Chapter 4

The nerve of him...

I ran after him like an ostrich and yanked his shoulder, the effect made him meet my furious brown eyes which filled more rage than him but the yellow mints around his pupils shown more authority than mine which made me retreat my hand instantly as how fast my hand got his shoulder.

"Listen, Mr. Walking Stick!" I took a few steps back just to maintain a safe distance from him. What if he loses his temper and bites me? Oh God! I don't have any lotion for human bites, rather no science has invented any kind of medicines for that.

"I was more way polite to you in the morning even you behaved like a naughty kid who caught red-handed in his mom's room trying her every dress over and over and didn't bother to apologize. Okay! I forgive for that, but what you did in front of my friend is quite absurd."

My breath hitched when I finished the sentence and I realized I had been telling him my own story when my mom had caught me in her room trying her latest... Opps! I won't tell. Guess whatever you want but it was more than your imagination.

"What did you say?" He asked holding some kind of mocks in his tone bending forward to meet my eyes. Though his comments made my cheeks flush like a tomato, I threw him a murderous glare but he was so busy to stare my behind.

I turned my head and followed his gaze where he was looking but spotted on a plain white wall, nothing interesting!

"Mr. Walking-" where did he go?

"Arggh!" I groaned and marched towards the only room I found in the hallway and there he is reading some sort of Novel leaning on the chair comfortably. His long legs placed above the wooden table, beside i saw a coffee with the snacks bowl.

Wait! Have I just seen a snack there? We haven't had anything for the breakfast but he is enjoying his second break not bothering to ask 'did you have your breakfast?' What kind of gentleman does this? Of course, he does. He is not a gentleman.

"Why are you staring me like you are going to eat me alive." His deep angry voice broke my little debate inside my brain and made me avert my eyes from his table, especially the snacks.

I didn't get the chance to look at what was inside the bowl but it looks like potato chips and he is so lucky because I'm not in the mood to eat any potato other than him.

"Sorry, Mr. I'm not the monster who eats people for breakfast." I rolled my eyes and entered his room but it seemed I was stuck here, there is no chair other than the one he is sitting. And to say the room would barely fit for two people, I don't know how he is breathing. Totally I've trapped between the four white walls with this monkey, a monkey, a gorilla.

"I have no time for your bullshit! The place is not ready yet and your workers are slower than the turtle. Could you please tell them to make the arrangements fast before the sunset." I asked and waited for his reply.

But who I'm kidding, this walking stick poked his nose inside the book didn't bother to give me a spare glance. What is he reading? Curiosity took the best out of me and before I could realize the book is in my hand.

I read the two random lines even before the book slipped out of my hand and no, he didn't snatch the book, it just slipped.

I looked between him and the book not knowing what to say. Should I act normally like I didn't catch him red-handed or should I laugh with my butt off. What if he bites me when I was laughing and rolling off on the floor.

A dark chuckle decided to escapes from my mouth and I haven't thought it would bring trouble to me until he shoved me against the wall pinning my both hands above my head, looking furiously as ever but have I seen clear that his eyes color changed from black to grey?

No. No. No. It must be my hallucinations. "Ahh! Excuse me you are hurting me." I said the words casually though it hurts like a bitch, knowing he would let go off me like other men do but he gripped my hand more than necessarily enough to leave a bruise.

He didn't say any words rather I did. We both held our eyes but his has filled with anger where mine has a water drop and it slipped down through my cheeks when my brain felt the intense pain that made me shut my eyes.

'One. Two. Three---' I started to count silently, hoping he will release his grip within ten but he didn't, even after I reached a hundred. When my mouth shuttered 'hundred and one' he released his grip and I saw blood is pouring down through my hand.

He printed his nail mark in my hand that hurt me to the hell. I examined both my hand where I got his fingernail printed just below my palm. "You are none less than the monster." I spat but my voice betrayed and I broke down on the floor.

