Chapter 1- Who Are They?

It was a bright Monday morning, in the month of June. The sun was shining brightly in the sky. The summer heat had already set in. Birds were happily chirping away in the sky. There was something new about today, however everything seemed to be the usual in the old alley of new Delhi, India. A young man in his early twenty's was standing in front of a mirror, hanging from a wall. Well, if you could rightly call it one. It was almost as thin as paper, no paint and the remaining of the plaster was chipping off. The man looked into the mirror trying to somewhat straighten his old crumpled and wrinkled suit. The suit was at least five years old with cloth patches all over. The man had bloodshot eyes as if deprived from days of sleep. He combed his ruffled hair into a side partition and turned for his mother's blessings. Truly, was that man a piece of art. Tall as a handsome Greek God, beautiful fair skin, orbs so deep that the entire world could dissolve into it. The lean, muscular frame of his body, there was something so charming about him that his crumpled clothes no longer mattered.

His mother was standing there right in front of him, with a huge grin on her face. He bent down, touched her feet and asked for her blessings, His mother caressed his hair and asked him to get up. She gave him a quick hug. "How handsome is my son even looking! Oh God keep all the evil casts away from him!" His mother exclaimed in joy. She was a mother after all. Even in rags, her son seemed like Prince Charming to her. Hearing his mother's remarks a quick smile spread across Dev's face. However he quickly masked his smile with a stern expression.

"Thank you so much Ma! " exclaimed Dev." Ohh don't have to thank me dear, Now quickly have this yogurt and go for the interview. I am so sure that you will get this job for sure. Now go!" Dev's mother brought a bowl filled with yogurt in front of him and fed him a spoonful. Dev made a crooked face as the taste of the sour yogurt hit his pink tongue. Seeing his antics, his mother could not help but let out a smile. Dev was literally a 'Mumma's Boy'. His mother considered him as a small kid and did everything to protect her 'little son'. After having the yogurt, Dev collected his documents and cell phone and went ahead with his day.

He had an extremely important interview today. It was very important for him and the future of his family. Well, his family only consisted of him, his mother Rheya and his younger sister Nikki. Dev, was a man of extreme determination and could go to any extremes to meet the needs of his family. Indeed he was very determined to get this job as his entire future solely relied on the results of today's interview.


On the other side of the alley, a young girl in her early twenties was getting ready for some event. She was so chirpy and happy for some reason unknown. It seemed like she tried to find happiness in the small things of life. She was not very tall, her body was quite slender, and she had long messy hair. Her brown dense eyes held so much that was beyond human understanding. She had this spark in her eyes. She had a fairy tale to complete. She had her own story to complete. However she was heading for somewhere. She was wearing a long formal dress and a small pendant. Out of nowhere she ran up to her mother and hugged her from the back. Diya's mother's breath hitched, but she quickly realised that it was her very own daughter Diya. "Oh goodness! You scared me Diya. Now eat something, before your interview, you do not want to get ill." Diya's mother exclaimed while resuming her normal breath. Diya let out a huge grin and said "Okay Ma! Do not worry, I will surely eat. Now come on wish me luck for my interview!" Diya's mother quickly wished her luck. Diya gave her mother a quick hug and turned back and headed towards the door. She was about to step out when her mother called her from behind and said, "Oh! I absolutely forgot! Diya, dear could you get me a bag of flour before you go for your interview?" Diya turned around, thought for a while and then replied in positive. "Sure Ma. I will get it for you."

Like that she grabbed her documents and shoved it in a bag and ran out of the door. Diya's mother kept looking at her until she was out of view. She solemnly joined her hands and prayed to the lord for her daughter to get the job.

Indeed was this job important for her. This job meant a lot to her. She needed money for her autistic brother Ravi's treatment and meet the needs of her family. Her family only consisted of her parents,Raj and Anu. She had struggled a lot in her life, all she needed now was some peace and solace.

Diya quickly jogged up to the grocery store and bought a bag of flour. She paid the shopkeeper and quickly carried the heavy bag of flour and headed for her home. The bag of flour must definitely have been heavier than her as she was stumbling and struggling to carry it. However she tried her best to maintain her balance and carefully take the bag to her home.


Dev was on his way to the interview and was speaking to someone on his mobile phone. At exactly the same time, Diya was carrying the bag of flour and somehow came in front of him. For a minute Dev got transfixed and could not process the scene in front of him and thus, both of them bumped into each other causing the bag of flour to burst open and spilling some flour on the both of them. The flour stained both of their clothes. Both of them were lying on the road on their backs. Anger was quite evident in their eyes. The on goers paused in their paths just to glance at the huge scene that took place. "What the hell! Can't you see? Don't you have eyes you blind woman? You have completely ruined my suit..." Dev shouted in front of everyone, creating a scene. He tried to brush away the excess flour from his suit but some flour clung onto the patches of his suit. Dev raised up his face, to meet the most beautiful pair of dark brown orbs. Those eyes were so beautiful, the long luscious hair, That sharp jawline, it was so very attractive. For the first time in a long while Dev felt a loss of words. His trance was broken by a mildly shrill but beautiful, female voice.

"Oh hello! Excuse me! Just because I am not saying anything, It doesn't mean that you can speak whatever you wish like. First of all it was a front-facing accident and you are here at fault. Secondly, you ruin my outfit and then you are arguing with me! How dare you? If you don't have the manners to speak then try keeping your mouth shut." Dev got very very angry. No one had ever spoken to him in such a rude manner. He replied in a rough, harsh voice, "And if you don't know how to walk on the road then try staying in the house. First you ruin my suit and then waste my time. Not everyone is as idle as you are. Now move, get out of my way." Diya bends down to pick up her fallen bag and flour bag. Hearing Dev's rude remarks, she looks up and says, " Oh Mister! I am not even interested in coming between your path and your destination. And I can well understand, what work a man like you can be doing? Huh!"

Dev gets extremely angry and tries to say something. However he decides to storm off. He is about to go away when Diya, gets up holds him by his arm and pulls him around.

" Where do you think you are going? " said Diya, "First give me my money."

A bewildered Dev started at her in awe. " What money?" asked Dev. "Now don't act all coy and innocent. First, you waste my flour, argue and behave rudely with me and now don't even pay for it. Such an indecent man. You don't even have any basic manners. Its a shame for you to be called a man" said Diya flipping her hair and collecting all her documents. Dev was extremely angry. How dare some random girl question him and his manhood? Dev was about to angrily blurt out something, however he recollected himself. He was already very pissed, he wanted to give her an earful however he did not want to create a scene on the road and further argue with a woman whom he considered a 'lunatic'. He quietly handed her a note and muttered under his breath "I don't even want to see her face ever again". Diya heard this and curtly replied " Trust me, the feeling is mutual."

Saying so both of them split ways and go in their respective directions. The by goers who had paused in their paths and witnessed the entire incident could definitely sense a vibe between them. But what their future held, lest did the people know...


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