Chapter 8- Is It Him?

Diya stood outside the office door flabbergasted. She stood there for a while, when somebody nudged her from behind. She turned back to see Kunal. Her started racing faster when she Kunal but she maintained her calm and grinned. "Good morning Kunal". Kunal too did seem happy. He was slightly surprised to see the change in Diya's behavior. Kunal was about to take a step and enter the door when Diya stopped him.

"Umm Kunal, just asking, what is your surname?" Kunal just smiled and replied "Nayar".

Diya's suspicion was confirmed. Yesterday the caller id displayed the name 'K. N'. All Diya needed was to execute her plan. She led the way for Kunal to enter. That's when she noticed that Kunal was limping. "Kunal. Are you okay? Your foot seemed to be injured" asked Diya in concern.

"Oh its nothing. I just sprained my ankle yesterday. Not a big deal." Diya was extremely sure that it was Kunal. He was whimpering from yesterday's pain, when Diya stamped his foot. Diya now needed to execute her plan with extreme caution.


Dev was standing in front of Matt's cabin. He knocked and entered. Matt was very happy to see Dev. Matt handed over a pile of papers to Dev regarding their new project. Matt then personally took Dev in front of the entire office and introduced him. Matt came up to Diya and said "Diya, this is Dev. He will be working with you'll on the current project. Explain the progress to him and he will be sharing the cubical with you, Kunal and Sam. Show him his desk. " Saying so Matt left and everybody resumed their work. It was just Dev and Diya there.

"So..." paused Dev and said. Dev had a sweet smirk on his face and said "See I told ya! I will get this job"

Diya rolled her eyes and asked Dev to follow her. Dev simply obliged and followed her to the cubical. Diya introduced him to Kunal and Sam. Sam gave him a friendly hand shake while Kunal had a firm grip. He seemed to be displeased to see Dev. Diya gave Dev the progress on their project.

"So you see, we have had some progress on the project, we need to emphasize on the price points and labour costs" Diya went on explaining. Dev seemed to concentrate for a while, but then Diya rested her hand on his shoulder when he lost all his concentration. Sparks lit in his head and butterflies were flying in his stomach. He tried his level best to concentrate but got distracted every time. This had never ever happened to him. What was happening? Did he like Diya or something? It was impossible! Diya snapped her fingers , seeing Dev lost.

An embarrassed Dev was turning red. He just coughed and asked Diya to leave the documents on his desks and he would go through them. Diya did as he said. She turned back and let out a smile. Her cheeks were turning pink. She quietly returned back to her desk.


Some time had passed on Dev's first day at office. He was just quietly going through some documents and finding the errors. Suddenly he looked over from his cubical, to Diya's.

Diya was slightly restless and was tapping her foot on the floor. There was such a beautiful rhythm to it. Dev was staring at Diya, when Kunal, stepped in between.

Dev was pretty furious but he decided not to let his mind wander and tried to focus on his work, thus he resumed reading his file.


Diya was just running some errands and checking her file. She was about to type something on her computer when a shadow hovered on her. Petrified, Diya turned back to see Kunal's huge face in front of her. Diya gasped at the suddent event and backed in her chair.

"Kunal!" exclaimed Diya. "What are you even doing? You scared me!" said Diya. Kunal looked carefully at Diya examining her facial features.

" Diya, I have been noticing this since the morning. You are kind of behaving weird, lately. You sure everything okay LOVE?" saying so rested his palm on her shoulder.

A chill ran down Diya's spine hearing the word 'Love'. She shoved Kunal away and in an angry tone said " I. AM. FINE Kunal. Please leave me alone." saying so Diya turned back resuming her work.

Kunal was extremely pissed and angry he wanted to grab Diya by her shoulders and shake her until she blurted out the truth. But he decided to keep his calm. Kunal angrily stomped away from Diya's cubical. Diya heaved a sigh of relief.

She was looking into her file when her eyes unknowingly looked over to the other cubical noticing Dev.

The beautiful fair tone of his body, His slightly long hair, in a side partition, the way he was chewing his pen and going through his file . There was something so erotic about it. Diya could feel the hot blood running through her arteries. Her trance was broken by Sam, who coughed from the opposite cubical seeing Diya flabbergasted. Sam smirked at her. Diya was embarrassed to be caught and turned as red as a raspberry.


It was time for the lunch break already. The day in the office was a pretty hectic one. Due to the new project, pretty much everyone was busy. It was around two o' clock in the afternoon. Diya had been working on her desktop, when Kunal approached her and asked her for lunch. Kunal was behaving very calmly and politely with her. Diya was so engrossed in her work that she did not notice the person asking her. She just replied in negative in a discourteous manner. A dejected Kunal, who was still confused by the events of the day, went back to his seat.

Dev too was very engrossed in his work. He was working on the same project as Diya. Diya had completed just a bit of work when she lifted her eyes to see that it was already half past two. Her stomach was silently growling and she was pretty hungry. She looked over to Dev's cubical.

His long, slender nose, loosened tie, folded sleeves and slightly messy hair. There was something so so charming about it. Diya could not help but keep staring at him.