I started to hiccup and looked into his eyes looking for the answer behind his cruelty but he didn't feel sorry for his arrogant behavior and it made me feel like a child who punished by a teacher and want to hide under her mother's warm embrace.

Slowly, I stood up from the dirty floor and made my way towards the door but the book caught my attention, for a second I forgot my pain and his physical abuse and laughed but winced when the cold air caressed his nail print on my wrist.

"Leave." He roared. I thought the building is shaking not able to bear his high pitch voice but no, the building is not shaking, it is me who is shaking visibly.

I gulped down and going to let out the one-word that popped in my mind, but vanished before It could form a sentence. "Idiot" I muttered slowly afraid of the consequences and walked out of his room before he could change his mind and do another damage.

I went to the hall where we were before and found my bag is on the steel table along with another stuff. Someone must have placed my bag on the table because I left my bag in the cabin.

I dug my bag and took out the small first aid kit that I brought from the cottage and started to nurse my injury. It was so deep... It seems it's not belong to the normal human and who would certify him a normal human anyway.

He is an arrogant more worst than the monster. If I get a chance to meet that monster if it was real, my first suggestions for it would be to eat him alive. But my bad, it's just a rumor. First time I wish why it couldn't be a truth. Then he will suffer in front of my eyes.

Huh! I shook my head from my weird thought and applied the alcohol before wrapped the bandage over my wrist. Then I took the pair of a green color band that I used to tie my hair and wrapped it around my wrist to hide my injuring hand.

"Reil, lunch is ready." Emiem squealed happily like she hasn't seen food for a month.

"Okay! I'm coming." I put the first aid kit inside my bag without her noticing and walked with her.

I almost gagged once we reached the dining area where all our colleagues are eating like a wounded animal. Oh, God! They are unpredictable.

They are sitting in an open place in front of the building where a school can adopt this place to conduct their football match, but that is not a problem. The problem is the place is full of filled with waste stuff including paint, ugly sponge, varnish. Geezz! The smell is disgusting.

"Guys!" I groaned which gained everyone's attention. Clara gave me a sheepish smile exactly catching my thoughts but didn't stop to eat either.

"This place is disgusting! At least you should clean before you started to eat. Where are your manners?" I scolded them.

"Come on, Reil. The food is amazing." Dacy called patting the empty seat next to her gesturing me to sit.

"I. Don't. Want." I emphasized each and every word before turning my back to leave. I thought Emiem would follow me but she didn't. Such a disappointment.

I reached the parking area to find a nice place for my baby which was located in the underground and heaved a heavy sigh. Atlas! Someone has a brain to keep this place presentable.

And my eyes landed on a beautiful 'Royal Enfield.' Wow! I admired the beauty of that bullet but someone from my behind coughed that made me turn around.

"Ahh! Madam. Is everything okay?" One of the maintainers asked.

"Yeah! This place is quite beautiful." I complimented.

"If you don't mind, could you please take off your hand from this." He pointed my hand which was placed on the bullet.

"Oh! I'm sorry. I shouldn't have touched your property." I gave him a sheepish smile. Some boys are overprotective of their bikes than their girlfriend. Well... I can't blame them, I'm kinda one of those girls too. I won't allow anyone to touch my baby.

"No. No. It's not mine. Mr. Hunter owns this." He said shaking his head.

"You mean the arrogant, walking stick whose brain is filled with full of clay who don't even feel bad for hurting some cute girl?" His mouth hung opened and he blinked his eyes what seemed to years like a doll the one blink its eyes until we pulled the button off.

"Sorry. I mean your manager?" He shook his head and walked towards the exit saying he is going to fix the problem in the pipe and also asked me to stay away from his treasury.

An evil grin didn't fail to play in my lips the moment his back faded from my sight. I looked at his treasury and started to design my own work, It took me a fine fifteen minutes to complete.

Mr. Walking stick, you played with the wrong girl... ha..ha..ha... I laughed hilariously.

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