Standing inside the black smoke screen whose fadness was no way near end, I felt a pure white light coming from a distance.

Something inside me, carved for touching that light till it's lightness surrounds me to whole. But the second I tried to move my body towards it, I felt like my whole body is stilled due to some unknown reason. I tried. I tried again and again. But nothing changed. My legs felt numb, my hands felt numb... My whole body felt numb.

Not even a single breath, I can feel in real. Not even mine. All I can do is to watch the smoke surrounding me and that white pure light fixed at the distance whose shine was enough for me to attract every inch of me, but nothing happening.

I closed my eyes in frustration but still that light was visible to me. I tried to move my legs again but failed. Maybe I should give up trying. There is nothing I could do to touch that light.


With that thought I felt my body relaxing like I was flying over clouds. It felt good. May be much more good then chasing that white light. There was nothing this much comforting. I felt like I was getting free from my body. Free from every other thing. And it didn't scared me rather it felt good.

In the little piece of my heart, there starts collection of yellow light which was generating from my whole body.

I tried to touch my heart but that's when something soft, feather like grabbed my fingers making it in actually to move; by bringing it out of it's numbness.

I looked to find a women standing next to me with a smile. She didn't said anything just looked at me. I found that her face was not visible due to smoke buy her smile was.

My legs automatically started moving with her, matching her steps and my heart started becoming invisible.

She took me towards that white light and to my surprise she instantly faded in air when my skin came under the touch of that pure light.

" You've to go back child."

I heard a voice coming from somewhere and it didn't took any another second for me to realize that it was none other then my mother's voice. My mind drifted with ecstasy and I looked around to find her.

" Please don't send me away from you. I don't want to go."

I shouted and waited for the reply.

" You need to. There's someone waiting for you."

" No. There is no one who loves me like you do."

" Son. Remember the girl who've brought you near me. She needs you just in the same way as you need her. Go back and this time live your life."

As she completed her words, I felt my eyes closing whilst my body was feeling the weight of something. And before I could understand anything, everything around me calmed into a different type of silence.



" water."

I said with my fingers trembling and a chill shiver instantly rushed over my body. My whole body ached and after collecting so many strength, I finally parted my eyelids only to be welcomed by the fucking bright lights which were evoking burning sensation in my eyes.

After rubbing them, I looked around only to be surrounded by few familiar figures.

Riley, Blake and yeah Grace, right?

There face was not completely visible to me due to blur in my eyes.

I groaned when an acute pain of headache hit me, making some faded images of me; trapped in a smoke then a bright smile, light, few words.

What the fuck was that? A dream?

I shook my head and blinked few times and at this time, all the faces present in front of me became crystal visible.

Grace launched herself over me in a tight hug and it hurts like a bitch to even move my arm.

What the hell? Where I am and most of all why these three were standing and looking at me with a smile and tears in their eyes.

" Finally you are awake man after 2 fucking months."

Riley said and after pulling Grace away from me, he gave me a side hug.

What? 2 months. What's happening here?

" Zachy bro. You know we were so worried. Even doctors have loosed hope that you'll ever wake up but all thanks to Blake and Riley they put doctors on their gun point and forced them to continue your treatment. You were in coma for last 2 months."

Grace said with a little smile and then everything hit me, one by one.

Lawrence. Murders. Blood. That women. Kiss. Cops. Bullet. She was saving me.

Wait a second.

September Lawrence had saved my life even after witnessing that I've killed her parents and her boyfriend. Why the hell she had done that? Was she insane? I mean who saves life of that person who was the only reason behind their pain?

I need answer. I want to know why she had done this? I want to know the answer before this fucking curiosity kills me.

Drinking the whole glass of water till my throat clenched, I asked

" Where is she?"

None of them replied instead they all looked at me with confused expressions.

That very second I became restless. What if they had killed her?

My heart started shrinking in my chest and after removing all the medical equipments away from my body, I stood up and grabbed the collar of Blake.

" Where the hell is she?"

I asked again through clenched teeths. He looked at me all over again and after sharing a quick look with Riley, he slowly removed my hold from his collar.

" Just leave her. Please Zach. Please don't kill her, she had saved your life."

He replied with his head bent down.

