Chapter Four

Lilian was surprised. She could not believe it was her best friend that was pouring out her emotions before her. Jayda was someone that hardly showed her weak side. Even in tough situations, she always put up a strong face. She couldn't remember the last time she saw Jayda cry.

Lily did her best to calm Jayda down. She wiped her face with some tissue.

"I'm here if you want to talk about it but it's okay if you don't want to," Lilian said carefully.

Jayda sniffed "I was devastated after I left Zach's place so I made my way to club 232."

"You went to a club?" Lilian asked, shocked. Jayda nodded. No matter how much Lily persuaded her to go to the club in the past, Jayda never gave in.

"I went with the intention to get drunk but I ended up taking only three shots before I was interrupted by someone. He was very handsome but has the worst personality on earth. I feel so stupid because he used me."

"During the first few minutes we talked, I felt kind of connected to him. His voice sent shivers down my spine and the way he pronounced my name made butterflies appear in my stomach. I felt a jolt of electricity run through me when his skin first came in contact with mine."

"I know this is crazy but honestly that's what I felt. I felt with him all that I never felt for Zach. One thing led to another and we ended up in the hotel room and I had the best night of my life."

"He took his time to worship my body, he made me crave for more, he was so gentle, he made love to me, we found it hard to keep our hands off each other so he taught me different positions, he promised to make the night memorable for us and he did."

A tear rolled down Jayda's cheek and Lilian wiped it off with her thumb. "It turned out that the person I gave my virginity to was just a jerk who only wanted me for sex. He acted so cold this morning and that made me wonder if he was the same guy that made passionate love to me last night."

"What made me angrier was that he dropped some notes on the nightstand claiming he was paying for my services, he even suspected me to be a thief. I have never been so humiliated in my life."

Lilian listened intently to everything her best friend said. She knew the guy Jayda was talking about was special but at the same time, he was a big asshole. She had never seen Jayda express her feelings about a guy like that; not even Zach

"Did he tell you his name?" Lilian asked, already coming up with a murder plan.

Jayda nodded as she wiped her face with the back of her palm. "Sebastian Miller."

Lilian looked as if she had just seen a ghost. "As in the same Sebastian Miller?"

"I don't know which Sebastian Miller you're referring to but I think there's more than one person in this world bearing that name," Jayda said with a heavy heart.

Lilian reached for her phone on Jayda's nightstand and showed her a picture. "Is he the one?"

She swallowed painfully and then nodded.

"This bastard!, I'm going to kill him for messing with my best friend."

"There's no need to kill anyone, Lily"

"Sebastian needs to be taught a lesson. He's so rude, arrogant, he feels he's on top of the world, he's a snub, he is all the worst things you can ever think of. I feel so embarrassed that I'm related to the jerk" Lilian said in anger. Jayda gave her a confused look.

"Sebastian Miller is one of the richest bachelors in the city. He's known in the whole of the United States as the fourth richest."

Jayda facepalmed. She doesn't keep tabs about celebrities so she could not have known him.

"No wonder he was surprised when I asked for his name. He must be used to girls running after him"

"Yes, that's why he doesn't respect us. Sebastian Miller is my cousin. It's not something I'm actually proud of and we don't even act like cousins because I hate him so much. He hates me too."

"But I'll make sure I cut off his balls when next I see him. Thank God you're a lawyer, a very good one for that matter. You'll defend me if he takes me to court."

"Please don't get into trouble, Lily, all I want to do is to forget him and move on. I don't want anything to bring me and him together again."

"Did you guys use protection?" Lily asked which made Jayda think for a while. She ran her fingers harshly through her already messy hair.

"I don't know, we were so caught up in the moment. I think he used protection for the first round but I'm not sure about the rest."

"I'll go to the pharmacy tomorrow for an after pill. I just want to forget about him and move on. I don't want to cross paths with him again. He was a mistake that should never have happened. I have a job that needs me, I'm done with men." Jayda concluded.

"I never knew Sebastian could be this possessive." She pointed to the hickeys on Jayda's neck. "Does it hurt?"

"Not anymore." She replied.

"I made dinner. Let's go and eat and after that, we will settle for a movie."

"I'm not hungry," Jayda replied.

"I swear I'm going to strangle Sebastian with my bare hands the next time I see him," Lilian whispered to herself.

Jayda was a food lover. Never had she refused Lilian's food, most especially pasta, her favourite.

No doubt it was because of Sebastian she felt this way. She wouldn't be surprised if Jayda hasn't eaten anything since morning.

She took Jayda's hands in hers. "I don't want you to fall sick or feel depressed because of that asshole. Trust me he's not worth it. You should forgive yourself, hun."

"I'm trying to but I can't. I don't regret last night but I do regret everything that happened this morning. He hurt me really bad with his words and actions. No matter how much I try to hate him, I end up hating myself more."

"I made sure I hurled insults at him, I slapped him and threw one of my heels at him. I think it hit him on the head."

"He deserved everything you did to him. Don't beat yourself up for anything. Dinner is ready and after that, we will stroll to get some Ice cream and then come back to watch our movie. Please don't say no." Lilian pleaded.

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