Chapter 8

He is the last person I would beg for help!

"Aww! I'm more willing to work with you." Emiem once upon a time known as my best friend clutched both her hand and looked at him dreamily.

I'm ready to attack her with my laptop but her brows furrowed together and the happiness in her face faded like it never flashed in her face before.

I followed her gaze and found the grinning Rakesh who is shaking his head playfully. What's his playful mood today?

"Sorry, babe. It's not me." He then stepped beside to reveal the walking stick behind him. Ohh! they must have not seen him standing behind this Gorilla. They misunderstood Mr.Walking stick as Rakesh.

Thank God! Our friendship was saved.

Emiem pouted her lips and slammed on the chair, disappointment is evident in her face. What was her expectation anyway?

Haven't I cleared myself that no inside and outside loves are allowed until we finish our project? Could it be an attraction? It's better to give her a lecture before things get worst. Don't get me wrong I'm not against love.

"I didn't ask for your help. You can leave now." I gritted my teeth and scanned his body from head to toe. Even if he has a weapon to kill the monster I won't ask his help. Stupid walking stick.

"Reil, think about this twice. He is good at--" before Rakesh gets the chance to finish his sentence I raised my hand gesturing him to stop.

"Sorry Mr. Rakesh, It's my project and I know what I'm doing." Throwing him one hard look I stormed out of the hall even though the poor guy hasn't done anything wrong.

I cursed the walking stick a thousand times to hell while walking to my cabin for being very cruel to me for the very first day. He literally broke my phone and now my Scooty. I would do the same to his bullet but I'm not heartless.

If I have anyone in my hate list, of course, he would be there and I already marked him in my hate list.

I dumped the bag on the table and took the seat in the wooden chair. How badly I wanted to punch him in his face. "For what? For seeing your butt naked or breaking your Scooty?" my stupid subconscious mind asked making myself facepalm.

"It's.. it''s. LEAVE. IT. I don't like him." I rubbed my temple where I felt a slight pain. It's probably because of my lack of sleep. How could I manage there to sleep the whole night without a blanket? But I didn't feel any cold instead it was so warm like I was in my warm comfy bed.

"May I come in?" A dark sexy voice asked standing at the doorway.

When did he change himself? I mean he didn't bother to ask my permission when he set my bag in my table and it feels very odd.

"No!" I said bluntly narrowing my eyes at him. But who I'm KIDDING! he barked inside anyway. Then why the fuck did he ask my permission.

"I said NO." I snapped angrily.

"Who cares." He chucked.

Ahhh! I wanted to kill him. I pulled my hair frustratingly. Ouchh! It's hurting. Okay...I'm going to add him in my second killing list. Once I killed the Heil, I will shoot him right away. Wow! That would be great.

"Hope, you will come out of your dream soon." He said making me flush with embarrassment. Does he read my mind? But I'm not an open book, am I?

"Listen! It's my duty. And Derrick asked me to help you. I'm doing this for him, not for you." He was so close that I could feel his hot breath which falling down on my face, he smells like a fresh wood as he is living in the forest for years.

"Then stay away from me." I folded my arms against my chest. He looked at my folded arm and a dark wrinkles formed in his forehead as he was in his deep thought, it's like he is debating himself.

"What is this?" He pointed his finger towards my folded arms.

"What! I'm folding my hand." I threw him my best murderous glare. Is he acting innocent role?

"No, the thing just above your folded arms, is that boobs? I have noticed all your girl besties have one like this where we men have nothing." He asked like a naive.

Is he serious!

"Don't act you don't know anything." I gritted my teeth. "And you are disgusting!" He gave me a puzzled look like he didn't get what I'm saying.

"Don't look at my boobs, you pig." His eyes met mine but there is no sexual intention. He asked a question like how a three-year-old kid would ask her mom.

Yeah! I asked this question when I was five. Don't blame me, I just got curiosity thinking why mine had a flat where my mom had a thing there.

"You can leave, Mister." I gestured my hand towards the door and he left like nothing happened here while I'm standing like a living tomato.

He is really UNBELIEVABLE!


"I'm sorry, uncle. I should have listened to you but what can I say curiosity dragged me all the way along here and I can't back away. It's just an animal, I will kill easily. Don't worry it won't exceed more than six months. It's the promise from your favorite girl."

I clutched my throat even though he can't see me. He is like a dad to me. After my dad's death, he took care of me more than his own son.