It had been a while when Diya realized that she had been awkwardly staring at him. Diya switched off her computer and quickly got up from her seat and went over to Dev's cubical.

"Umm" muttered Diya. She then tapped Dev on his shoulder, breaking him from his workaholic trance. Dev who was so much so engrossed in his work, that he had no idea about the time, turned to meet the most beautiful pair of deep brown eyes. She gazed directly into his yes. That eye lock was definitely something. Regaining herself Diya said "Umm.. Dev, you want to get lunch? Its getting quite late"

Dev was slightly tired too from constantly working. He looked at Diya and let out a smile. He replied in positive. He put his laptop on the 'sleep' mode and went to grab some lunch.

Kunal was sitting in his cubical all this while. He was simply fuming mad in anger. Diya, that sick brat had blatantly denied his offer to get lunch and now she goes out with some newbie? Kunal was feeling outrageous. He had to get back at her. But how?


Diya and Dev went to the cafeteria to get lunch.

"I will have the chicken bowl, with some orange soda. Yeah. That's about it." said Dev and paid at the counter.

" And I will have the vegetarian meal. And a cup of coffee, very little milk only about two table spoons and very little sugar, brown sugar." Diya was very specific in giving her order. Saying so she too paid at the counter. Both of them were supposed to get their food at 'Counter number 8'. Both Diya and Dev were walking towards the particular counter, when out of no where Diya's ankle twisted and she leaned into Dev, letting her entire body fall on him.

In the nick of time, Dev held her by her waist, helping her. There was some heat in the moment. Dev had never been this close to any woman. He was quite taller than her, for Diya was a short woman. He could now even smell the lavender in her shampooed hair. Even Diya's heart was beating faster than usual. It was such a blissful moment and the heat was getting to both of them. All the people present stopped in their paths, just to look at the scene. The piercing gaze of all the people broke them out of their trance. Diya tried to maintain her balance but her sprained ankle was preventing her from doing so. Thus, Dev gave her some support and helped her to a table. Then he got another chair to let Diya rest her foot.

Dev then went up to the counter and got both the trays by himself. He tried managing both the trays on his hands. He did not spill any food and carefully placed it on the table. After that he sat opposite to Diya and started speaking to her. It seemed as if both of them knew each other for decades. They were having a really nice time. Laughing, chatting and listening to each other's stories, time went by without them even realizing.


Kunal was still in his cubical thinking about the events of the day. He was pretty mad at Diya. Kunal got up from his seat and went over to Diya's cubical. He tried to check her computer, but it was switched off.

However something got to Kunal, when he turned to Diya's chair noticing her big brown bag. He opened the chain and quietly started ransacking it. There were a few things in her bag including a charger, lipstick, earphones and a bottle of water. However there was one thing in particular that drew Kunal's attention the most. There was an underwear, kept with a sanitary napkin. Something grew in Kunal and he bent down to pick it up. It was Diya's underwear and he was touching it all over.

Kunal was about to keep it back when he heard a shrill, loud voice from behind him. The blood in his veins got cold as realization dawned upon him. Diya had returned after her lunch. Kunal quietly kept the underwear and turned back with a jerk.

Diya and Dev were standing behind him. Diya was extremely pissed and angry. This was the limit. She could no longer tolerate Kunal's nuisance. She trotted up to him. There was just a cold silence in the entire room. Diya had, had enough. It was high time that Kunal learned his lesson. Diya looked straight into Kunal's eyes. Even before he could speak a word Diya slapped him. The slap was so hard, that its noise resonated in the entire floor. Even Diya's hand was hurting after slapping him. Kunal fell onto Diya's chair with a thud. He was holding his cheek. A group of people had already stopped to look at the scene.

"Enough is enough Kunal! I have had it up to here with you. But you. You bloody creep." saying so Diya angrily grabs Kunal by his collar. Dev tries to hold Diya's hand and stop her, however he resists from doing so. Hearing the commotion, Matt and the other official delegates, rush out of their cabins.

Diya was furious. She was looking like an angry tigress who's cubs were taken away from her. Diya stares at Kunal with bloodshot eyes, anger and pain being evident. "Kunal I thought of giving you a second chance but you have decided not to mend your manners. And today, you simply check my bag and touch my underwear without my consent? Its enough. Its high time people know the truth! They should know who you really are. The shallow person behind this mask. EVERYBODY. LISTEN. Kunal. THIS KUNAL. Is not the guy he seems to be. He is a bloody, cheap creep. He has been terrorizing me and stalking me since Day one. And don't think I am making it up. I do have proof. "saying so Diya starts gasping for breath. A tear drop of pain and agony trickles down her cheeks, staining them. Dev looks at Diya's disheveled form in horror. He rushes to Diya's aid and holds her from the back.

Kunal sat there listening to Diya's words in horror. He could not believe his own ears. But how?

All the people gathered there were shocked too. Something was going to happen. But what? They could definitely sense a vibe. A -not -so -good -vibe. But lest did they know that what the future actually had in store for them.

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