Chapter Two

“You are proving hard to get when I’m trying to help your life!” Sebastian spoke as he sat on an empty stool beside the woman that refused to come to him.

Jayda was about taking another shot when she heard the voice, the voice sounded angry and irritated but for some unknown reasons, it sent shivers down her spine.

She looked at the owner of the voice and for once she forgot how to breathe. Hot and sexy would be an understatement to describe him. He was even looking hotter in his suit. She would have mocked him about wearing a suit to the club but on her way in, she noticed a couple of others with suits too. Perhaps they all came straight from work.

As soon as Sebastian looked into the lady’s eyes, he went still. He never expected the person who refused him to be this beautiful. He saw dried tears on her face and for some unknown reason, he felt the need to ask what made her cry, comfort her and let her know everything will be fine.

Sebastian snapped back into reality when he realized he was overthinking. It was not his business to know or find out what had happened to her but on the other hand, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Who made you cry?” He asked with a very concerned voice, almost not believing the statement came from him. And for a moment, he felt like strangling the person that made her cry.

“Who knew you could be so caring after lashing out on me with your first statement?” She mocked after which she gulped down another shot, making it her fourth shot.

Sebastian ignored her reply and asked again. “Who made you cry?

“Apparently, my boyfriend broke up with me. Not that I blame him for doing so. I never took our relationship seriously.

“I’m sorry about that,” Sebastian said, still surprised that he apologized to her. The word “I’m sorry” was something he hardly said to people even when he was at fault. It was as if someone else was in control of his speech.

“Thanks,” Jayda muttered, already wondering why she told a stranger about her problem.

Jayda was about to call the bartender to order for more shots when Sebastian stopped her. “You’ve had enough already.” For some reason, he wanted her to stay sane.

“Whatever I do here is none of your business Mr?” She asked for his name.

Sebastian chuckled in disbelief, this was the first woman he met who acted like she doesn't know who he was.

“You don’t know me?” he asked surprised, almost feeling hurt.

She rolled her eyes, “If I knew who you were, would I be asking you what your name is? Dumbass!

She called him dumbass and he wondered why he didn’t get angry. If the word “dumbass” came out from any other person, he would have destroyed that person within a snap of his fingers.

“I thought the waiter told you my name. Anyways, I’m Sebastian Miller.

“He told me but I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying. I’m Jayda.

“You’re beautiful, Jayda.” He whispered.

Another shiver ran down her spine as her name rolled off his tongue. She tried to hide her blush, “I’m sure you say that to every girl you meet.

He leaned closer to her “I hardly say those words to people. I mean it. You’re very beautiful.

Jayda could feel the tiny hairs at the back of her neck stand as his breath fanned against her skin.

“Well, thank you.” She smiled.

“My friend, Caleb was supposed to come with me today but he ditched me for a date,” Sebastian said which made Jayda chuckle.

“It’s not always about you, you know. Maybe your friend is really into the person he went on a date with.” She slurred.

“Do you want to hang out with me at my hotel?” Sebastian said with a shaky voice. He was surprised as to why he was suddenly shy. It was usually not this way with other women. They were even the ones that always suggested he takes them to his place or a hotel.

Jayda was about to decline his offer but changed her mind when she looked into his beautiful eyes. She could see the zeal in his eyes. He was indirectly begging for her to say yes to his invite.

“Okay.” She said, hoping she wouldn’t regret her actions later. Thanks to the drinks she has had for giving her Dutch courage.

Jayda reached for her purse to pay for her drinks but Sebastian stopped her.

“I got it all covered.” He said and she frowned.

“You sure? I can pay for my drinks.” She said. She knew the bar was expensive and the shots she ordered were not the cheapest of all.

“It’s been covered.” He assured.

“Alright then.” She rose to her feet and almost fell but Sebastian was by her side to help her.

Jayda felt a jolt of electricity run through her when he wrapped his arms around her waist. She wondered why she was feeling this way about him. She was drunk but just a little.

“Why are they all staring? Are you some kind of celebrity or what?” Jayda asked as they walked out of the club.

Sebastian chuckled. He was still surprised she had no idea who he was. He was sure Caleb would laugh his ass out when he tells him he met a lady who has no idea who he truly was.

“I think they are staring because of how handsome and sexy I am.” He winked at her.

Jayda rolled her eyes, “You wish. That barman over there is hotter than you.” She teased.

“Whatever makes you sleep at night.” He said proudly as they approached his car.