One day I remember his son Federick had a football match and I had a singing competition and I was hell as nervous, So he accompanied me and stayed with me until my turn to sing. After that, we hurried to Federick's football match but our bad luck the match ended quite quickly.

Dad and son engaged in a heavy fight after that but Federick gave up because of me. Don't tell me he had a crush on me but he has.

"Okay! Just six months then you have to come over whether you complete your mission or not." He sang through the phone.

"Trust me. I will kill the monster." I heard him inhale sharply before he said a simple ok then we hung the phone. Why he is acting weird when the subject comes to Heil?

"Madam, coffee." A peon came and set the coffee mug on my table. The aroma hit my nostrils instantly making me feel alive once again.

"Thank you." I flashed him a smile. He nodded his head and turned his heels to walk away but I stopped him.

"Anything else you need." He gave me a puzzled look.

"No." I shook my head. " Whose coffee for." I pointed my finger towards the tray in his hand.

"Ohhh! It's for Mr. Hunter." Once again he bowed his head before walked out of my room. When did that Hunter move his cabin next to me? Last time I remember his cabin was on the ground floor.

Okay! Reil. Don't waste your precious time thinking about those walking stick. I slumped on the chair and went through my laptop for what seemed to hours keying different types of names as Heil, a monster with brown fur, grey-eyed monster but all the time the result redirected to the related topic, not exactly what I want. Seems I won't get what I'm looking for.

Why there are no articles about the monster other than the book written by my uncle. How did he know about the monster? Their project was failed, right? By chance did they create this monster?

Shhh! Don't think too much. My dad won't commit these kinds of sinful activities, neither Uncle Hayle does.

I flipped the page one by one finding every details are boring. It's my tenth time that I'm reading this book since I came here and I want a change.


Today morning Rakesh gave me a book, isn't he? Yeah! Yeah! But where I kept that book. Ahh! How careless I'm. I dug my bag but there is no trace of any book except 'The Heil Hunting Monster' that I'm currently reading.

I looked at the self but it was empty as how it has made from day one. Otherwise, the room has no space to search and I don't remember where I put the book.

I closed my eyes and recalled the earliest incident. Rakesh hugged me and handed me a book. Then I made my way inside my room and found my bag on the table then got angry because that walking stick put my bag on the table without my concern, damn he entered my room without my permission.

Shitt! Reil. Concentrate... I pinched the bridge of my nose. A blurred image of me putting something inside the drawer crossed my mind.

Ahahhh! I put the book into the drawer. I opened the drawer and found the book is sleeping peacefully not knowing how I was worried about its whereabouts.

"Here you are! I find you." I kissed the book but gagged when the rotten smell hit my nostrils. Huh? Where did he find the book exactly?

I dusted the book and flipped the first page but see the first page is missing and the worst thing is it was handwritten. Useless. I turned the book and looked at the last page.

"Please don't ignore the book. The whole incidents are true and I predicted all the things accordingly. It would happen in the future. Please be careful with Heil. He will crush the whole city down if he doesn't get what he wants." The words are readable even though the author has written this in a hurry.

What does he mean?

I flipped the next page and read the last line, "The girl will die if she gives birth to his child. And if she dies he will hunt the whole city." Who is the girl and who is he.


I wanted to throw the book in the dustbin but something inside me pushed to read further. I relaxed in my seat and flipped the first page.

But it seems not only the first page is missing, but there are also up to 30 pages are missing. The book totally has 60 pages each has 12 to 15 lines.

I read the book somewhat unwillingly until one line caught my attention which caused all the hair in my body to stand up immediately.

"Once again I'm warning you, Heil is not what you are thinking. His brain is more active than the normal human and he can see your past once he looks into your eyes. Trust me, he is a human, not an animal. I hope my first 30 pages would have cleared your doubt."

What! Heil is not a human! It's a monster. I saw that with my own eyes. The book is totally shit!

But..but..damn! Where is the first 30 pages. Someone should have torn those pages. But who? And why?

If it's is a human then where is he? By chance is he watching our every movement? But..but.. from where? I gulped down nervously. I don't want to believe this book.

Without my knowledge, the book slipped out of my hand and I looked down at the book like I'm facing the real ghost and the sentence read, "...eyes, pale skin human."

I desperately need to find the missing 30 pages. Damn! that 30 pages could have everything about the Heil!


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