Chapter 7- What Did Just Happen?

Shock would be an understatement for the mixed ride of emotions Diya was experiencing. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine this. Chills were running down her spine as somebody whispered into her ears. Shakily Diya turned around to see a tall, thin silhouette of a man standing a few yards away from her. It was a new moon night. And due to the dim lights of the street she could not clearly see the face of the man. Mustering up all her courage, Diya tried to step forward. But it was almost like some supernatural force was preventing her from doing so.

Seeing Diya's unresponsive form,the man himself stepped forward. Diya could now slowly make out a few features of the man, However she could not make out much as the man's face was covered with a mask. The man had a sharp jawline and an unkept stubble, much similar to Kunal's. Diya could not believe her own eyes. Was it Kunal? But she had met him just today. How could he be stalking her from yesterday? He did seem a little too friendly though. Also what about all those messages? She was with Kunal all that while! How was it even possible?

An array of these unending questions, made Diya's throat go dry, almost as dry as a desert. She opened her mouth to speak but all that came out was a tiny little squeak, similar to that of a mouse. Hearing Diya squeak like so the man laughed out loud.

"Look at you, you poor little thing. You are so frightened LOVE." saying so, in lightening speed the man came extremely close to Diya and brushed his fingers on her cheeks.

Diya was paralyzed. She could not even move. The blood in her veins were running cold. All she could do was stare in horror. Her cheeks were radiating heat as the man touched her. Goosebumps erupted on her brown skin as a result. She had absolutely no idea who this man could be.

The man stood behind Diya. Diya was absolutely motionless and transfixed. The man then grabbed Diya's arm and twisted it with all his might.

"UUGHH" Diya gasped and squirmed in pain and agony as the stalker kept twisting her hand mercilessly. Diya was on the verge of tears. However the man did not let go of her arm. He dipped his head in the crook of her neck and inhaled her scent. She smelled heavenly, he noted. The smell of her perfume mixed with sweat, apparently had a very earthy, sweet smell. Finally the man hushed into Diya's ear "Don't worry love. I will not harm you... All we want is some fun. Don't we?"

Saying so the stalker back hugged her. It was then when Diya came back to her senses and realized what was happening. Diya quickly stamped his foot. The stalker cried a pain of agony and let go of her and started assessing his injury. Taking an advantage of the situation Diya rushed forward, but in the nick of time, the stalker grabbed one of her sleeves of her dress. Diya forcefully tried to get away, thus tearing her sleeve in the process.

The sleeve was what that remained of Diya in the stalker's hand. In the blink of an eye Diya was out of his sight and the stalker just stood there unable to process what just happened...


Diya ran like nomads on the streets. She was trying to process whatever had just happened. She was feeling extremely nervous, happy, proud all at the same time. She was very proud of herself to be facing a dangerous stalker with much courage. She wanted to emerge even more courageous than before. She was extremely determined to find out the truth about the stalker. However she was slightly concerned about her disheveled look.

With heavy footsteps, she entered the alley where her house was located. Her parents were pacing back and forth on the porch of their houce waiting for their daughter's arrival. As soon as they saw Diya they heaved a sigh of relief. They scolded Diya for being late. Diya then apologized. All of them were about to enter, when Diya's father noticed her torn sleeve

"Diya, dear what happened to your sleeve?" said Diya's father incredulously. Diya paused for a while and replied, "Its nothing Dad. My sleeve got stuck to a huge branch. I did not notice. When I tried to pull away, my sleeve tore." Diya lied blatantly.

"It certainly does not look like the tear from a branch." exclaimed Diya's father. Diya reassured him that it was a mere accident with a 'branch'. Unwillingly, he believed her. After that all of them had dinner. Later Diya returned to her room and started recollecting the thoughts of her day.

She no longer had to live in terror. She now knew the identity of the stalker, well she almost knew the identity. All she needed was a confirmation. Diya had some plans of her own. She had a very determined and smart look on her face. But what was she going to do?


Dev returned home all tired. He seemed to be devastated for some reason. His mother, Rheya rushed to aid him. Dev became a two year old child in front of his mother. After helping her son, she set up the table for dinner.

"Dev, dear where were you all day? You did not even call me" Dev looked coldly into his mother's eyes and replied "Ma, I went Job hunting today. You know right, how difficult it can get to find jobs?" Saying so Dev gulped down an entire glass of water. For some reason Rheya was unable to believe her son. However she did not raise any further questions.

After finishing dinner, Dev got up and went to his room. He casually lied down on his bed and started scrolling through his Instagram. It had been only ten minutes since he was on Instagram when he came across Diya's profile. He opened her profile to see one of the most lively and bubbly profiles he had ever seen. Diya seemed to be so happy in all the pictures. Unknowingly his curly whites showed up and a curved smile formed on his face.

Dev had been 'stalking' Diya on Instagram for a while, when his phone rang up loudly. Dev was taken aback for a while. The call was from an unknown number, that too so late at night. Dev was contemplating whether to pick the call or not. Finally he got the guts to pick the call.

It was probably one of the best decisions of his life.