He opened the passenger’s seat for Jayda and she entered.

“Nice car.” Jayda complimented as soon as Sebastian slid into the driver’s seat.

“Thank you, ma’am and I’m sure you’ll need this.” He handed her a bottle of water which she gladly accepted.

He pulled up in what Jayda recognized to be an expensive hotel and they made their way to the top suite through the back entrance.

As soon as Sebastian shut the door behind him, he closed the gap between himself and Jayda, gently pushed her against the wall and kissed her.

He stopped when he noticed she was not responding to his kiss. He raised her chin to make her look into his eyes.

“I don’t know what it is about you that just ignites this fire in me.

He took her left hand and placed it on his erect manhood. Jayda’s heartbeat increased as soon as she felt his erect dick against his pants. “See the power you have over me by effortlessly doing nothing.

“We are attracted to each other, I can feel it. I want you and I know you want me too because I can see the desire in your eyes.

“I want to pleasure you, Jayda. Your ex doesn’t deserve you and I want to make you forget about him. I promise to satisfy you to the extent that in a week from now, you will still feel my cock inside of you.

“I’m pleading that we give in to this attraction tonight. I will never force you to do anything if you don’t want to. I will get a taxi to take you to your place.

“I want it, I want you.” She replied, clearly conscious of what she was saying. She decided to let down her guard and go with the flow. Just for tonight and they will never see each other again.

Sebastian smiled and connected his lips back to hers. This time she responded and he was able to savour all of her sweet plump pink lips. She tasted of tonic, mixed with gin.

He pulled away from the kiss and pulled her dress over her head, making her stand in front of him in nothing but her matching underwear.

She was beautiful, curvy and different from all the ladies he has been with. He unhooked her bra and came face to face with her full rounded breasts. They were perfect. Her already erect pink nipples were silently begging for him to suck them already.

Sebastian took her right nipple in his mouth; He teased and sucked while he played the left one.

Jayda threw her head back to enjoy the pleasure he was giving her tits. It was as if she was on cloud nine. Sebastian was really keeping to his promise of making tonight a memorable one.

Seb dropped down to his knees and assisted her in removing her panties. He smiled as he noticed how soaked it was. He was happy he had the same effect on her as she did on him.

With only her heels on, he ushered her to a nearby table, lifted her on the table and spread her legs to have easy access to her core.

Jayda swallowed painfully as soon as Sebastian’s tongue came in contact with her clit. He took his time to explore, tease and finger her womanhood. Jayda stopped him when she thought she was going to die of pleasure.

She was breathing heavily when Sebastian connected his lips back with hers, making her taste herself.

“Are you ready for the main course? Are you ready to feel my dick inside your wet pussy?” He whispered seductively. Jayda did not trust herself to speak so she nodded.

Sebastian positioned her well on the table, teased her clitoris with the tip of his cock before slowly entering her.

He went still when he realized she was extremely tight. He took a glance at Jayda and saw that she had an uncomfortable expression on her face as she clung onto the table tightly. It was then that it hit him that she was a virgin.

29-year-old Jayda was dedicated to her career that she hardly had time to have fun and that included, giving herself to any man. Not even Zach. But she was good at pleasuring herself whenever she got horny.

Sebastian whispered in her ear, “I’m honoured to be the first guy to make love to you. I promise to worship your body and make tonight your best night ever. The pain will only last for a while, I promise.” He said to her and she nodded.

Sebastian made her get comfortable with the size of his length. He increased the pace after the pain was gone.

With moans of pleasure coming from her and with her toes curled, Jayda threw her head to the back to enjoy the pleasure he was giving her. They came together with Sebastian emptying his seeds inside her.

He picked her up in a bridal style and placed her on the bed. He removed her heels, slid in beside her and wrapped his arms around her. He saw that she was still trying to catch her breath.

Sebastian was certain what he had with Jayda was not Sex but Lovemaking which made it the best intercourse he has ever had with the opposite sex. He took his time to worship her body which was something he never did with the women he had been with. He was satisfied and proud when she came so hard. There was just something about Jayda that seemed so different. She also brings out the nicest side of him.

“I’m up for another round if you’re up for it.” He posed to her.

She smiled, “We only have this night together, feel free to make it memorable.

Sebastian climbed on top of her and made passionate love to her after which they both fell asleep.

Just because they couldn’t get enough of each other, they ended up going for three more rounds before daybreak, making it five rounds in total.

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