Chapter 4- Results?

With calm efforts, Diya recollected herself and collected all her belongings. She took striding steps and quietly followed the receptionist. After climbing a fleet of stairs they reached the conference room."Your interview will be taken here"said the receptionist and motioned Diya to enter. Diya took a deep breath and plastered a huge smile on her face. With a mixture of confidence and nervousness she stepped into the huge, sterile conference room. She cheerfully greeted the entire panel a good morning. Her presentation was quite exquisite and charming. Her small stature, neat clothes, and eyes all promised confidence. Matt who was sitting at the center of the conference table was the most pleased. Diya kept her resume on the table and slided it over to Matt. Matt slowly yet steadily opened the file and read through. Impressed would be an understatement for the feelings that Matt was experiencing. He read out loud for all the other panel members "Graduated college six moths ago, bachelors in communications, worked at 'Br Telecom' during internship. Special skills, can cook well" After reading this, Matt let out a small laugh and said " Well not sure if we can get your cooking to some use, but definitely one of the most impressive resumes. So tell us young Lady.. Why do you think that the job should be given to you?" Diya was pleased with Matt's reaction. She took a deep breath and gleamed a smile of confidence.

Diya said" Sir, I believe that everyone has a potential in them, all they need is to find their underlying passion. I have found mine. Telecommunication. I understand the matter and can definitely work my way towards success. If you'll hire me, I will try my level best and do whatever will be best for the company, but it all depends on you. Thank you". Matt was very pleased with Diya's answer. "Now, then Diya. You do seem to have some real potential. I could not help it but ask you this unusual question. Is it okay if I do?" said Matt." Oh yes Sir. Absolutely! I would love to answer." Diya replied in a positive and cheerful note.

Matt leaned forward hands folded together on the table. His expression was intense, impenetrable. "There was a man whom a genie had granted three wishes. For his first wish he asked for great wealth. A huge pile of gold appeared in front of him, but his villagers suffered. For the second wish he asked for immorality. But his family perished. What should he ask for his last wish to be?" Matt said in one breath. To this Diya smiled, and replied" It indeed is an unusual question. But I do have an answer to this. The man must wish for the genie to undo his last two wishes. That's because he already had what he wanted. It was a story about greed and temptation.". Diya completed her point with a smile of satisfaction and gratification. Matt too seemed to be very happy with this answer. "Diya, now you have put me in a dichotomy. I am really impressed with all your answers. If anyone has any questions, may go ahead, I am done.". Saying so Matt rested his palms on the table as if washing his hands away from the matter. The interview went on a few more minutes, and Diya replied to every question with determination and strong will. Indeed her interview was a strong and beautiful one. After summing up all the minutes of the interview Matt motioned Diya to leave. She stood up, collected her documents and firmly shook her hand with Matt. Diya was very happy with her interview. She was very sure that she would be selected. With that Diya happily left the office. She had a newfound confidence. Even if she did not get this job, she would not be disheartened. This interview had taught her a lot. She was happy so much so that she bought a box of sweets on her way back home.


At the office, the panel of council members were still sitting along the periphery of the conference table. It seemed like they were having a grave discussion. Matt finally spoke up" Guys, we have had a lot of good. REALLY. good interviews today. But two of them stuck the most out to me. I guess all of you know which to interviews I am talking about". All the others members nodded in unison. The discussion went on for a long, really long time...

Finally after an hour or two all of them unanimously came to a decision. All of them agreed on one candidate. But who was it?


Diya was literally jumping while she came home. Her mother Anu was pretty startled to see the mood swings of her own daughter. Diya ran and hugged her mother. She exclaimed in joy and explained all the events that had taken place with her since morning. Her mother was awestruck to see how strong and bold her little girl had grown up to be. Anu hugged her daughter and told her to take a shower. Diya immediately took a towel and went off into the shower. After coming out, she changed into a fresh pair of clothes. She was tidying up her room, when she found her list of hygiene essentials. It had totally slipped out of her mind. She totally forgot to buy her required items. Along with that, an angry and annoyed Dev's image flashed across her mind. However she brushed it off and decided not to give much importance to an ill-mannered man. Diya quietly kept the list down and decided that she would get the items off her list later in the evening. Diya's trance of thoughts was again broken by her mother who called her downstairs to have lunch. Diya happily trotted down the stairs and joined her brother Ravi for lunch.


