Chapter Six

Four weeks later.

These past days had been the busiest Jayda had ever been. There was a whole lot to do now that she was promoted. She had several court cases to handle, consultations to give and contracts to review.

She was glad she had so much to do because it kept her mind off the person she gave her most precious thing, Sebastian.

By the time she got home every night, she was usually exhausted so she went to bed straight and too tired to think about him.

But there were times when she couldn't help but think about him, and whenever she does, she got mad at herself for going to bed with him.

At least, once every three days, she replayed the passionate night they had together. It wasn't done intentionally but she couldn't help herself. Sometimes, she could still feel him in her and in as much as she would not want to admit, she missed the feel of his body against hers, how he wrapped his arms around her possessively the night after they made love.

What surprised Jayda was that she never felt that way about Zach. Not even half of what she felt for Sebastian in one night.

She was also considering going for therapy sessions because the thought of Sebastian and what they had was making her go crazy.

Halfway through reviewing a contract, Jayda brought a mug of coffee to her lips and took a sip. She scrunched up her face.

"This tastes bad." She said to her intern, Debbie who was somewhere in her office, going over some file on Jayda's instruction.

"But I made it just the way you like your coffee," Debbie responded.

Jayda brought the mug to her lips again and took another sip. It tasted more bitter than the first sip.

"I don't like the taste." She placed the mug of coffee on the table and poured herself a glass of water before going back to the contract she was reviewing.

Debbie looked at Jayda strangely and wondered if she was okay. She said the same thing about her favourite cheeseburger yesterday.

Debbie made her way towards Jayda and took a seat opposite her desk.

"Are you okay, Jayda?" She asked.

Debbie was Jayda's cousin who was currently interning in Saunders and Co. She looked up to Jayda very much because Jayda was a brilliant lawyer.

She was overjoyed when she got a call that she had been accepted to intern in her cousin's firm. Sanders and Co was a very reputable law firm and every law student/graduate's dream is to intern here.

Jayda refused to give Debbie an upper hand despite the fact that she was a partner and could use her position to automatically give Debbie a slot.

She told Debbie to make sure she got good grades and apply just like the others, if she was good enough she would be picked. Jayda didn't give room for favouritism.

Debbie did all that and fortunately, she got accepted. She was happy to learn from the best firm and from her cousin who was one of the best lawyers in the city.

"What do you mean?" Jayda asked, confused.

"You said the same thing about your cheeseburger yesterday and two days ago, you left the cafeteria because you couldn't stand the smell of meat. Mind you, I ate the burger you refused to eat and it tasted perfectly fine, same with this coffee."

"So you're suggesting something is wrong with me?" Jayda concluded.

Debbie shrugged, "I don't know, I'm just concerned."

Jayda shook her head in disbelief and changed the topic, "Hurry up with what I asked you to do. We should be in court in two hours."

Debbie wanted to say something else but Jayda glared at her which made Debbie swallow her words. She went back to what Jayda asked her to do.

Soon enough, a call came in for Jayda. She looked at the caller ID and smiled when she saw it was Lilian, her best friend.


"Are you sure you don't want to come with me to the party? I'll really appreciate it if you do," Lilian said from the other side.

Jayda sighed. "I thought we've talked about this, Lily. There's no way I'm going with you to that party."

"Trust me, Sebastian will not do anything to you. You will be by my side and I'll protect you all through." Lilian promised.

Jayda chuckled, "You must be kidding me, Lily. I'm not afraid of that jerk, I just don't want to see him again before I lose my temper and strangle him."

"Well, he deserves it, you're a lawyer. One of the best in fact and no doubt you will get away with it."

Jada chuckled, "It's your uncle's birthday party, you will be fine. Just go and catch up with your family members. I'm sure it won't be as bad as the way you've visioned it in your head." She encouraged.

"Apart from the fact that I'm avoiding that jerk, I can't come with you because I have some things to complete since I won't be working this weekend. I'm going over to my parents' place. And besides, the party is only for family members."

"You're my best friend, you're my family."

"You'll do just fine hun, I have to go, I have a court session this afternoon. We'll talk later."

"Okay. Just let me know if you change your mind." Lilian said before she ended the call.


Lilian sighed as soon as she drove into her Uncle's mansion. Albert Miller, Sebastian's father, was her mother's elder brother and the richest amongst four children.

Lilian's mother was the only female child and that was why her brothers were so protective of her, most especially Albert and no doubt that same possessiveness was transferred to her.

Albert Miller was the best uncle Lilian could ever ask for. He was kind, charming and humble, he behaved nothing like his son, Sebastian.

Because of the good relationship that existed between her uncle and her mother, Lilian could not decline the invitation.

She finally found a spot to park her car, she reached for her purse and wrapped gift, then got down from her car.

"I was already beginning to think my baby sister wouldn't show up." A familiar voice said.

"You know I can't say NO whenever it comes to Uncle Albert. Mom will be so mad at me." Lilian replied.

She was late to the party. She was kind of hoping Jayda would change her mind and come with her but Jayda had to go see her parents.

Gabriel closed the gap between them and pulled his younger sister into a hug. "You look beautiful as always." He kissed her cheek.

"Thank you." She smiled.

"So how's Jayda?" He asked as they walked hand in hand into the mansion.

"She's good. She had to go over to her parents' place, that's why she couldn't come with me."

The two living rooms were filled with guests who were either family or close friends to the Millers. Lilian greeted the people she recognized. She went over to the gift corner and placed her gift among other presents that were meant for the celebrant. A card was included in her gift so Uncle Albert would know they were from her.

Vanessa Miller, Sebastian's mother was happy to see Lilian, she pulled her into a hug before excusing herself to go welcome other guests and check out how the chefs were doing in the kitchen.

Everything about Vanessa was perfection. Apart from the fact that she looked far younger than her age, she was loving and caring. Lilian couldn't have asked for a better wife for her Uncle Albert. They were truly made for each other.

Like always, Gabriel ditched Lilian to go talk to some girls so Lilian was alone. She took a glass of red wine from a waiter that was passing by. She was about to go settle down on one of the couches when she made eye contact with her uncle who had Sebastian beside him.

Albert signalled for her to come over and she did just that.

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