Chapter 1

Enough of hearing their bullshit, I'm decided to give a visit to India for further investigation. Just a visit not going to change anything, rather it gives the answer I'm dying to find.

Deep down I have a feeling that this visit will change my life but how? Let's figure out later.

I have finished my degree in Texas a famous college around the city. I'm a biological student who wishes to become a biological scientist like her father.

Yes, my dad is my hero and I will go under the ocean to fulfill my dad's dream, mine as well. He taught me how to find my identity and stand by myself and here I became a person like how he wished. Independent and self-motivated...

I followed my father's every step and did everything cautiously like how my dad taught me when he was alive despite it was hard and now I'm in the place to reach his level.

Dr. Thomas Gradson is a famous biological scientist who had achieved a lot before his death and he is my dad. I'm really proud of him.

His last experiment was crossing a human DNA with a creature to generate a new human but which was failed right after his death.

They are spreading the childish rumor all over Texas about the monster named Heil and it's miserable life history like how it hunts the whole city down and took people's lives apart. And how peoples are no more alive in that city and moved to another village to protect their life from the monster.

How awful...

This is what written in the book named 'The Heil Hunting Monster.' Written by none other than my uncle Dr. Hayle Stone.

Come on! I'm not a child to believe all these fable stories which the useless granny used to tell to their kids as a bedtime story.

I never believe these kinds of fantasy then how come it's possible to believe this stupid story.

But one thing I know they are hiding a big truth from us. I want to figure out what is the truth and why are they hiding from us.

It's usually as scientist making mistake and hid it from the world when they failed to discover new things but never spread rumors like this, but here the things are vice-versa and it got my attention.

"Reil, think about my words for another second. You have your time... Please." My mom pleaded with hooded eyes like what seemed to nth time from the moment I informed her about my plan of visiting India.

"Mom! Not again. I have fixed my decision and I already told you that I am not going to back away until getting what I want, the truth." I said bitterly. She slumped her shoulder and gave up.

"Do whatever you want but be safe, okay." I nodded my head and looked at the direction of My friends, soon to be my team members who were hugging and kissing each other.

Hmm... I wish I have one too, the one who encourages me my every decision like my dad.

We are in the airport ready to fly over. I am so excited to visit India Again. Visiting India is not my first time.

I like their culture especially wearing sarees on the occasion. Just a simple Saree and a matching stud are enough to add your beauty more.

And their food... no words to describe for such a portion of delicious and spicy food. When my dad was alive we had visited India a year or twice, It depended upon his free time. He spent every weekend with us even though he was held up with his work.

Though he had no time for us, he has never failed to succeed as an amazing father and a caring husband.

India is his hometown and he moved to Texas for his job and there he found the love of his life and right after ten months I was born from their marriage.

But I got all my mother's features except my brown eye as my father.

I colored my blonde hair as pitch black as dark but I couldn't change my pale skin. I think I have no melanin in my body, So it was easy to won 1st prize in my fifth grade as a ghost in a Halloween party.

Most of my friends used to make fun of me saying my dad has crossed my gene with a ghost while I was a fetus in my mom's womb, that's how I was destined to get pale skin.

There was a time I believed their shitty words until I reached thirteen, the time I lost my dad.

I have an awesome childhood until my father's sudden death. Some say he was stuck inside the lab while the fire ate the whole place but my mom said it was a well-planned missionary to cost my dad's life.

I didn't get the point that she was saying till now.

Chole, Natasha, Dacy, Nichole, Clara, and Eminem, my crazy friends are going to join with me, the journey to Chennai.

And from there Kalai, Priya, Dhanu, Tharani, and pooja will join us. They are eager to work with us and I am happier to get their support too.

Indians are so friendly and helping mind. Once a time I was lost between the crowded people but an old lady offered me some food and water even sat with me until my dad found me. That was my last visit to India but still that day holding memorable things.

"It's not going to exceed more than six months, after that we will return back to Texas." That's how I told them to consider my request.

They were hesitant at first but somehow agreed to come with me.

The first thing they were afraid to visit India is weather conditions. It's summer season and I know how the son is going to burn us alive.

It took me one week to convince them. Silly guys and silly reason. I shook my head and glanced at my Rolex watch.

"It's time to go," I told my mom and looked down at her. I'm feet higher than her where she stood like a shortcake not more than 5.6' but wearing a 3' heels made me look like the tallest person ever but I'm 5.7' only.

"Bye Miss. Shortcake." I kissed her forehead, my dad used to call her 'shortcake' while he was alive.

"Mom I'm not going to di.." She slapped her hand over my mouth and shook her head. "Don't." her voice was broken. I hugged her tightly and tried to blink back my tears.

I feel bad for leaving Texas where I have been raised as an independent woman. I feel bad for leaving my home which my dad built for me and I feel bad for leaving my mom all alone by herself.

I offered her to come with me but she wants to stay here with my dad's memories.

"Eat on the correct time, don't skip your food." her hands cupped my face with so much passion and affection.

She looks aged more than her age which I failed to notice earlier. An ugly wrinkle formed over my mom's forehead but still, she is a beauty. She achieved a lot as a Mother and a Wife.

"I will." I gave her an assurance smile clutching her hands firmly. If I solve this puzzle I can able to find the misery behind my dad's death. So, I want to go now, there is no second thought.

I pecked both of her cheeks once last time and called my friends to go, with that we all settled into the plane after two hours of finishing all the formalities.

You know what these formalities are eating my nerve to hell. Does it make any sense? I don't think so. For me, It's a waste of time.

Does it necessarily need to take two hours just for scanning the luggage and checking me thoroughly? I would almost waste 365 hours here in the airport nothing by doing their formalities.

I let out a sigh of relief and glanced through the window, the place gives me a beautiful view of the city.

Taking my dad's photo from my handbag, lingering a kiss on his forehead I brought the frame closer to my chest.

"I love you, Dad." I whispered.

It's not easy to accept the fact that he is no more with us, it is a bitter truth that my heart refused to accept. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.


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