Chapter 6

One dad gave some plenty of dollars to his ten years old daughter and said, "Buy the most beautiful gift you want in your 18th birthday, use this money only for yourself." He said the last sentence solely looking at his daughter because his daughter has a habit of spending money for poor people which her dad taught her at a young age.

She never considers her needs other than eating. She was so young to involve herself in social activities but she proved everyone as age has no limit.

She shook her head as a sign of yes and brought her both hands to her chest as promising, "I will use this money for myself." Her dad felt very proud of her, he thought he raised his daughter very well.

She is the most independent girl at the age of ten and never asks for money from her parents. She used to work in a restaurant as a cashier and earned money for herself though there is no need for any because her parents are known as a very rich family in all over Texas but she wanted to work and experience the pain of poor people and to help them by her own.

When she reached eighteen she went to the shop to buy a brand car "Jaguar" but her eyes landed on the beautiful red Scooty. For an unknown reason, she wanted to own that Scooty and bought it right away without another thinking.

She used to think that her dad knew about his death and handed her an 18th birthday gift in advance. She cried hugging the Scooty. For her, this is the only memory her dad left for her as a solid. From that day she has a habit of talking with her Scooty thinking her dad is listening somewhere afar from her.

She took care of the Scooty like her own baby and called her Scooty as a baby. She was so happy back then until she saw her baby's every part is thrown away on the floor mercilessly. Her small heart broken into pieces seeing her baby's every part on the floor.


He can't be serious...

Group of tears pooled down through my cheeks as it brought the memory of my dad's funeral. I was so broken when I thought my dad is no more with me but when I bought this Scooty I regained all my happiness because it is going to stay with me as a memory of my dad's last words till my death but how wrong I was.

We are living between the cruel people who don't give any value for other's feelings, they care about themselves and we can't have a peaceful life having them beside us but God made us live in a society, for some reason everyone's life depends on others that are a truth whether you accept or decline.

I dumped on the floor and screamed out of my lungs looking at the scattered pieces. I lost the precious gift that my dad gave to me, no one can understand my agony until they are my shoes.

Leaning on the wall I wrapped my hand around my knees and put my face between my knees. I felt the intense pain on my back which made me shut my eyes forcefully. I don't know how long I was stayed crying and sobbing for my loss.

And when I thought I fell asleep my head landed on a soft, I mean very soft comfy pillow. I know I'm dreaming but It felt so good, I don't want to wake up because it gave a fresh air to breath for my throbbing lungs, it made me forget all my worries.

After a while, I felt the pillow is moving beneath me but I was so lazy to open my eyes. I hugged the pillow and fell asleep in the parking area. Poor my friends, they have no idea of my whereabouts and I have no signal on my phone to let them know where I am.

Who to blame?

And my dream continued as someone lifted my shirt and pulled down my pants a bit to reveal my wound. Cold air caressed my throbbing wound and I opened my eyes lazily but the hand rubbed my hair and asked me to sleep back. The voice was so husky, smoother than velvet and my sleeping frame wanted to oblige.

I did what he said and fell asleep in the comfy pillow. I didn't hear anything after that but felt something wet on my back as someone is putting some kind of ointment in my wound but is it possible to apply ointments by their tongue? Maybe possible in our dream.

When I thought it was done, a hand placed a cold cloth on my burning forehead that was soothing my body heat. I think I am having a fever in my dream but it felt so real. I chuckled inwardly and hugged the pillow even tightly.


"What the hell are you doing here?" Someone shouted from behind. I can sense the anger in his voice but I'm busier to drowning in my body heat as the temperature in my body raised 110°C. But I have a fever in my dream, not in reality, do I?

"Open your eyes then you don't feel this burning sensation." My mind suggested.

Slowly, I forced my eyelashes open but it didn't obey me. My own body cell is not ready to hear what I'm saying! I groaned internally.

"Shit! You have a high fever." The voice said before placing his hand over my burning forehead. I shrieked when his cold hand touched my forehead as his hand felt an ice cube, a big ice cube.

Once again I tried to open my eyes but failed miserably. Then I felt like floating as someone is carrying me in his arms. "Why that someone wouldn't be a girl? Why him?" A stupid question raised in my useless brain.

Because I felt a pair of strong arms underneath my thighs and shoulders and I'm facing a hard chest, not like a sponge we have.

I may be unconscious but I can feel everything as to how his manly scent attracted me in the first place and made me wrap my hand around his neck and how his breath became uneven when my face buried on the crook of his neck.

I think I have created a slight effect on him, the racing of his heartbeat says so.

The gentleman placed me on the wooden table sooo gently as I'm some kind of broken doll but it didn't help a bit because I hissed in pain when my back contacted the table. "Huh!" I groaned and made an attempt to sit but he pushed me back.

"Lay here. I'm placing the pillow under your waist." He placed the pillow under my waist where I have a merciless wound, but the pillow is not soft as I had in my dream.

"I'm going to inject you. You will alright. You may feel slight pain." I felt the piercing pain in my upper arm but that is nothing when compared to my back pain.

The heat in my body drained out immediately as he did something magic and I regained my conscious back. This time I could able to open my eyes but regretted the moment his face shone in front of me. He is the last person I wished to see here.

"Are you going to kill me?" I sat on the wooden table that made me wince once again. Ahh! Damn my back!

"No, I'm going to inject you." He said blankly pressing the syringe's bottom until the liquid flow off.

I gave him my best glare but it didn't affect him a bit. "Lay with your stomach." He ordered like he is a doctor and I'm a five years old kid.

"Or what?" I challenged.

"You will die of bacterial infections." How does he know about my wound? And I threw the questions straight away in his face.

Instead of answering my question he shrugged his shoulder and gesturing me to lay down. Huh! He is irritating!

I averted my gaze from him and tried to climb off from the wooden table but even before my feet touch the floor, he snaked his left hand around my waist and lifted me like I'm a weightless paper where his other hand tucked my pant down.


And he injected the liquid in my left buttock ignoring my protest and pulled my pant up.

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment, my whole body is in heat not because of the fever. It's because he saw my butt, naked!

A pile in my throat raised up and I vomited on the floor, only a green liquid came out of my mouth. He was in my side rubbing my back up and down until I was sobered.

He handed me a glass of water and I drank completely not having another thought. "The poison was drained from your body, be careful next time." He said casually shoving his hands into his pant pocket.

"That's what you want, don't you? Then why the hell did you save my life?" Flash of hurt crossed his face but he masked with his usual blank expression.

I'm not going to forgive him whether he is my life savior or not. Even before he became my life savior, he wrote my death will. And not satisfied with the damage he has created already, he tore my Scooty into pieces, every damn PIECESSS!

"You know about the monster but still you--wha.te.ver!" I stormed out of his cabin and made my way towards the cottage.

He had literally sent my life to heaven and now acting the whole innocent role. UNPREDICTABLE!


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