Chapter 3- The Interview

Dev took solemn steps and followed the receptionist towards the sterile conference room. After climbing a fleet of stairs they finally got in front of the cabin. The receptionist had a grim expression on her face and motioned him to enter the cabin. Dev slightly nodded and with beaming confidence pushed the door of his impending future, open. Dev had worked immensely hard to get to wherever he was and he could not let anybody especially that annoying girl to get into his head and jeopardize his only shot at the interview.

Taking a deep breath he finally stepped into the conference room. The bright flashing lights slightly blurred his vision for a moment. When his vision was restored to normal, he saw a group of elderly men and women in formal clothes and icy demeanor sitting in front of him. The person sitting absolutely in the center of the conference table had his hands rested on the desk. An awkward silence prevailed. A woman with hazel orbs looked Dev up and down, looking at his messy and untidy structure. Her piercing, hazel gaze was getting to Dev and he could feel the pressure building up in his head. The messy hair, wrinkled , untidy suit with flour stains and patches all over it , was definitely not the first impression any one would have wanted to make in front of an esteemed panel of council members. The entire atmosphere was extremely quiet. A man with grey hair and stubble, dark brown eyes and tall, huge structure seemed to be the eldest. He motioned Dev to take a seat. Dev trudged from the door and stood right in front of the table. He presented his file in front of the council and took a seat. The person who had motioned Dev to be seated, slided the file over to himself and very slowly and opened it. Dev's heart was literally pounding against his chest. His hands went cold and numb, his throat was as dry as a desert and his heart definitely skipped a beat or two. The stern and grim expressions on the face of the council members made him even more nervous. The person in front of him lifted his glasses over his nose to have a close look at what e was seeing. The long eerie silence and the serious and grave look on the council member's face filled him with dread. Images of his mother and sister flashed across his mind. He was almost so certain that the job was now slipping away. Very very far away from him. "Matt, am I seeing it right" , the person from beside the man said out loud. "Yes... Yes indeed you are..." Dev's dread amplified. What were they talking about? What did they read? What was in that file? All these questions made his mind go haywire. Matt let out a slow and heavy cough and then started reading out loud for the entire council and Dev. " 1 x Menstrual Cup, 5 x Cloth Pads, Sliquid lubricant..." Dev's eyes literally popped out of their sockets in bewildered horror. He could not believe his own ears. Before even any one could react, he quickly snatched his CV file from Matt and read. There was a small list of 'hygiene' essentials on the front page of his file. How could this possibly happen? He clearly remembered going through his file over and over again. His sister or mother would never do such a thing to threaten or endanger their only shot at a peaceful and happy life. Then who could have done such an atrocious thing to him? Suddenly Diya's face appeared clear and bright across his mind. It was that same annoying girl who had bumped into her twice this morning. This must have been done by her. She did this intentionally to menace his interview. Anger filled his mind and body. But he did not let it reflect in front of the esteemed people. "I am extremely sorry Sir, this was my sister's list. In a rush I kept it in my file. I am really sorry!" Matt smirked slightly and replied "You have given us quite the first impression Mr..." Dev returned his file to Matt. He took it and read his name and qualities. "Mr Dev. I see... impressive resume. Graduated college a year ago, Bachelor in Communications.. and interned at 'Mahi Financial'. Pretty Darn Impressive. So Mr Dev, is it? Tell me. Why should we hire you for this job?" Hearing this question, Dev's fear, dread, hatred ,anger and probably every other emotion dissipated away. He wore a quick mask of confidence. Looking straight into Matt's eyes he replied with a beam of confidence. "Sir, that's because I was born for this job. I believe that I am the best choice this company can ever have at doing this job".

The others in the conference room gasped hearing this answer. Some could not even believe the bold confidence. Matt just let a sigh and said" And why is it so? What makes you think that?". Dev smirked with confidence and said " Sir, That's because I am very confident in my knowledge and working skills. I am a crowd pleaser and can handle matters with ease and excellence. I can bring about a change in the company, and a change for good. All I am looking for is a chance to prove myself. And then the world will be mine." Dev paused for a while and resumed, "Sir do not get into my appearance, for appearances are often deceptive". There was something in Dev's eyes which was compelling Matt to believe him, believe each and every word he spoke. His persona was so charming, that one could not resist but be attracted to his attractive personality. Matt's eyes gleamed. His company had been searching for such a man since ages. The man beside Matt stood up and said " Well, Mr Dev, we are getting cocky. Aren't we? Don't you think that you are being over confident?" Dev's confident and bold stature resumed to an angry one. He was at a loss of words. Before he could reply, Matt interrupted and said " Please do not get into such outrageous and personal questions, this man here may have a temper" Saying so Matt broke into a smile. Dev too let out a smile.

The interview went on for a while. Finally, the interviewers summed up all the minutes of the interview. Matt, the main member of the council was overall pretty pleased with the interview. Dev, collected his file and stood up. Matt forwarded his hand for a handshake. Matt held Dev's hand in a strong and firm grip. Dev was overall very pleased with is interview. He was almost certain that he would be getting the job. Matt said "Thank you young man. You will be informed by later today or tomorrow if you got the job. Till then All the best mate!". Dev was happy to hear these kind words. He pulled the door of the conference room open and headed straight downstairs.


Diya was in the waiting room with all the other candidates. She kept her file on the chair beside her and opened her bag, probably to drink water. She opened the mouth of her bag wide open. She took out her bottle and took a few sips. After gulping down the water, she kept the bottle into her bag. She was about to close it when she realized that something was missing from her bag. THE LIST... Diya was frantically searching for the list in her bag. Then she suddenly remembered that she had bumped into an arrogant and ill mannered man, while helping him with the documents the list must have been swapped. She was lost in her thoughts when somebody snapped their fingers in front of her breaking from her trance. Then a piece of paper appeared in front of her. "Searching for this, aren't you?" A heavy, grave voice asked Diya. She lifted her eyes to meet a pair of blackish brown intense orbs. Those eyes were so deep and meaningful, she felt like drowning in those yes. Her trance was again broken by him. She now carefully looked and realized that her doubts regarding the list were indeed true. "You? What are you even doing with my list?" Dev smirked and replied " Clever. So clever... First you put it in my file to jeopardize my interview and now you act all coy.". Diya was infuriated." Excuse me? W.. why would I even do that? It was just a mistake. Anyways thank you for returning my list.." Hearing that one small word, a 'Thank you' some what softened his heart. He kept staring into Diya's deep brown eyes. Diya pointed at the list stuck between his finger tips, but Dev did not respond. Finally Diya forcefully plucked it away from his fingers. Dev came back to his senses. " Anyways thanks. Mr..." said Diya. "Dev" replied Dev, " Don't you think I will let you go this easy. You do owe me an apology. For your honest 'mistake' my entire job is at stake." Diya neither had the will or know how to argue with him.

The receptionist entered the waiting room. She was about to call out some one's name when his eyes laid on to Dev. " Mr... Dev is it? Aren't you done with your interview. I reckon its over. What are you waiting for? You are not allowed to stay in the office, post your interview. You may leave. Anyways... Miss Diya. Who is it? " Diya, stood up from her seat and replied. The receptionist said " The previous candidate is almost done with his interview. Its your turn next. Please be prepared...". Diya replied with an 'okay' and sat back down , running through some errands and going through her resume. 'Diya' thought Dev. Not bad. Not bad at all. Thinking so, Dev turned back and left the waiting room. Soon he was out of the office.

All the other candidates sitting there saw the intensity between the two of them. The wild Dev and the fierce and bold Diya. What a match! Every one could sense a vibe between the two of them, but lest did they know what the future had in store for them...


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