Chapter 2- Annoyance and Ignorance

Diya was fuming mad in anger. Her entire outfit and hair was tainted with flour and she had an extremely important interview. But all thanks to that annoying man she bumped into, that now she was going to be late for the interview. Diya's father, Raj was shocked to see the disheveled form of his daughter whilst Diya stormed into her room. Raj followed Diya into her room, tried to calm her down and pacify her. "Diya! What happened dear? Didn't you have an interview? How are you home so early? And... And what has happened to your clothes?" exclaimed Diya's father in concern.

Diya was already very mad and angry about the entire incident that had taken place earlier. On top of that the unending plethora of questions by her father seemed to annoy her even more. Unintentionally she replied to her father in a very rude tone.

"Look Dad. I am not really in the mood right now. Please do not disturb me any more. I am already getting late." said Diya rudely.

Shock would be an understatement as to how Diya's father must have felt. He was visibly hurt and a drop of tear appeared on the verge of his eyes. Diya was always a modest and polite girl and never had she ever spoken to any one lest her parents rudely. Hurt and dejected, Diya's father turned and got out of her room. Diya wanted to stop her father from going. But some external force was driving her not to do so. She still could not get over the fact that an annoying and rude man insulted her in a market full of people. She was on the verge of breaking down when a hand grasped her shoulder.

" I told you Dad. I... I do not want to talk right now" saying so Diya starts bickering.

"Diya, its me."

With eyes filled with salty tears, Diya turned her face. Her vision was blurry due to all the tears forming in her eyes but she could still make out the person in front of her. It was her autistic brother Ravi. Ravi was standing on the edge of Diya's bed and looked expectantly at his sister. Ravi had been autistic since birth. Diya needed money for Ravi's therapy. Diya needed a job terribly to ensure her brother and their family's brighter future. Upon seeing Ravi, Diya could no longer control the tears in her eyes and broke down, taking Ravi into a huge hug.

"I do not know Diya what is upsetting you but do not worry. My sister is the best and she will do the best in life. Do not worry Diya. I know for sure that you will get this job..." said Ravi reassuringly, comforting his elder sister.

Hearing her brother's confidence in her, she started crying even more and hugged him tighter as if her life depended on it.

"Go get dressed. You don't wanna make a bad first impression, because remember that your first impression is your last impression." Ravi said. Hearing such wise words from Ravi, Diya restored her confidence.

Diya got up with her brother's reassurance. A new beam of confidence was shining through her eyes.

" I am more capable than people think I am. I will get this job... I will get it for Ravi. I will prove it to the world. I can do it." Diya thought to herself.

Diya took a quick shower, got dressed into a nice formal dress and picked up her CV file, some other important documents and the list of hygiene essentials she needed, from her bed side table. She would get them later after she gave her interview. She was all set to give the interview and take a shot for her family. With every striding step she took her confidence grew and now she was all ready to prove herself and her potential to the world.


Dev was standing in front of a huge official building. A board saying "Tata Telecom " was hanging from the building. People in tidy suits and coats were entering the building, while Dev was standing in front of that prestigious building in a crumpled suit with flour stains and cloth patches all over. The flour stains instantly reminded him of the morning's incident and it made his blood boil. However he brushed away the excess flour from his clothes and headed inside the office. His hair was pretty ruffled, and his overall appearance was not quite pleasing. However with a gleam of confidence he entered into the office building. All his documents were in his hands and he was all set for the interview.

A slight murmur spread throughout the office on seeing the man's ruffled form. Dev solemnly entered the building and sat among all the other candidates who had come for the very same reason. Dev quietly sat on a chair recapitulating all the important points for the interview. All the other candidates looked at him in awe while Dev quietly ran through all the important points required for the interview.


Diya finally reached her destination after a 10 minute drive on her bike. She parked her bike and looked at the office building in front of her. Upon seeing the 'Tata Telecom' board, her heart almost skipped a beat. It was such a lavish building, and seeing it, Diya's eyes sparkled. She was one step closer to achieving her dream. She took a deep breath and entered the building, with such a pleasant and happy demeanor. She greeted everyone with a huge grin. Some people going inside their offices stopped in their paths stopped to glance at the young bubbly girl who spread a vibe of happiness in the entire office. Diya finally entered the office building and headed straight towards the reception.


Dev who had been sitting on his chair all this while, suddenly got up and headed towards the reception. His resume file was in his hands and he was looking into his file, checking all his documents. Dev must have been so much so engrossed in his file, that he did not see the person in front of him, and thus bumped into the person in front of him and fell on his back. All the documents in his hands flew up in the air and he fell down on the floor. He was already nervous about the interview and now some idiot again bumped into him. He looked up to confront the person in front of him. Dev's eyes met the most beautiful dark brown eyes filled with so much passion and love. But then it finally dawned upon him that it was the same, irritating girl who bumped into him earlier this morning. Dev almost had a loss of words. What a co-incidence it was! or was it?


Diya had again bumped into someone.. and guess who? It was that same irritating and ill mannered man. She really was not in the mood to argue with him, but she was visibly mad to even meet his gaze.

" You!" Dev gasped on seeing Diya. Diya was in a half sit posture, trying to collect her belongings." Yeah... But what are you doing here?" asked Diya.

" Don't you think I should be asking this question? Are you really that desperate? You literally followed me to here? What do you want from me?" exclaimed Dev in an angry tone.

At this point Diya had lost her cool. "Excuse me Mr... Whoever you are. I am not following you and I have an interview over here... Unlike you... You probably are the janitor..." Diya blatantly blurted out.

A muffled array of laughter ran across the room. Dev was burning in insult and seeing the smirk on Diya's face only amplified his anger. He just could not say anything. He quickly bent down and started gathering all his documents. Diya probably felt bad for poor Dev and she herself began helping him in collecting the fallen documents.

" What do you think you are doing?" Dev asked in an angry tone.

" Umm.. Helping you?" replied Diya calmly, still picking up the documents.

Dev roughly snatched the remaining documents from Diya's hands and started assembling the papers.

"I do not need your help. You have helped me a lot since the morning. Please don't have to be this kind to me." said Dev in a harsh tone.

Diya stood up with a jerk. She had already insulted herself by trying to help that arrogant, ungrateful man and now no longer wished to argue with that indecent and ill mannered brat. She picked up her folder, which was lying on the floor and headed towards the waiting room to sit with the other candidates. Dev finally finished collecting all his documents and headed towards the seating area. His burning gaze literally penetrated though all the other candidates sending chills down their spines.

Some people started whispering and discussing about the incident that just took place. Dev was about to sit when the receptionist called out for him. "Its me!" replied Dev

"Yes, you are the first candidate for the interview. Please bring your CV along with you. Mr Prakash, You're next please stay prepared with your documents." Saying so the receptionist motioned Dev to follow her.

Diya quietly sat in her seat thinking about the events of the entire day. She tried keeping a straight face, not letting her emotions reflect in front of others. She tried to focus her entire energy into giving a successful interview. She had to get this job by hook or crook. Her entire life and family's future actually depended on it.

Whilst Diya tried to focus on her interview, the others were simply awestruck about the entire incident that took place. Some candidates were whispering amongst themselves while others almost shooting daggers from their eyes at Diya and some other 'nerdy' people who were only concerned about themselves remained engrossed in their own files. Whatever be it people could definitely sense a vibe between them, but lest did they know what the future had in store for them...


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