Diya was in her pajamas, lying down on her bed. She was very determined to expose her stalker. She already had an idea as to who her stalker was. All she needed was to confirm it. She installed a caller identity application on her phone and searched for the stalker's number. After about two minutes, the results displayed 'K.N'

Diya's suspicion was almost confirmed now. All she needed was to wait for the next morning and a solid plan to confront and expose her stalker. This was the most relieved Diya had been in the past few days.

Diya was going through a few YouTube videos when her phone vibrated with another message. She could make out from the tone of the message that it was an angry one.

"Hey love. I will always remember what you did to me today. You have been a very bad girl to me love. You will pay for your sins."

Diya just read the message. She did not reply. She had already made up a plan in mind and she was going to go through her plan.

Diya let out a smile and kept it on her bed side desk.

Seeing no reply from Diya, the stalker must have been pissed and kept sending texts to her as her phone vibrated vigorously on the table. Diya did not care much about it. She was in a clear space now. All she needed was to focus a little on her plan.

The stalker kept sending messages due to which Diya's phone was vibrating. Irritated by the noises, Diya simply switched off her cell phone and prepared for bed. She brushed her teeth, washed her face and finally got under the duvet to get a good night's sleep.


It was the next morning already. The sun was shining ablaze in the sky. Cogent sun rays entered through Dev's window, falling on his eyes disturbing his sleep. Dev made faces, but when he realized the importance of today, he simply shot up on his bed. He checked the time. It was only half past seven in the morning. Dev stretched his arms like a cat and muffled a yawn. He then got out of bed and headed for the shower.

Dev took of his shirt, and oh boy was it a scene! His abs shined so brightly in the sun light. It was almost reflective. Dev switched on the shower, letting the water work its way through his hair and body. Water droplets were captured all along the crevices of his body, glistening in the sunlight. It was such a sight. Any one would be jealous even of the water droplets as they were so close to him. He looked like a true Greek God.

Sexy, as he was looking, it was quite evident from the look on his face, that Dev was elated and nervous at the same time. What was it about? Dev was feeling restless and kept dropping toiletries from his hand. Finally after spending fifteen minutes in the shower, Dev patted himself dry and tied the towel around his waist.

He was looking extremely ravishing. Those deep brown eyes and the water dripping from his slightly long hair. It was an absolute delight.

The first thing that Dev did after coming out of the shower was to check his cell phone.

"No new messages" Dev thought to himself. He kept his phone down. Dev then reached for some kind of ointment. He had probably injured himself while being clumsy inside the shower. After applying the ointment on the injured part of his body, Dev changed into a pair of formals.

And it was so much different than the previous day's clothes. His suit was crisp and ironed and he was looking so hunk. He had probably learned a lesson from his previous experience. Dev wore a metallic wrist watch on his left wrist and was all set to go out. But where was he even going?


Diya was taking the keys of her bike out from her bag. After finding them, she securely tucked her bag into the seat. She was about to insert the keys into her motor bike when her phone dinged with a message.

"Hey love, Would you grab my arm, so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel? Anyways lol. All the best for today!" read the message. Diya was astonished. After the night's incident she expected the stalker to threat her even more. What was happening?

Diya thought not to pay much attention about it. She had an important plant to execute after all. She simply drove her bike and reached her office withing seven minutes. She parked her bike in the parking space and headed towards the office door. Diya was looking extremely pretty today. Her long brown hair was open with a few locks falling on her face. She wore a bright yellow formal dress and with the most minimal accessories. She was looking like an angel, emitting good energy.

Diya was lost in her own thoughts. Her feet were simply carrying her away towards the office door. Lost in her thoughts, Diya was about enter through the door, when somebody simultaneously tried to enter with her. During this process, Diya bumped into this other person and fell on her back. This was the third time in the week when she had bumped into someone. The first two being with "irritating" Dev. Diya looked up to confront the man when instinctively she said out loud, "You!" Diya's breath hitched on seeing the person in front of him. YES. It was Dev. "What are you even doing here?" exclaimed Diya in absolute shock. Never in a million years did she ever imagine to meet Dev again. Dev seemed to be in a comparatively jovial mood.

"Good morning Miss Diya" Dev said. Diya was about to say something when Dev put his finger on her lip shushing her. Then in a heavy, husky voice Dev leaned in and said "Shhhh. Miss Diya. Before you ask anything let me clear all your queries. There was an opening for the position of the technological sub head, that is, the same position as yours and hence Matt personally had called me up yesterday for this offer and I accepted it." saying so Dev suddenly became cautious of their proximity and the fact that he had been slightly caressing Diya's soft and plump lips for a while now. As the realization set in, Dev's heart started beating fast and he removed his finger. He quietly rushed inside the office away from Diya's eyes.

Diya simply stood there in a state of shock. The smell of Dev's cologne was still around in the atmosphere. It was such a sweet scent. Diya's cheeks were radiating heat and turned a shade of red due to slight embarrassment as well. All the people going by could clearly sense a vibe between them. Perhaps a romantic one. Lest did they know what their future actually had in store.


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