choked in shivering tone.

" Are you spying on me? ” he scowled in angry.

" No! I’m just seeing that shield. ” she choked

" I know well about girls, you all are lack of money and position” he yelled in angry while pulling her towards him.

" I’m not cheap like you think, I’m not interested in your money or position your the one who is misusing both while forcing me in this,” she shouted in angry while pushing him back.

He got more angry with her answer.

" How dare you to raise your voice upon me! ” he yelled while moving towards her.

" I’m not any slave of you, what the sin I did? even I’m human, I have feelings, I have self-respect, but you’re just a monster. always hurting me in all means. ” she Scowled in tears.

" you’re my slave, you deserve more pain than this for standing against me. ” he snuggled while pulling her towards him.

" Leave me! ” she yelled while struggling,

He thought for a second. he got an idea.

He left her and moved towards his drawer he had a small box he got it out. He placed it on his table while occupying his armchair.

" Come her sit on my lap! ” he ordered.

She hasn’t moved an inch from her position.

" You have 5seconds, on the 6th second, I will increase your punishment 5times, ” he warned in a dangerous tone.

She knows well that, he is serious it will be better if she goes herself. She stepped towards him and got seated on his lap. He rested his hands on her thighs while caressing them sensually.

" Open the box!” he whispered in her ear.

She held that box to open, but she stopped when she felt his hand’s moving upward towards her inner things. She jerked his hands off her in seconds which shocked him to the core.

" Dare not to repeat again!” he smirked while placing his hands on her thighs.

" Open the box! ” he whispered back,

She opened it ′ Its an object in unordered shape oval it’s so small as an egg’

" Do u know what it is? ” he asked.

"Noo!” she replied

"It’s a vibrator!” he replied in a husky tone.

" Means? ” she asked innocently.

"It will vibrate, I will show practically!” he chuckled with an evil smirk while grabbing the little remote in that box. He turned it on it started vibrating slowly in her hand which shocked her.

" What is the use of this? ” she asked innocently, he placed the remote on the table and took the vibrator in his palm. he moved that on her thigh, she thought its a funny device as it caused her tickling.

Soon he placed the vibrator on her pan**e which jerked her first time ever she felt someone touching her there, She tried to get up from him but it’s too late he held her tight and rubbed the vibrator on her pan**.

" What are you doing? it hurts! ” she pleaded in tears.

" It means to hurt!” he smirked while running it on her mould.

She struggled to manage her breath to stay on, but the sensation is unbearable maybe it’s on low but as its first time it was unbearable.

" Please, take it away !” she pleaded while falling down from his lap.

But still, he held it all tight against her sensitive spot.

" Will you again dare to raise our voice, ” he asked while pressing it hard.

" No, please, take it away! ” she begged him while breathing heavy,

" Say me that your sorry ” he commanded.

" I’m sorry, please take it! ” she pleaded in tears.

" Sorry, sir ..” He scowled while pressed more.

" I’m sorry, sir! please take it away! ” she begged while panting hard.

But, it’s too late. He knows well that she is ready to come he pressed it hard by increasing speed to the medium. she exposed for the first-time which shocked her.

He removed the vibrator from her. She fell back on him while panting in tears.

" Remember, next time if u raise your the voice, I will tie you up and attach this same for hours and hours” he warned in a dangerous tone. She fell down on her knees and cried silently.

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