I chuckled dryly.

He thinks that I want to kill her? How could I? Not after that little act of her saving me which had unconsciously locked in the back of my mind.

" I will not kill her."

I said in a blank to be whilst fixing my gaze at the doctor who was looking here and there in nervousness.

Fucking pussy.

" Off course why would you after all she's so on going to be our sister in-law."

Riley commented and started wiggling his eyebrows up and join. Grace smirked instantly and Blake well there was something different in his eyes which I couldn't understand.

I rolled my eyes but deep inside it felt warmth at the idea of her as my woman.

Stop. Just stop Zach. Are you crazy to have such bullshits running inside your brain?

All I need from her is just a reason that why she saved me and nothing much. Nothing.

" I know where is she but I'll tell you only at one cost, if you take proper rest and obviously treatment too."

Blake said and dragged Riley out of the room.


That women had practically taken away my every single thought. How can I rest?

Shifting my eyes to Grace I gestured her to leave whilst sitting on the edge of the bed.

" Wow. I am so excited to meet that women who has finally melted my Zachy bro's cruel heart."

Grace said after ignoring me and grabbing the seat next to me. I have an instant urge to laugh at her words.

Again the same thing.

Why couldn't anyone understand that there is no one who could change me? Hell, there's nothing one can change about me.


am a monster. A criminal and will be the same for ever.

" But Zach seriously though that September sounds mystery. I mean why she saved your life?"

" That's all I want to know."

I replied with a sigh.


" She's inside."

Blake said.

I nodded and gave him look to go back and reluctantly he followed my action by driving back in his car.

I looked again at the banner in front of me which reads "ROSE CAFÉ".

The glass windows were beautifully fitted into the pale wooden colour walls. The whole environment was mixed with the smell of coffee and cookies.

The place was small and cheap but there was something different in it's aura. Like something comfortable.

This place was in different city from where she had earlier lived. In short she had tried real hard to stay away from her huge Lawrence mansion.

Blake had informed me of everything about her.

He had told that after she took the bullet out of my abdomen at the same night she moved away with that Chris and little girl.

And later after a week they both started working here on this small coffee shop.

David, the one who had put a deal in front of me to kill Lawrence family has now taken his full right over Lawrence company and property.

So basically it was the reason why that bastard wanted Lawrence family to be killed.

I ran my fingers through my hairs and after exhaling, I took a step inside the café.

I looked around and my eyes get fixed over the counter where she was standing, talking to a familiar figure which I guess was no other then her best friend Chris.

I took more steps closer to her and then only I realized that how much she has changed in these past 2 months.

Her skin has paled a little and there were bags under her eyes. She has became quite thin. Her lips were dry.

I let my eyes roam over her body from up to down. I found her wearing black denim and red T-shirt. Her hairs were clutched back in a messy bun.

But still after everything, she didn't failed to ignite lust in me. Her body still looked hot and dynamic even in simple denim and T-shirt also. Her face still looked flawless.

That desire which I had felt for her 2 months back had returned back and I must add that this time even at higher level.

This women is surely something different.

Unconsciously she's giving me hard time. She don't have any idea that to how much intensity, she was attracting me towards her. Just like a moth to a flame. I know she's not good for my immune but still I couldn't stop myself from wondering about me sharing the bed with her.

And here I had came for asking the question of my answer.


If she'll look this much tempting then how can I act sane in front of her?

I shook my head, leaving behind every thought and focusing on her instead.

She was standing there still. Like a statue. Just listing to what Chris was saying. Then next,

She rubbed her fingers together and sighed before passing a weak and pale smile to him.

I smirked. Now I guess this is going to be interesting.

First I'll have my answer that why she had saved me? And then make her mine in every possible way.

I should've know that I was addicted to her since the day I had kissed her. And now all I want is to feel her body after getting my answers. Nothing much.

Now I'll not neglect my inner instinct of making her mine.

Yes. Mine.

She's mine that's all I know. She's fucking mine. She's mine to kiss. She's mine to fuck and she's mine to make her suffer and enjoy watching her reactions.

Not every time I feel this much urge for anything and here that thing is damn interesting.

Now. Now. Now, September Lawrence be ready to meet me again.

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