Stepping inside Lawrence penthouse, I realize that how much fucking rich this bastard is. Surely he and his so called family hasn't suffered but unfortunately today his world will fall apart.

But damn due to this freaking headache I am going to miss the fun of killing all of them.

Taping a finger over my temple I averted my gaze, all around the massive hall.

There was no sign of anyone here. Although Blake and Riley had cleared tons of bodyguards before entering his mansion but still I highly doubt that why in a hell this Lawrence and his family isn't coming in front of my sight with frightened look plastered over their faces?

" Is it really important to kill all of them? Just because David had a deal with you that doesn't mean we will kill all the innocents here."

Blake's pathetic comment echoed inside my ear, only worsening this fucking headache.

What's up to him? Why the hell every time he has to be a saint?

" Shut up Blake. Don't even dare to mess with soon to be coming fun."

Riley muttered.

" Who are you all?"

A low whisper caught me and I tilted my head to have a view of an old lady whom I guess is no other then the wife of Alfred Lawrence and next to her stands the massive old billionaire none other then Lawrence himself.

I smirked and grabbed a seat on the couch. While pulling my gun out from my waist band I gestured them to come closer.

As soon as they both have a glimpse of gun in my hand, instantly their face drained colour and they exchanged a worried look with each other.

Ah I see love birds here.

Great. Now more fucking family drama.

" Wh-why? Wh- please don't harm anyone. I- I will give you however money you want."

He stammered with shaky voice and the look on his face. Bingo.

He's damn scared.

" Lawrence. Sorry to disappoint you but we will only kill you and your family and nothing much and don't worry about money as I am twice times richer then you. So I guess you couldn't bargain your and your family life with your money."

I said and creased my forehead, not being in a mood to watch their pleading faces.

" Nope. Not enjoying."

Riley said and pointed his index fingers towards them and then at my gun. I shrugged my shoulders and pulled the trigger one by one launching the bullet on them. Next their life less bodies fell on the floor.

"Two finished now four more to go."

I muttered to myself and turned my eyes towards Blake who was closing his eyes shut again in disappointment.

Fucking pussy.

I shook my head and turned my attention towards Riley who was roaming around to look at everything.

" Where are others?"

I asked but no response came back.


I barked.

" They will be soon here."

He replied in a bitter tone.

" Dad. Cherry. Where are you both? Look this Chris and Hunter are again- who the hell are you three?"

Suddenly a strange melodic voice entered inside my ear. I snapped my eyes at that direction and soon my breath gets hitched up by the sight in front of me.

A mesmerizing deep blue pair of eyes stared at me. For a moment, I stilled while interlocking my gaze with her. There was something in those eyes which were generating a strange curiosity in me for her and only to feed my that curiosity, I let my eyes linger over her body.

A woman. Well a sexy and hot as a hell woman stood there. Her brown soft hair locks and perfectly shaped eyebrows which were knitted in confusion gave a little fierce look. Perfect curves.

I almost gulped audibly when have a sight of her perfect exposed breast valley tempting me harder to discover more deeper.

Her body looked so much fuckable that it had taken everything in me to not to lock her in my room and fuck her senselessly.

So this is September.

My mind drifted to the thought of her body lying underneath me, moaning my name with her sweet little mouth.

I clenched my fists tighter and closed my eyes tightly shut in frustration.

What the fuck?

Why this women was tempting me so hard to think from my dick.

Well maybe because she's the most fucking hot woman I've ever seen.

" Hunter? Chris? Who are they?"

She spoke again and I watched how her pink kissable lips moved forcing me to shut them by smashing them with mine.

" Zach?"

Riley poked my shoulders bringing me back to reality and that's when I realized that next to her two men of her age were standing with equal confused expression and a small girl hiding behind them.

So they are the remaining part of his family.

I smirked. Ah now this seems interesting.

" Your father and mother are up their in haven waiting for you all to reach there and have a cute family reunion."

I said while passing a wink.

As soon as my words registered in her head, her eyes went wider and by wiping the sweat of her forehead with her trembling fingers, she turned her face towards one of man standing at her right.

" Hu-hunter."

She shuttered and pressed her eyes close and tears silently formed their way.

Oh. So little brat also knows how to shed her tears.

Well let's see how she reacts after witnessing the dead bodies of her parents.

" Over there."

I said casually and pointed my index finger towards the corner where her parents dead bodies were.

I sifted my eyes to watch her expressions. In a blink of an eye, her face paled and burst into tears. she bite her trembling lips to suppress her urge to cry harder.

She looked at me with disgust, hurt, hatred, anger and something which I couldn't describe.

Her eyes bore into mine with such a weird intensity that all I wanted to do is to wipe her tears away.

And at that moment I regretted.

I regretted doing something which I love to do. I regretted killing her parents.

Fuck. What's happening with me?

I took a deep breath and cleared my every damn fucking thought about her. This woman has to die. She is invading foreign things to my immune. And I couldn't let this happen.

" C-Chris p-please sh-shut Claire's eye. I-It..."

She said and clenched the corner of her top tightly.

Her vulnerable voice laced with hurt, echoed over my senses and the strangest thing I am still sitting at my place instead of pushing the bullet straight into her head.

What the hell is wrong with me?

" Now who wants to die first?"

I questioned reluctantly and three pairs of eyes looked at me in horror.