Dev was pretty happy too when he came back home. He glanced at himself in the mirror. The flour stains on his shirt were still visible, which reminded him of that annoying girl who had almost ruined his entire interview. He quickly got dressed out his flour tainted, wrinkled suit. He took a towel and went into the washroom for a quick shower. He dressed up in regular casual clothes and sat in front of his cell phone as if worshiping it. He waited in anticipation for that one phone call from 'Tata Telecom', which would confirm his job placement and future. This was the first time he had been this nervous and excited about something. He simply could not wait for the results of the interview. He was certain that he had gotten the job. All he needed was confirmation.

Finally after waiting for an entire hour and half, he heard his phone vibrating with all its might. Dev probably had dozed off and the loud vibration of his phone cause his heart to thud faster. He gulped down his own saliva and picked up the cell phone. The caller info displayed 'Unknown Number'. With trembling hands, Dev mustered all his courage and picked up the call and placed the speaker on his ears. " Am I speaking to Mr Dev" Somebody said from the other side. Dev immediately recognized the voice. It was the receptionist from 'Tata Telecom' . With a shaking voice, Dev replied in positive. "Yes, Mr Dev, I am calling from 'Tata Telecom' and I have some news to give you regarding the interview." The receptionist kept on speaking about the company and its policies. She was just not saying the thing that Dev needed to hear right now. Dev's blood pressure might have increased beyond the rate any sphygmomanometer could measure. Finally the receptionist took a deep breath and said "Mr Dev, the council really liked your interview..." Dev was beaming with excitement. He was so happy. He was finally going to get the job of his dreams. " But unfortunately Mr Dev, we cannot offer this job to you. Matt personally had asked me to call you and tell this to you. He was really impressed by your body language , however he would like you to work on your presentation and to be careful about things you keep in your resume file. That's all. Thank you so much... Wish you all the best" Saying so the receptionist hung up. Dev was flabbergasted. He simply could not believe his own ears. All his senses went numb. He deserved this job. How could this happen? OHH.. YES! It was because of that brat... Diya. Yes. Because of her Dev lost the job. His only shot at a happy life. This job was his.Tears started forming on the brim of Dev's eyes. He just could not process the array of events that had been taking place with him since morning. His eyes were blood shot. If he meets Diya the next time, he would surely give her an earful.

Dev was feeling extremely restless. He could not bear the fact that he did not get the job. He started sobbing, but then a thought came across his mind. If not him, then who could have gotten the job? He recollected himself, and wiped his tears. With trembling fingers he ringed up the receptionist's phone number. As soon as the receptionist picked up, Dev blurted out "Hello! I am Dev... I... I actually wanted to know that who got the job? I actually wanted to congratulate them" There was a long awkward pause. The receptionist finally replied "Well, I am not supposed to tell this to anyone, because this is extremely confidential, but since Matt has instructed me to answer all your queries, I will tell you... They have offered the job to Diya Solankhi..."

The phone slipped off of Dev's hands. He could not believe his ears. That same woman. That bloody woman! She has ruined his life for good. Now he would never get a job. Dev covered his face with his palms and sobbed bitterly. When he finally removed his hands from his face, his eyes were all red, due to the salty tears. He looked atrocious, monstrous. DANGEROUS was one word for it.

"DIYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA... You little brat! You scoundrel. You deliberately did this. What have I even done to you? You have no idea as to what you have done. You have challenged Dev Dixit! And the consequences will not be good. I will not spare you Diya! You will face the music now. You will learn who Dev Dixit is. You have challenged the wrong person and you will regret this the rest of your life.You will always be bound to me. BILL BOUND..."

Saying so Dev rushed into the washroom. His mother Rheya who was standing afar, near the door of his room all this while , saw Dev's outburst. She had come near Dev's room hearing his frantic and loud scream. She had never seen her son this angry and outrageous. She knew that her son was extremely strong willed and determined. He could go to any extremes to obtain what was his. This was the first time that she was scared of her own son.

Dev was extremely strong willed. If he had decided to destroy Diya's life then he would definitely do it. Rheya had to stop her son, before he was gone too far. But how? She knew her son, and she knew that her son always fulfilled his promises. She could definitely sense a vibe between them... but a negative one. How would she stop her son from doing something wrong? Alas! Lest did she know that what the future had in store.


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