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He held her hands against the wall. She wriggled under him like an insect who had just come out of its cocoon.
"Dev. LET. GO. OF. MY. HAND" Diya squirmed under her breath.
With bloodshot eyes Dey tightly held her under his grasp measuring every inch of hers sending chills down her spine.
"You have done a lot for me Diya. Now it's my turn to pay you back. You shall always remain bound to me. BILL BOUND"
Diya's eyes widened in horror while Dev slyly smirked.

Bill Bound is a story of two individuals and their life events. Dev is a humble and honest young guy who belongs from a lower middle class family. Diya , is another simple and modest girl , for whom, her self respect is the most important. What does the future hold in store for them? Keep reading to know more.
This story is set in modern India, in New Delhi. It depicts some aspects of Indian society and how often girls are looked down upon. This story is a telling tale that explains that life is not all roses and that people have to struggle i

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