From my peripheral vision I found that Chris guy covering the eyes of that small girl.

" The hell cops will be here soon."

Riley said and I raised my eyebrows up at him.


Wait a second.

" Who called them?"

I asked but none of them opened their mouth.

" You come here."

I said pointing my gun towards that woman.

Let's have some fun before killing her. It would take at lest twenty minutes for the cops to enter inside this mansion as the front gate is already covered up with my men.

" Come before I kill them."

I added this time pointing towards the two of his ... Well whoever the hell were they.

" Hunter let me go."

She whispered and then only I found that she had her fingers intertwined with that bastard.

I clenched my fists tighter.

Rage over took my senses after getting the fact that he was holding her hands. He was touching her. How dare he to fucking touch her? That's when I loose it all and pulled the trigger.

" Hunter. No..."

She screamed when his body started leaning towards the floor.

She sat with his head rested on her lap.

She intertwined her fingers more tightly with his fingers which are soon going to be lifeless.

" Please Hunter don't leave me. Please."

She cried while running her fingers softly through his hairs.

I rolled my eyes in irritation.

Again one more Love Drama.

" S-sorry. Sep-september."

He said weekly.

Oh so he is still alive. Well I guess he has few more minutes left then.

" I am sorry. I love you too. I am sorry. If only you are not a part of my life then maybe... I know you regret loving me but-"

She said in between her hiccups and tears.

" I-I love you and will a-always do. I don't have much time but baby I've lived my life fully with you and I don't regret dying this early as he-ere I am dying in your arms. But only thing which I regret is not being able to c-call you as my wife."

He replied.

I looked at both of them. They both seemed to be so lost in their pathetic love.

But something twitched inside me by just watching them.


I know this love thing is not for me but witnessing this woman crying for him . Will anyone ever be able to love me to this extent? Love a criminal?

For fuck's shake Zachary, just stop thinking like a pussy.

This is just a sexual tension and nothing much. Nothing.

I rubbed my palm over my face and to my peripheral vision I found Blake and Riley looking at me, suspiciously.

" What?"

I snapped and they just shook their head.

C'mon Zachary, just kill all of them especially that woman otherwise you might end up in asylum.

" Take care of your cupcake and our little Clair ,Chris."

He said to that Chris and after few minutes his body became lifeless.

She started crying more harder and hugged his body and Chris tears silently fell down and he lifted that small girl, still closing her eyes with his hand.

Definitely this is one of the best live family Drama I've ever experienced.

I rolled my eyes and stood up from the couch.

" You. Come here . Now."

I said again pointing my gun at her like earlier but still she just sat on the floor frozen at her place, staring at her dead boyfriend.

Anger filled up my veins and my jaw automatically went clenched.


She flinched and after averting her eyes to her remaining family, she didn't took any minute to stood up.

My breath became uneven after watching her from so close. She is one hell of a sight. Completely irresistible. Maybe that's why she was giving me hard time.

Her cheeks has turned into shades of red and she had scrunched up her nose which rather looks cute.


Where did that came from?

I smirked and pulled her closer by her elbow. She started shivering in fear.

That's the good thing. Isn't it?

After all you love scared expressions.


I jumped out of my trance and ran my gun over her neck. She tried to get away from my hold but all in vain.

Without wasting a single second, I smashed my lips over her. She stood their lifeless in state of complete shock. Moving my lips roughly against her still lips, I tried fucking hard to calm my growing hunger towards her body. I felt myself going to melt when the sweet taste of her mouth came in the contact of my tongue. It felt different. Different from others.

Her taste was so addictive that I wanted to savour every inch of her. Never this kissing thing ignited me this much.

Damn this woman.

Now no way in a hell, I am going to kill her, at least not before dragging to my bed and fucking her hard.

I broke apart from her and saw the blood oozing out from her lips. She closed her eyes from where tears were slipping down.

I licked the blood from her lips, making her tears turn into hiccups when she squeezed her eyes in disgust.

" Riley."

I stepped aside and turned towards him to utter a word but before that could happen, a strong unbearable pain emerged through my abdomen. I looked down only to found the blood running out and that's when it hit me that I was shot. Blackness started spreading over my senses and somehow I managed to watch few cops standing at the door. Instantly Riley and Blake killed them and rushed towards me.

" Blake we have to take him to hospital."

Riley shouted, supporting me to lie on the couch.

" We couldn't. First we have to clear all the cops who are surrounding this mansion plus I don't think Zach has that much time. We have to do something."

Blake spoke, checking my pulse.

" Zach. Hold up please."

Riley or Blake someone said. I didn't paid any attention to them instead I looked at her who was looking back at me with worried and confused look.


Why would she be worried for me. She should be happy after witnessing my this state right?

My eyes started closing and the rising pain almost made me groan louder.

" Chris please bring the first aid kit, a sharp knife and do arrangement for hot water and some fire. I need to bring that bullet out of him. Hurry."

She directed to him and then sat next to me unbuttoning my shirt. I felt her fingers brushing near my wound.

Why the fuck she was trying to save my life? I was the one to kill her parents and boyfriend. She is saving my life? Why?

" W-why?"

I asked but she didn't replied instead turned her face to Blake and Riley.

" Try to stop the cops entering inside and trust me he will be fine."

She said and they both nodded and that's when complete darkness surrounded me with only one question that why she was saving my life?

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