Chapter Five


"Let me see them, mom. It's not like I can hide from them forever."

My mom stood from her swivel chair "You're doing this because of that girl? Xander, she's the ex of your twin! Are you out of your mind?"

I just told mom about me and Jennie awhile ago and she's not happy about it. I understand because she cares about me but I'm grown up now.

"I don't care if she's Alex's ex, Alex is gone. Let me do this, mom. I want to be happy with Jennie, if I need to stand as Logan's father then I will do it. I will meet them later, I will tell them about me and Jennie."

"Let me remind you that Alex is not really dead. He just runaway, you can't take the life he left. Xander, I'm just after your well being, what if Alex came back? What will happen? Jennie will surely choose the father of her child. Think about it! Be level-headed!"

"Alex will never come back. He said that to me. He chose to be with another girl than to stand and take care of the seed he planted to Jennie." I reasoned out "I think I will never get the approval I'm asking from you but I will still do it."

I walked out from my mom's office, no matter what her opinion matters to me but I need to do this for my happiness. I need to take risk even if I need to break my promise to my twin.


I texted Jennie to meet me in the restaurant where we usually meet and not to forget to bring Logan with her, for the first time, I will meet Logan.

"What's up? Why did you ask to bring Logan?" Jennie kissed my cheek before sitting in front of me

I called the waiter to bring us a highchair for Logan. We ordered our usual while Jennie ordered a mush potato for Logan.

"I just wanted to tell you something."

Forgive me, Alex. I need to do this. I'm desperate. I grew up hiding from the shadows but now that I can see my light of hope with Jennie I will not let it pass.

The waiter came back with a highchair; Jennie sat Logan on it and buckled the seatbelt.

"That seems important for you to ask me to meet you personally. What it is?"

Our food served, I waited for the waiter to finish his work before answering Jennie's question. I glanced at Logan who is enjoying the mush potato. If you look closely at him, you will assume that I am his father but it's Alex, not me. I will never be his real father.

Your father abandoned you.

"I know that after this, things will never be the same, it will make you hate me and Alex." I took a deep breath "The night of Alex's accident, he called me."


"I don't know what to do anymore, Xander. I love Jennie but Hanna needs me. I need your help."

"Wait, wait, wait, and hold on there, Alex. What is happening? Who is Hanna?"

"Hanna... Hanna is my lover, Xander. I'm cheating on Jennie." Alex admitted his infidelity "I'm so sorry, I know we tell each other our secrets but Hanna is different. She's sick; I want to be with her. I want you to help me."

"Help you with what? How about Jennie? You will break her heart, you said you love her."

"I do, I really do but Hanna needs me more. Jennie is a strong woman, she can move on. I want you to fake my accident. Make everyone believe that I am dead."

*End of flashback*

"Alex is... alive? You're fooling me all this time!" Jennie shouted gaining stares from people around us, afflictive tears falling from her feline eyes

Nothing is more painful than seeing the person you love crying because of you.

"I had no choice, my brother needed me. I just helped him, I didn't know that you're pregnant with his baby, if I just knew that you're pregnant I wouldn't help him. I can't let my brother to abandon his child but I was oblivious about your condition." I explained "Forgive me for not that telling you this in the first place, I got scared telling you the truth because you might hate me for it."

With an eerie look she said "Where is he? Gosh! I was so stupid for being oblivious all this time. My poor Logan." She caressed Logan's cheek "You don't deserve this."

"I will bring you two to him."

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